DVD of London Marathon Finish


I ran the London Marathon in 2009 and there was a lovely person on this forum who, for a donation to charity, would send you a DVD of you crossing the line. Obviously you needed to send over your finish time.

My partner completed the marathon yesterday and would love to surprise him with a similar DVD.

Are you still on here?


  • I "think" it is MikeFrog, could be wrong
  • Wasn't it Welsh Alex ?
  • It was Welsh Alex...i haven't seen him for ages on here. 

    Look on Ebay there is someone on there doing it for about £7

  • Welsh Alex, and I think he ran yesterday if I rememeber rightly
  • I think I saw a top with welsh Alex on the back in the race ? Wonder how he went ?
  • welsh alex that's the one

    I knew it was two words lol

    yes he did run it yesterday, dont' know how he got on though, we bumped into him at the expo

  • Brilliant thanks for all your help
  • I just heard from Welsh Alex and he said his Brother In Law had done the master tapes so we should be hearing about them soon
  • Thank you however I went with the Flat Foo.ted suggestion and bought the dvd off ebay.
  • Those who have bought the Ebay DVD can you send a link on this forum to them as I can't see them...

    I too think that Marathon Foto is appaulingly expensive but ran the VLM this year for the first time and would like a memento...



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