London marathon 2013

Hi - does anyone know how many places are offered to those who enter through the ballot for next years London marathon (2013). I did the race last year (2011) through a gold bond charity place and it was great to raise what I did in the end (nealy £3k!). I would really like to run the race again next year, however without having to raise charity funds this time as I feel like I have asked friends and family for enough. If I apply in the ballot I wonder what my chances are of getting a place outright would be?. Thanks alot


  • I think it's normally about a 1 in 5 chance. They let 100,000 enter the ballot for 20,000 places.

    Not sure if that's the case this year though.

  • Doing exactly the same all good for the charity but it's a big ask to do it again asking the same people for money!
  • I have a question as well about London if the OP doesn't mind my asking. I've never registered for this before, but when you enter do you have to pay anything on the day you enter or only if you get offered a place? Also any ideas on how much the entry fee is this year?
  •    From memory London was £35 this year and i paid when i was accepted.
  • thats right, around 1 in 5.

    Does anyone know what the GFA qualifying times will be for VLM 2013?
  • matrichards44 wrote (see)
    thats right, around 1 in 5. Does anyone know what the GFA qualifying times will be for VLM 2013?
    They only have the previous year's GFA times up. But looking at your picture, it would suggest a 3h10 time might be relevant if they haven't updated the rules.
  • Anybody know when the Club Entry's will open for next year? its usually up by now! image

  • try the coeliac society  they have no mimimum charity amount but are thankful for whatever you could give

  • Hi All,

    I am the Sports Massage Therapist at a Halton Health and Fitness Centre (nr Aylesbury). We are running a completely free marathon clinic for local people running marathons in 2013 to help get your training started on the right foot. Clinic includes gait analysis, injury screening, sports massage and advice on training and technique.  See for full details.

    Absolutely no obligation to buy any further packages but 20% of anything you do buy will be donated to a charity of your choice.

  • Such a shame so many people are unable to read

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