Super light tent

Any ideas for a really light double layer tent (under 1kg).

Should be 2 person even if a bit tight and strong enough for winter but not on tops of hills.

Any ideas?

Also super light -10deg sleeping bag?


  • Hilleberg make some fantastic lightweight tents, (Anjan 2, 1.7kg), but they are expensive. I don't know any double layer tents under 1kg, definitely non which will do winter. A couple of goretex bivi bags might be your best option image

    Good luck

  • Providing cost isn't an issue:

    Terra Nova Competition or if your really friendly try the photon.

    As far as sleeping bags are concerned have a look at PHD.

  • Will the photon stand up in wind or be shreds?

    Will investigate PHD. Expensive!
  • The Photon seems to be fairly robust, but the 1g pegs are better replaced with more sturdy ones & you could add more guy lines if you wanted. They are pretty popular on mountain marathons. Like any tent under 1kg, it will have its limitations with strong winds, the choice of location & pitching correctly, can & will make a big difference.

    Personally, I use the competition as I prefer a little more room, again for autumn/winter, I change the pegs. Its worth finding a shop that stocks them & getting them to put them up for you for comparison. It will also give you a good idea how much space you are going to get. Which isn't a lot for under 1kg.

    Some of the Hilleberg (Akto) are very good & popular with lightweight walkers, probably a little more robust, but weight more.

    Yes, PHD are expensive, but its top quality kit & British, spring/summer I use a Minim with liner, for autumn/winter, I used their 'build you own bag' service.

    If you want quality, lightweight gear, it will cost you more
  • Check out planetfear mountain marathon kit list for all your lightweight kit needs!
  • Question - can you use a bivvy bag and poncho instead of a tent? Surely this will save a bit of weight?

  • Thanks for the comments about the Photon and PHD. That's a good point about bivvy bag. I guess a small tent is similar to a good bivvy bag (with a hoop). Don't see many good bivvy bags weighing much less than the Photon though?
  • I have a Hilleberg Akto which I use for solo mountain backpacking. It's bomb-proof, pricey, but not especially light - horses for courses. Last time I looked, Terra Nova were the 'gold standard' for very lightweight, 'traditional' tents. For sleeping bags, if you're on a budget and want lightweight (i.e. down), it's worth looking at You may already know your own needs, but it's worth not getting too hung up on temperature ratings of sleeping bags. A silk liner and/or keeping some clothes on can turn a 3-season bag into a 4-season one, plus some people (like me) just 'run hot' and don't need a really warm bag.
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)

    Question - can you use a bivvy bag and poncho instead of a tent? Surely this will save a bit of weight?

    I had a bivvy bag for a number of years and its not really much lighter than a modern tent, but with all the disadvantages of a bivvy. In competitions you are not allowed the bivvy poncho combination either, so its not a starter if you have any inclinations that way. 

    I use the standard TN laser for the advantage of the second zip - escape in the night for a pee is much easier when you have the second one! The weight penalty for this is about 200g, which I am happy with...

    I have been fine with a 300g of down bag in summer and autumn, but the 550g fill bag has been fine in winter in lowland locations.

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