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Hi does anyone know what the latest date is that I can do a marathon this year to qualify for London 2013 as a good for age runner?


  • Don't think anyone knows yet. It should be up on their website next week ?
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    To get into the GFA ballot for this years race you needed to have applied with your proof by 15th July last year. That should give some indication for you.

     Best wishes for your entry. If I was 25 years older I could just scrape a GFA place with yesterdays time!

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Oh really it's that far in advance? Well I will forget about trying to qualify in September then.

    I was supposed to get the gfa time yesterday but when your body decides to fail you what can you do?

    Thanks for the advice
  • It's the same as last year, July 15th. Times remain the same too as I spoke to them on Monday.
  • Despite the foul weather (and a recent injury messing up the last few weeks of training) I managed under 3.50 at Greater Manchester Marathon today. Does that mean I can start applying as early as the coming week - I see applying for the ballot starts tomorrow.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Well done Debra.  You can enter as early as you like, though GFA is not a first come first served system.  Booking early just means they get to cash your cheque earlier!  
  • Wardi, thank you. Is the information on applying for GFA up on the web anywhere yet for 2013 entries?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Yes instructions are here.  You have to use good old paper & envelope!
  • Thanks again Wardi  -I just couldn't find it.

    Paper and envelopes I have. It's the postage stamp I'll have to take out a loan for!

    Also, does a print out of a screen shot clearly showing the event and finish time count as proof, do you know? Surely it must do, because they don't give out certificates...

  • Yes. I did that last year and sent them a link to it if they wanted to check themselves. No problems.
  • Cougie, thanks for the confirmation. I'd like to run London once, and I'd prefer to do it with a GFA place.
  • Hi Debra,

    me too I'm going to apply with "good for age", so I'm going to send an envelope with proof of age (driving licence) + proof of performance (certificate of the last Paris marathon).

    I've heard you have to send even an application form but I can't find it anywhere, do you know something about that? someone told me I can find it in sport shops..

    Without application form I guess I have to put in the envelope even a letter with all my details and address (my current adress is different from the one in the driving license!)

    Please does someone know something about this "application form"?

    Tks for your kind help!image

  • Alessandro, if you look at the ninth comment, there's a link to the relevant page. I've just telephoned to check more details:

    You send proof of ID and performance to the address indicated, together with a cover letter (include your address, obviously). If they accept your application, they will send you an entry form.

    Hope that's useful.

  • Congratulations all.  I did 2:59:14 at Manchester on Sunday so my application has gone off today.  Fingers crossed.


  • Thanks a lot Debra! Now I feel more relaxed  image

    I will send my application tomorrow, hope we are all lucky!! image

  • Has anybody heard back from them yet?  How long does it normally take them to respond?

  • I was wondering the same thing - sent off the info on 1st May; not heard anything yet, biut wasn't really expecting a quick reply so wasn't worrying yet. There is/was a telephone number to ring on the website - at the page linked to by Wardi, above, so if anyone feels like giving them a ring regarding the timeline and reporting back??? (I already telephoned once to check the details). Or if anyone has previous experience of the turn-around time?

  • Last year I got a letter towards the end of June confirming that I'd met the GFA criteria, along with an entry form to send off with the fee. The form and fee needs to be returned by the end of July.

    After that I think you get a 'You're In' magazine at around the same time as the ballot winners (October?).

  • Thanks for that, Andy.

  • Good that I read through this thread; I have almost posted the application without giving my address. I had to actually reopen the envelope.

    You will have a letter and a registration form sent to you possibly sometime in June and you will need to send it back to them with a cheque by the July deadline.

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