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  • Hi Miggito

    Training is going really well and I am still not drinking! I am in week three and started some track training last Tuesday which I have never done before. The lads are mostly faster than me and I am running faster than I normally run so I should see some speed improvements soon.

    Difficult to train given the recent weather conditions but I use these tough training days as motivation on the day. When it gets tough at around twenty miles I try to recall the crap conditions I trained in and all the effert in the months leading to this big day - well it normally works anyway!

    I am part of a study group at the moment to find the best cadence to ride a bike and then run a fast 5k so tomorrow I have got half an hour on the bike and then a fast 5k at a cadence set by the tutor. It is hard work but I am enjoying it and last week we done a CO2 Max Test, I achieved 53 which is meant to be quite good.

    I done Snowdon last Year and then two weeks later Athens so I could probably answer some questions you have about running two marathons close together.

    Anyone else out there?


  • Hi Roger, good to see someone is still around and well done on not drinking!!! I 'm trying not to be too strict with myself (good job as I managed to polish off half a botlle of vino last night!) but will have early night tonight as LSR tomorrow.

    I know what you mean about the training conditions, I actually bit the bullet and invested in a treadmill in December as it was getting too cold / icy to run. I can only run in the mornings due to work / family commitments so am usually out the door around 5.45am so although the treadmill is quite tedious, it gives me no excuse to miss a session!

    I'm following the 3 run per week schedule (speed/tempo & LSR) so I find it really helpful with regards to pacing although I will do my LSRs out in the open and will get back out there once the weather improves (thankfully no snow for me yet so tomorrow's run still on)

    Interesting to read re your study group efforts also, does this not get in the way of your training though?

    And yes, please let me know your experiences re the 2 Marathons, I have only done one (VLM2011) and was injured but ran / hobbled it anyway and had to pull out of Edinburgh last year due to fracture in foot, so I'm probably getting a bit carried away with myself image but it feels good to be back running properly again, although I still get some niggles.

    PS - I'm going for a sub 345 (maybe sub 330 depending how things go!!)


  • Hi Guys, thought I would join in on this thread as I will be running my first VLM this year.

    Still quite a newbie to marathons, I ran my first - the Rutland Water - in Nov (Bloomin cold & wet) in 3:45 and have decided to ambitiously follow the RW sub 3:15 plan.  Going well so far, although have been nursing a bit of a hip flexor issue so my speed is not what I would like at the moment image

    Loving the snow though, it certainly makes you concentrate while running, I live in quite a hilly area so the uphill's are hard and the downhills are like skiing!!!  Certainly hope this challenging training will pay off later on.

    I've got a few interesting events coming up which should prove interesting as a part of the build up to the VLM:

    24th Feb - Baldock Beast Half Marathon

    10th Mar - The Grizzly

    17th Mar - Naseby Half Marathon

    I will follow this thread with interest image

  • How's it going Matt, good luck in your sub 3.15 exploits! I most definitely hate the snow and am very grateful to have missed most of it. Had about an inch at the weekend so the run was a bit slippy but felt good, hadn't run 13 miles for a while!

    This is only my second Marathon (did VLM in 2011 - injured!) and had to pull out of Edinburgh last year due to fracture so am determined to make it to start line injury free as I have a score to settle with London and then I can move on to others!

    Nice selection of warm up races there, dont have a clue what they are but they sound nasty image! I need to get my finger out and get a 1/2 organised, otherwise going to stick quite religiously to my 3 run per week schedule. Did 7 1/2 minutes on the rowing machine and 45 on the bike today so feeling quite proud of myself and it's an easy week running wise!

    Mick, good to see you're still around, I remember you from the 2011 thread, what have you been up to, are you doing VLM this year? Hope Phil keeping well?

  • Hi Miggito - yes were fine thanks, i ve been unwell so i'm unsure at the moment if i could manage a marathon -

    trust me when i tell you

    The marathon is all on the day - no one knows what will happen or at what point, physical fitness is good, but far more important is physcological strategy and mental strength - preperation is vital   

  • Hi Miggito, sounds like we are in a similar boat then, my last couple of years have been set back by injury (Cruciate Ligament Tear image ) and I'm hoping to get through a full year with no injuries!!!

    The events I'm doing are purposely "nasty" hilly devils so hopefully the London Streets should feel that much easier image, that's the plan anyway!!!

    Mick, glad to see you on here hope you are feeling better soon, I've only been running a couple of years now but I will always remember my first event, it was the Friends of Mick n Phil Half Marathon around Draycote Water in March 2009, wet n windy but loved it 100%, you and Phil were an absolute inspiration. image

  • Hi Matt - you ok ?

  • Good thanks Mick, trying to stay motivated to get my training done in this weather, at first it was fun, now I just want the snow gone and to be able to run properly!!!

  • Miggit - I haven't used my treadmill since February last year because I just find it boreing, having said that though it is better than missing a run.

    The trial I am doing is not too bad because I am just swapping it for a fast effort day. Last Friday I done 30 minutes on the bike with a mask for CO2 measurements etc at 230w average but it rose to 280w at one point which I found really tough because I haven't really done any bike work for some months. I have a three minute break and then ran a 5k on the treadmill which again was tough because I felt like I was running much faster than I actually was. I done this in 20:04 which normally outside would be reasionably comfortable.

    Two marathons in three weeks - can be done but you don't recover properly so bear that in mind. I ran Snowdon as a training run for Athens marathon because I was already booked to run Snowdon however I did run it a bit too fast because it felt comfortable after all the training I had put in. I then ran Athens two weeks later and although half of it is uphill I finished in 3:06 which I was really pleased with. Had it been flat I think I may have scraped under the 3 hours but I can't be sure. It was also very warm and I still hadn't fully recovered from Snowdons effort. I surgest you only plan to run one of them quickly and plod round and enjoy the other.

    Matt76 - I train around Rutland a few times a year as part of my marathon training because it is quite hilly and such a lovely run. Not sure I would want to do a marathon there though as it is quite tough going in places. Judging by your booked runs I am guessing you are fairly local to me in Cambridgeshire?

    Training still going well for me although my race was cancelled yesterday so I done 15 miles locally in the snow.

  • Morning all,

    3 mile tempo run done this morning, nice to see the training schedule filling up with "ticks" showing what I've done so far. Only 10 miles on LSR this weekend, which is excellent nerws as it looks like I'm getting the snow this weekend so it will need to be done on the treadmill but gives me a chance to wotk on my mental strength?!? image 

    I know what you mean about it being boring Roger but I find it's really helping me as I try to learn about pacing properly on it, I could never do the pace outside like I can on the treadmill for speed and tempo as I have no access to track and it's not what you would call "flat" round my way.

    Thanks for your input on the two Marathons, I think I'm getting ahead of myself so just going to do VLM and then the Edinburgh 1/2, maybe do Loch Ness later in the Year but I'll see how it goes. I've (hopefully) got a few years fo running left in me so going to try and be sensible about it!

  • Morning,

    Had a rest day on Monday after my 15 miles in the Snow and blizzards on Sunday and a good effort session on Tuesday followed by a really good and confortable 9 miles yesterday @ 6:59 min/mi pace. Yesterdays run fills me with confidence as it was just slightly slower than marathon pace and it felt good. I will do an hour on the bike at lunchtime and I have my Brick session study tomorrow which will be a killer 30 minutes at a cadence of 90 @ 230w followed by a sub 20 minute 5k. Parkrun Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday should finish the week off.

    Miggito - Probably a wise decision to do Edinburgh Half instead of the marathon, I am also probably going to do another marathon later in the Year and would like it to be Keilder just for some fun.

  • Hello,

    first VLM for me this year. 

    I'm pushing 50, overweight, drink too much and haven't run seriously for 4 years.  I only took up running when I was 40, one of my many mid life crisis (there's a story... probably for another day though!!)  I was 16 stone when I started running managed a 10K in well over an hour in my first year of running... did the same 10K a year later, mainly for the particular charity that was a really good cause.  This time I was aiming for under an hour but missed it by 20 seconds, from then I was hooked.  I got fitter and relatively faster, 10K down to 50 minutes, half marathon 1 hour 50 and eventually did Berlin marathon in 2008 - I was aiming for 4 hours but hit the wall and walked the last couple of miles, finishing in 4 hours 23...

    That was the end of my running career.

    4 years later over 15 stone and enjoying life as a couch potato I stupidly signed up to do the VLM through my company in aid of Alzheimers Research UK.  Started training at the start of 2013, it was hard, so hard... lungs felt like they were going to burst every time I ran but I persevered with my training plan.

    Week 1 - 15 uncomfortable, painful, breathless miles.

    Week 2 - 18 miles, pretty much the same.  7 mile long run left me feeling pretty bad.

    Week 3 - 21 miles, first run of the week was a 4 mile recovery run... felt really good, 10 minute mile pace and actually enjoyed running.  The rest of the week went well, 8 mile long run was good.

    Week 4 - aim is 23 miles - 4 mile recovery run, really hard work for some reason - felt like I'd gone backwards.  Rested Tuesday - last night 6 mile run at 9m 40 / mile pace - felt amazing... absolutely loved it...

    That's me, sorry to bore everyone but as they say... it's good to talk image.



  • NBFS -  Great start back and if its any consolation my Monday recovery runs are also hit and miss. Some weeks good and some weeks hell!

    Looks like you are building it steadily so as not to do too much too soon and get injured which is the best plan.

    I am sure that once the weather has turned it will all become easier.

    Is anyone else struggling to get air into their lungs in these minus temperatures or is it just me?

  • A thread for talking bollox re VLM....may I join please? Previous convictions for London including dressed as a Bakewell Tart and running in a martial arts suit. Will be back again this year for No15 and no idea what time I'll do. Ranges from 3.13 to 5.07 (That was wearing the 20lb+ tart costume though) Last year 3.42 so would be good to sub 3.30. Had double arthroscopy in 2011 so missed that year but determined to get back to a reasonable std. Might use VLM as a long run though and try for a GFA at Edinburgh. Training not on schedule but that's a long story!!

  • NBFS - An true inspiration! You'll be fine mate, I've only done 1 Marathon in 2011 VLM and it wasn't a nice experience either, determined to do much better this time round! As Roger said, good to see you're building it up slowly and enjoying it again! I'll look  forward to hearing the rest of your story over time...my mid life crisis started when I was 36 when I took up running but I'm only (nearly!) 39 now image but I've lost a good 3 stone and never felt better in terms of fitness - still drink too much though! image

    Hi Straycelt, made me laugh re the Bakewell tart effort - got to be a story behind that one?!? I had to Google "Arthroscopy" so hope you're all fixed up now? However, you've now got me back thinking along the lines of doing Edinburgh as well though and using VLM as a training run, it's easy thinking about it here sitting at a desk, probably will be a definitie "no" again on Saturday 8 miles into LSR tho!?!



  • Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Miggito I know what you mean about feeling better in terms of fitness, feels great to be running again...already lost 10lbs since I started training... but I refuse to give up drinking!  Funny, I have a personal trainer who has asked for a food diary... after my second session with him he's been on the phone to my wife asking her to encourage me not to drink so much - unfortunately she's worse than me so he hasn't got a chance image.  I really don't think a couple of glasses of wine to relax in the evening does me any harm image


    Happy running everyone image



  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/martyworld/471326906/
    Mr K, an exceedingly good sponsor gave me a load of cash for Association of Children's Hospices and even one of their management to run with. We were supposed to be swiss rolls but FLM wouldn't allow a Cadbury brand product costume(it would have been 1/10th of the weight!) so on the hottest London on record we nearly "Died" inside those. 2hrs to halfway, still on for sub 4 at 17 and then the icing meltedimage.
    Post op had a couple of cortisone shots. Took a long, slow time to get back up and running, couple of set backs but on the up now.
    NBFS I'm with you re couple of glasses. Red wine is good for the heart as is the odd beer! My belief and I'm sticking with it!

  • That is quality Straycelt! Not sure if I laughed more at the Bakewell outfits or the expression of the poor bugger in front of you! A decent time as well considering the outfit!

    Snow arrived here this morning and more apparently on the way so psyching myself up for a cold slidy, run tomorrow morning.

    Now I'm a few weeks into the training I'm finding it very hard to stop eating loads. Ate a 4 pack of Snickers last night in one go, surely can't be good for me! Enjoy your LSRS this weekend, only 10 miles for me - ideal! image

  • Only 10 miles! image


    9 miles for me this weekend image.  Snickers are a great source of protein, the more the better!  Similarly, red wine... great sugar rush really helps you through those long LSRs.  Although probably wouldn't recommend actually drinking red wine whilst running, could be dangerous!


    Just managed to sneak in a quick 4 miles at work during lunch - 3 x 91/2 minute miles plus one mile at 8 1/2 mins, getting back to some sort of fitness - happy days!

    Enjoy image

  • haha NFBS - I'm saying only 10 miles as the last two have been 12 & 13 respectively then jump up to 14 next week so this is effectively an easy weekend! Now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to have to polish off that 1/2 bottle of Merlot tonight I have left over!

    This threads going to turn into an AA thread soon! image 

    I will get my hopefully get my drinking under control by end February and then try and wean myself off! Everything in moderation image

  • So, how were the LSRs this weekend?

    Managed 9 miles but had cramp in my calf at 6 miles so had to limp last 3 miles... good excuse to go home and put my feet up.  Really felt like I'd run long when I got up this morning, in a strange way a nice feeling.

    Going to try some compression socks as I do tend to get muscle spasms in my left calf as I increase the mileage - does anyone else use them?

    Rest day today image

  • The LSR was cold NBFS!! I stupidly braved the ice and managed to fall flat on my arse in the middle of the road, thankfully I just slid across the road and hit into the pavement but glad noone was around to see it - gave myself a load of verbal abuse for being so stupid and then kept going image Ran it a bit slower than I wanted to due to the conditions but couldn't face 10 miles on the Treadmill at LSR pace! Good on you for getting the 9 miles in, I've got 14 this weekend, haven't ran that far since 2011 image

    I've never suffered from cramp and never wore the socks so can't comment but hope they work for you, always good when you find something that helps you along,

    Enjoy the rest - I've got 10x 400m repeats in the morning - cannae wait!?!image

  • Oh no, that's my worst nightmare - I've tended to stick to the treadmill while it's been icy for that reason but I know what you mean about not wanting to do your LSR on the treadmill - sooooo boring.  Glad you're OK.

    Where in Scotland are you (sort of assumed you were north of the border???)

    Weather was OK down this way by Sunday. 

    Off to the gym for recovery run this lunch time - running on tired, sore legs image... it's good to be back! image

    Hope your run was OK this morning.

  • Hi everyone image

    My first marathon this year aswell and I won a place in the VLM 2013 thru a local sports shop [Greaves Sports, Gordon St, Glasgow] and the place is sponsored by Adidas, however, that's all they are sponsoring at the moment and I have asked if there's anything else on offer and waiting to hear back from them but don't hold out much hope of getting any freebies image.

    I was originally going to try Edinburgh but missed the cut off period and then got told I'd won a place on the 9th January for the VLM and so the training started.  I've got a good base level of fitness as I do alot of sessions with the BritMilFit company so it wasn't such a drastic challenge.  Plugged in my previous Half - GSR 2012 [1:40:17] into My Asics and it came back with my plan running 4 days a week and LSR on a Sunday and reckons I'd be good for under 3:35:00 for a full marathon, however, I'm going with the usual acceptable under 3:50 and if all else fails at least under 4:00 on the day.

    Week 1 = 11.4 total and LSR 6.1 miles
    Week 2 = 23.6 total and LSR 8.6 miles
    Week 3 = 26.1 total and LSR 11.6 miles
    Week 4 = got 2 jogs and 2 fast 5.6 to do.

    Always did a lot of 10k over the years and now I'm trying to get my head around doing everything in miles.

    NBFS. In regards to the compression socks/sleeves I would recommend them as I bought a pair of the 2XU compression calf sleeves last year due to a grade 2 calf tear nearly stopping me from pulling out of the GSR Half, however, I managed to wear them [along with a few leg massages] and I felt they helped me.  My physio did suggest that I pull out of the race but that's like talking to a brick wall for me to give up image I also tend to either wear them during my LSR or if I feel that they are tight I'd wear them during the day so highly recommended, even at the price.

    Any way I've waffled on too long for a newbie and will be hopefully making some kind of contribution on here. Take care everyone, happy running and red wine is good for you but I guess only in moderation image

  • Hello,Can I join in with you lot??

    I am doing VLM this year, and it will be my first time doing London, but it is my 3rd marathon (Fort william april '12, Dublin oct '12 being the other two).

    What time is everyone aiming for? In my first marathon i was looking for anywhere under 4 hours and i got 3:49:52. In Dublin i felt good with my training and knew if everything went well i could get 3:30....finished in 3:16:00..delightedimage

    Now i am stuck with the dilema of what to do for london.. my training is aiming towards getting that wee bit faster to obviously beat 3:16, but if possible i would love to go for nearer 3 hours (or underimage) but having not done london i am thinking it is too busy to go for a PB??

    Look forward to hearing everyones training trials and tribulations.

    PS. Great that there is a wee scottish contingency (i'm from Glasgow myself)

  • Day off today, always feel a that wee bit fatter when I've not had a run!

    Paul / Dave, good to "meet" you. Paul, I got my first Skateboard from Greaves about 30 years ago, well done on winning a place, I am deferred from last years ballot that I somehow managed to get in! I had to google BritMilfIt - note to anyone else to remember to add the "it" on the end image otherwise you get an interesting selection of results! I guess if you're doing that level of training and from the GSR times you should be fine for the 3.35.

    I'm training for sub 330, would be happy with anything under 345 and if I don't get under 4 hours, I'll be devastated so similar to yourself in terms of time aspirations.

    NBFS, I'm a Falkirk Bairn, we have a steeple, a crap football team and a big wheel and that's about it image

    Dave, I "ran/walked/hobbled" VLM in 2011 and have to say I actually didn't find it congested at all? I was in a pen for sub 4 and was surprised how much room I had after hearing how others had found it too busy? So, if you feel you can have a crack at the sub 3 in London, then I wouldn't worry about it being too busy, that's more likely to be the case when you're stuck behind the caterpillars etc!

    Tempo run tomorrow morning then off until Sunday 14 miler as I will be getting drunk (again!) on Friday image


  • Its getting busy here now, great to see some new faces. Glad to see that you are all still getting the training in, in these difficult conditions.

    My training has gone really well so far and my Sunday LSR is up to 16 miles which was last Sunday felt quite comfiotable. On Monday I done a recovery run of 6.5 miles and went a bit too fast (7:10 min/mi) but that was because I just ran and didn't bother looking at my Garmin. Yesterday I went to the track and trained with some elite runners which was an experience for someone the wrong end of 40 - I done 10 x 400m averaging 75 seonds with the last one at 70 seconds. Today I have done a 10 mile run @ 7:30 min/mi which given the gusts (45mph) of wind and last nights session is quite pleasing. Tomorrow I have a Tempo run with 4 miles @ 6:15 min/mi - ouch and Friday I have a brick session of 30 minutes very hard bike then a 19 minute 5k.

    I would normally rest on Fridays but this week I have to go to the NEC and work from Saturday morning until Wednesday evening so no running for four days. I think the rest will do me good though as I am feeling fitter than ever before already.

  • Miggito that made me laugh about not missing the 'it' bit when searching for the BritMilFit as it never dawned on me image it's good sessions you get at them and it's always hard and variable.   Falkirk aint that bad image

    Had a 9k [5.6m] fast run today but somehow couldn't seem to speed up but managed to keep it at 7:47 min/mile so not too disappointed and now 2 rest days thankfully and hopefully won't go stir crazy.  Should be able to get a better idea of my estimated time when I start running further and see how I feel.

    When do you get penned in your timing pens?  Is it decided when you apply or does it get decided closer to the event?

    Roger that's some recovery run pace for someone in their late 40s image well impressed and will certainly be asking your advise on some speed sessions, if that's ok?

    Dave b 74 do you go running in Glasgow at all?

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