Lower leg pain

For a while I have had a problem with my right leg. Basically, if I press the bone on the outside (i.e. not the shin bone) of the leg (sorry don't know the name of the bone), about 1.5inches above the ankle it is painful (and is quite tender when I walk). I rest it for a while but it comes back if I run for too long. I've tried RICE and this helps, but does anyone know what this is or what I should be doing?


  • That will be your Fibula bone.
    Sounds like it could be a stress fracture.
    I would suggest an appointment with your doctor to discuss an xray might be in order.
    This thread may be helpful
  • Eamonn,

    thanks for you help, really appreciate it. It does look like a trip to the Doctor is in order.

    Time to use the eliptical trainer as well for a while I guess.

  • I don't reckon it is, but definitely get it checked out. I sometimes get pain there, and there are loads of referral pains from other points in the leg. Don't panic! Have you had the diagnosis yet?
  • Well, I've stopped running for a week and have been cycling and using the cross trainer. If I press really hard now I can only slightly feel any pain and there is no pain when I walk. I'm going to try a short run this weekend and see what happens, if the pain returns I'm going to get a diagnosis early next week. (I know, I should have already done this).

    I'm not sure if it's linked to the fact that my right foot over pronates more than my left foot. I've not had problems like this before though, and I'm using the same running shoes that I've used for a while.

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