VLM 2013 Outsiders Thread

Dear Fellow VLM 2013 Runners,

Hot on the blistered heels of the highly successful VLM 2012 Outsiders thread, I thought it was necessary to get psyched for the 2013 VLM! Thanks Screamapillar for the inspiration!

I felt highly supported in the 2012 Outsiders forum and hope others felt the same. Let's keep up the momentum!

If you're not sure if this is the forum for you, here's a quote from Screamapillar from the 2012 Forum:

"So, if there's anyone else out there who doesn't quite fit anywhere else this is the place to come. Pull up a chair, have a virtual Hob Nob, tell us your story and let's share the experience".

Looking forward. image

Run Zaftig Run


  • Morning! Not sure I'll be there next year or not....but will keep popping in for a virtual coffee and cake, and chat about latest running exploits!
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭
    Hi - planning on doing this as I was in 2012 but injured. Have paid now. It will be my first marathon so any advice would be great. Started running in Jan and slowly but surely am up to 17 mpw with my long run at 8. Taking it slow as every time I up pace I get tweaks. My question is when do you start training and what do I do to get a solid base? Thought about a 5k , 10 k then a half in October not for times but to get race experience. Should I follow a half plan for oct then steadily rise or just maintain and should I do a beginners or intermediate from dec. smartcoach looks good. Doing 4 runs a week 1 long,1 easy,1 pace ( my pace!!!!!) and 1 as I like (usually bloody very easy!!!!!).
  • This is the thread for me!

    Shedboy your plan looks good from this far out. I would agree that a half plan will give you a good base. Trying to adopt a full marathon plan from about 45 weeks out will just leave you stale and very tired. If it were me I would look to do a half marathon in October/November and build up steadily to that. Then take a couple of weeks off and start again easily in December. Use December as a month to get back in to the groove and start your plan for London at the end of the year. You should be in fine fettle come April.

    I'll be there again in 2013 (4th year running) but have the small matter of Amsterdam to run first on 21st October. Started 18 week programme on Monday and can hardly stay awake today. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • where has the button gone for bookmarking threads?


  • Hello Shedboy, haven't seen you around for ages, not since your lawnmower thread image...   I have a place for 2013 so will be popping in for a bit of chit chat and catch-up.

  • Dave - I think you have to "follow" the threads now rather than bookmark them, that's what I've had to do.

  • Hello peeps, this looks like the thread for me too. Like Shedboy, I too was ill only the day before VLM but not stopped me. Got my place for 2013. Doing British 10K, Demon 5m, GSR (with Phatboyrunning, although I expect to lose him at the start as I plod) and Ealing Half.
  • That's rubbish Screamapillar - I hate change image

    I still have other threads bookmarked!

  • I do too, I just can't add any others - pants isn't it? image

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    I have a place in 2013 via a charity. This will be my first marathon. Started training at16 stones and only able to run for about 5 mins. Im now 14 stones and did a 10 mile long slow run today image I am following the shades marathon plan. Really enjoying running - main issue is the fevers I get after every long slow run image

    Last to weeks have been a bit of a disaster due to the the fevers. Missed a run and the diet has gone to pot.
  • Hang in there Tortuga - You can do it and the rewards are most definitely worth it!

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Thx Dave - your avatar has inspired me to keep running. There is something quite hypnotising about it image

  • oh if I had a pound for everyone who tells me that. I thought hypnosis worked best when you looked in to the eyes?

  • LWJ - Helloooo!!!!  Haha remember the lawnmower thread...how is your nicely trimmed bush nowadays anyway? image 

  • Alright all,

    Just getting back into running after going in a running huff after having to pull out of Edinburgh this year, I'm in VLM 2013 through deferring from last year, fractured sesamoid, various other issues blah blah blah image but fingers crossed, touch wood and all that malarkey I am getting back to normal!

    Not been around the forums for a while so will make this my virtual home to talk bollox on until April next year!!!

    Phatboy - good to "see" you mate, how are you getting on, seems like an eternity since we did 2011 - I've still got a major score to settle with London so feeling rather chuffed that I'm in for next year. I'll see you around the thread no doubt so let me know if you're running? How's Sandra and the rest the mob getting on (is my old mate Squeakz still squeaking?!?!)

    MC Dave, how did you get on in Edinburgh, you were going for a fast time as I recall? It was a glorious day, I remember it well as we had a bbq and I just got extremely drunk to try and forget about the fact I had to pull out image

    Alright Shedboy. good to see you're proud to be an Arab, see big Housty's still keeping you in the right side of the table, will be a while before our teams meet again (I'm a Bairn image)

    So hello and cheerio, see you all around, not long before the training starts!!!



  • Alright Miggito!

    I deferred too and to be honest thought my running days were over. No chance got to do vlm next year! Sounds bad for you and hope we both manage it. As for me being an Arab don't get up very often nowadays but I've been to a few cracking cup games with Falkirk in the past! Keep us informed how you get on. I'm just back again and have my first long run in ages tomorrow it's only 6 miles but soon it will be 7 then onwards and upwards. Cheers
  • When is it ballot folks find out anyway expect the forums juices start flowing around then. I actually start my training on Nov 5 th so I expect fireworks. Everyone one else January?
  • I started my training yesterday. If I don't miss any session I will have completed the 18 week plan I am following before the end of Jan! Not quite sure what i will do with myself after that though image

  • Shedboy, yes I'm in a similar position, my running has been totally non eventful this year and my sesamoid issues have been causing me all sorts of problems! Been to see evry specialist under the sun but the official line is now "it will probably always be sore and we can't do any more unless you want to try surgery" - no thanks! Anyway, I'm back out getting the miles up, currently doing around 15 - 20 miles a week and want to get up to 30 - 35 before I start the proper training for London. In saying that I am doing the Edinburgh 10K next week as my wife decided to "take up running" a couple of months ago - she's only ran about 15 miles in training so that will be fun! Don't think I;ll be getting a PB anyway image

    Tortuga, not sure if you're taking the p1ss or not image Seems you're making good progress though if you've lost a couple of stones and doing 10 milers already? If you are being serious though and doing an 18 week plan, I would hold back on starting your training until about 20 / 21 weeks out to give a few weeks respite if you get injured during training, certainly wouldnt be starting it now? Best just now to build up the miles in preparation of the training starting otherwise you'll be fecked by April! I'm also using the time now to mentally prepare myself for the alcohol withdrawl symptoms I will self impose (loosely!) once the training starts.

    I will be doing a sub 330 16 week plan, starting on 1st January image 


  • PS - Can this thread get moved to the Spring Marathon bit, I can never find it?!?!

  • Miggito me neither but let's try and get this one going! I started my training on 6th Nov. my first marathon so doing Hal Higdons marathon 3 after asking the great man himself on a forum if it's for me .... He said hell yeah! Ok so I actually did the first six weeks early and with some changes have adapt to allow for upto 4 weeks injury or whatever. My long run this weekend is 13 miles my furthest distance ever. Did 12 miles last weekend and was beating myself up about being heavy legged tired etc....but at least not injured. I loved it and my new saucony trainers and running jacket made me feel pretty nifty image only doing mileage build up just now and do some speed, tempo stuff in jan. how's everyone else? I'm being really sad and trying to visualise finishing the marathon every time I struggle in my runs. I can't wait
  • Miggito how did the 10k with your OH?
  • Does anyone know if you can have numbers transfered?

    I have a friend who has a place deferred from last year but no longer wants to run it. I'd love to take up her place.

  • No you can't transfer numbers under any circumstances. Your friend uses her place or loses it I'm afraid.

  • Did my first half marathon race today and got 1hr 53min. Hope I can speed up before the VLM!
  • I wouldn't try to speed up Khanivore - you are doing just fine. Better a bit slower than you'd like than injured.

  • Shedboy, nice to see a bit of enthusiasm there!!!

    The 10K was great, it was like a Sunday stroll, my PB is sub 46 (45.59 image)for the 10K and we finished it in 67 minutes so quite easy for me and she did really well considering she had done virtually no training for it, although she did mention afterwards she wanted to punch me at various points on the course when I was giving her "encouragement" to keep going image

    Good to see the training going well, I'm getting my "base" built at the minute so up to 9 miles at the moment and will be comfortably up to 13 by Xmas, when the training plan kicks in. I'm going for the 3 runs a week plan for this Marathon to try and avoid injury issues, can't remember if I said I had fractured my one of my Sesamoids before and still suffer Sesamoiditis but it's bearable when running so hopefully this plan will help!

    Khanivore, well done on the half! As Screamapillar says, don;t overdo it at this stage, you'll knacker yourself for the Marathon!

    Anyway, will start to keep tabs on the thread now as it's not too long before the serious work starts!!

  • I see this thread has really got going now since my last post! image

    Everyone probably still cramming in the boxes of celebrations and drink before the training starts? I have just recovered from a 3 day hangover and with the ice and snow it's fair to say my base building has not been going too well at the minute!!

    Ah well, with all the other nights out planned for December I am going to have to concentrate on building my mental strength this month before the training kicks in - apparently the Marathon is all about mental strength anyway so if I can stick at it I should be fine!!image



  • Just found this and as I can't find anything interesting to do with VLM, I will stay to see if picks up a bit.

    This will be my 6th marathon in three years and I have followed a RW plan each time and each time just got below my target so I am now on the sub 3:00 plan. I ran Athens in 3:06 in November so if I can stay injury free I am quietly confident of achieving my goal. Athens was mainly up hill so London should be a breeze!

    Anyway training started on Monday, but I had a 10k race that day so got off to a faster than expected start (39:12), then Tuesday 4.2 miles @ 7:30 min/mi, yjesterday was 6 miles @ 7:30 min/mi and today was 5 miles @ 7:00 min/mi, luckily a rest day tomorrow.

    Would be good to see how everyone elses training is going now that we have finally started and swap any advice.

    Oh and day three of not drinking which is a first for me and I am going to try and stop until the evening of April 21st when I intend to make up for it in a big way. Sounds good but I can never face alchohol after a marathon really so I may have a few on Monday 22nd instead.

    Loads of races booked also between now and April which some of you may be doing, some are listed below;

    Folkesworth 15

    Valentine 30k

    Cambridge 1/2

    Tarpley 20

    Oakley 20

    That's it for now, as it is my birthday today so I need to see how this will affect my WAVA going forward!!!

  • Been to busy / holidays blah blah recently to be on here but there is a serious lack of enthusiasm for talking crap about this years VLM!!! image

    Where is everyone, is noone else running it this year?

    How's it going Roger, very impressed with your times but more so with your "stopping drinking" My training is going well (touch wood), will go into more details later if you or anyone else is still around. Happy birthday for a couple of weeks ago!

    Get posting people, I will need encouragment over the next few moths, seriously considering doing Edinburgh this year as well (anyone have experience of running two Marathons so close together?)

    shedboy - where are you? Are you too busy crying into your Saucony's that Housty might be leaving?



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