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  • Where has everyone gone? I hope everyones training is still going to plan.

    Friday I done my last lab brick session comprising of 30 minutes bike at an average cadence of 93 followed buy a 5k on the treadmill in 19:04 which I was pleased with because it feels much faster on the treadmill and I never seem to settle properly and it always feels like harder work than it should be. Saturday I done Cambridge parkrun in 18:56 which felt comfortable and Sunday I done Stamford Valentine 30k where I paced someone to 2:29:45 which she was over the moon with.

    Recovery run this morning and tonight is my club presentation which I have been looking forward to since he end of the 2012 season.

  • A quick 5k on Saturday even though it was meant to be a comfortable run but had a night out planned so had to go a wee bit quicker to get ready quickly.  Then it was meant to be a comfortable 8.4 mile on Sunday starting at 8:17-9:10 pm but ended up doing a pace of 7:45 and felt fine during and after it.  However, did feel a wee bit lightheaded about the half way point and realised I didn't have any gels with me just incase but survived.

    Did plan a BritMilFit session tonight but a new arrival in the family put paid to that as my niece ended up going into labour 2 weeks early so the wife was away visiting and I stayed with my boy and played on the xbox image

    Got 2 rest days and then a 3.1mile jog on Wed and then a fast 8.4mile run on Thursday just need to plan wether to run into work or wait until after work.  Then a 3.1m jog on Saturday and a 14mile Fast & Comfortable run on Sunday.

    Looking forward to it all.  Hope to get a hold of the new Rego+ Fruitflow tomorrow to try it out.

    Roger well done on your parkrun, I'm never up in time to do the one that's only about 2miles away from me, lazy sod at the weekend, and I bet you felt great helping your friend do the 30k run in a good time.  As I remember helping my said niece around with her first 10k and getting her around in a respectable 56 minutes and was over the moon myself that she was over the moon, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway keep running image

  • Ran the Portsmouth Coastal half on Sunday in 1hr 49 which was a little slower than i'd hoped for but i'm still reasonably happy with the time as some of the course was very boggy and i thought i was going to lose my shoes on more than one occasion!

    I started off running the 1st 6 miles at about 7:19 a mile pace which was too quick for me and i found the last 5 or 6 miles tough (the final 2 were hell).I'm still quite stiff today but will try and get out for a quick run tonight to loosen things up.

    Overall i found the race really useful as its helped me realise just how tough the big day will be and has made me be more realistic of my expectations regarding a time....think i'll just be happy to get round and finish at the moment! image

  • Paul, looks like your plans end up like mine '8:17-9:10 pm but ended up doing a pace of 7:45' but I think it is nice to run as you feel now and again too. Congratulations on your new arrival! Paula was well chuffed with her time at the 30k, she is training to do London in under 3:30 and is well on target already. It will be a great time for a mid 40's lady. Yes I was just as happy as she was to get the time she did because it was the hilliest race I have ever done (worse than Snowdon marathon). The hills were relentless but great training for a flat marathon image

    Sharky, it looks like you had a good run on Sunday and still early days regarding marathon pace and fitness so don't worry too much. With any luck they won't add any hills to the VLM route and it shouldn't be boggy either. 

  • Hi all,

    Not been around for a while, been busy, holidays etc but thought I'd have a quick check in here. Looks like all appears to be going to plan for everyone. At the risk of sounding like a hypochondriac, I've got a bad chest cough now, which although is not impeding me in any way, is bloody annoying as I feel like I've been unwell for the last fortnight! To be fair, I was a bit better at the weekend but had an all day / night session on Saturday at the football as the mighty Falkirk beat the Pars image but I don't think that's helped me!

    Anyway, prior to that, I did get my 17 mile LSR in, felt very proud of myself, pacing went better at 8.40 min miles and only had to stop a couple of times for a breather on the killer hills that I need to climb to get home. I've got a 10 mile tempo run tomorrow morning so will see how I feel as I might just run at LSR pace if I'm not feeling up to it, my LSR this weekend is only 13 miles so quite an easy finish to the week.

    Matt, I'm actually following the FIRST 3 run per week training schedule and finding it a lot easier than the previous program I followed a couple of years ago and I do seem to be running better. I'm still not totally convinced if its the right thing for me but is going well so far and I'm avoiding all the silly niggles and injuries I had the last time from runnig 5 times a week. The only problem is I feel its too easy to  become lazy and miss a Xtraining session (on no account must you do any more than 3 runs in a week!) and I've been averaging one a week with my 3 runs. I guess I'll find out how much I'll need to change it for the next time after the Marathon!

    Paul, let me know how you get on with the Rego + Fruitflow, I'm very interested in that, especially as I know Fruitflow is going to be the next big thing!!!


  • Had a good test of my training today, The Baldock 'Beast' Half Marathon, felt like it was up hill all the way (my Garmin will tell me differently!!!) but was hard work all the same.

    Really pleased, managed to finish in 1:29:54 (Garmin time, still waiting for official results) the first time I have dipped below the magic 1:30 mark, was in fact a PB by over 6 minutes image

    Must mean the training miles I have been putting in have paid off, legs are more tired than I can remember them being for a long time, so I will now kick back for the rest of the afternoon and watch the Cup Final!!!

    Thought this would be the best place to blow my own trumpet!!! so imageimageimage....image

  • Well done Matt76....As you say the training must be paying off. I'm hoping for a similar result in a few weeks time. Did you put in a great effort to get the pb or were you just going at Marathon pace? It is good when someone does well... unless you're injured or not running, when everyone will grudge your success. Well done
  • Thanks Dave, I know how those out injured feel, I've had 2 years of knee injuries and remember very well feeling envious of people able to get on with training and events.

    To be honest, from the start my plan was to aim for 7 min miles, which is 30 seconds per mile faster than my target marathon pace, but when I got to 10 miles I realised that a sub 1:30 may be on and pushed harder for the last 3 miles which brought me in with seconds to spare image

    Good luck with yours, where abouts are you running? Have you got a target in mind?

  • I'm doing Alloa half middle of march. Have not done the course before so don't know if it is hilly or not....but it is scotland so bound to be hills most of the way??image

    My only target is to beat my only other half time of 1hr 39 mins 45s ( i only started running October 2011). Mind you my target for London is to get under 3 hrs 10 mins so if i can get close to 1hr 30 then i would be happy.image


  • Cheers Roger, had a long run yesterday and was meant to be 5.6m at 7:32-7:56 fast but somehow I just couldn't go faster and I think I ended up doing about 8:05-8:12 and then the next 8.4m was to be done between 8:16-9:09 at a comfortable pace. Messed up my Garminas I ended up stopping my watch at the 5.6 and never noticed until it started vibrating before going into standby mode image Ended up going a wee bit further than planned as forgot the end of my route image and completed 14.8m [2:04:35] and a pace of 8:25. It was an enjoyable evening run as had a busy morning with my boy playing football between 11am-1pm and then onto a christening for a few hours. So I think my fuelling plan was out of the window.

    Miggito, I got a delivery from SIS for the fruitflowin time for Sunday so took one before the Sunday run.  Taste Wise! Leaves something to desire....It was strange as it tasted alright but then it didn't so it has a strange flavour of banana and mango will persevere and see how it goes over the next couple of runs but then again I don't think the taste will put me off it.  Does it make a difference? Not sure but only have slight stiffness in my legs today but I also use the Regorecovery drinks after a hard session.  Hope your chest cough doesn't hold you back and that you recover quickly.

    Matt76 well done on getting under the 1:30 and hopefully it was confirmed by the official time image

    A comfortable Alloahalf marathon for me I hope and no hills would be ideal image At the moment I hope to at least get around in 1:45 or under but won't be too disappointed if I don't and end up at 1:50 which I think I'm currently at with my running pace.

    Must admit I'm really looking forward to doing my first marathon this year and hope to enjoy it and not make myself regret it.  Mind you I'm hoping to get a hold of a pair of the new Adidas BOOST running shoes to try out image

    Keeping on running guys.

  • Matt76 well done on getting under the 1:30 on a hilly half marathon, proves the training is working.

    Paul Gunn 64 I am also going to try the Adidas BOOST as I have a collection of adidas already, seems a shame not to!

    I done the Tarpley 20 yesterday which is an undulating course with the hardest hill being at 18 miles. I remember last year wanting to walk up it cause I had blown big time but somehow managed to carry on and finish in 2:26:54, so yesterday I was surprised when I went over the line in 2:12:33.

    Sub 3 feels much more realistic now, as long as I can start the race without any injuries. I have just ordered some Beet it Sport shots to see if they do indeed boost your stamina. I will let you all know how I get on with them as I am hoping to use some leading up to Cambridge Half in two weeks time.

  • Absolute bollox - got full blown flu, just starting to feel human again! What is the point in the flu jab, going to go back to Boots to demand my £15 back! Not ran since last Tuesday, bit of a setback so not a happy chappy!

    Anyway, good to see others doing well, hopefully will be back up and out soon, supposed to be doing an 18 miler this weekend, can't see that happening image


  • Miggito, that sucks but don't worry about lost time, still eight weeks to go and you will get injured if you try and catch up with your training. Just jump back in where you should be now and try to forget about it. A weeks break half way through training could actually be good for you image


  • Cheers Roger, that's what I'm telling myself! It's like Paul said before, it's just frustrating when you're laid out, especially when the sun's shining! The psychology of it all is quite fascinating when you're willing yourself every day to get better / wondering if you're going to wake up the next morning cured so you can run as you feel your fitness is getting away from you although it's not! That doesn't really make any sense, think I've taken too many pills today, off for another lie down......image

  • Well done on the Tarpley 20 Roger always a nice surprise when you do better than you'd expect. I've never owned any Adidas running shoes [only football boots and astro trainers] so hopefully I get a wee freebie thrown my way as I've recently purchased a new pair of Asics and won't be able to afford another pair of trainers.

    Not good news Miggito, does the flu jab not give you flu like symptons anyway? I feel your pain not being able to get out and run in the sunshine, which is rare in Scotland image I hope it doesn't affect you too much when you can get back into it, I was about a week out and just kept to the same point of my programme and never dropped the distance but was a bit slower than was expected on my first run back. Hope to see you back running soon.  Have you thought about trying to do some stretching and possibly some squats and lunges to keep your legs going whilst you can't run?

    Another rest day for me today and then a gentle 3.1 mile jog on Wednesday and a session at the British Military Fitness and then a fast 8.4mile on Thursday let's hope it stays dry all week image

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Right, I'm back! Managed a very slow 5 1/2 miles this morning and apart from a couple of coughing fits I managed it fine! Day of rest tomorrow then got an 18 miler planned for Sunday, again will do it a lot slower than normal, might even take down to 15 miles depending on how I feel but I am now happy in the knowledge that by the law of averages on the 21st April I will be the picture of health! image

    I decided to treat myself to a new pair of trainers to cheer myself up as well (not Boost lol - I found some end of line cheap Sauconys I run in - they keep updating them and making them more expensive the buggers so always a bonus finding a cheap pair!)

    So looking forward to getting the training back on track, it's only 7 weeks away nowimage, trains are now booked, hotel provisionally booked,  cannae wait!

  • Yes only seven weeks away!


    This week has been a bit odd for me after such a great race last Sunday. I done a recovery run on Monday and my calves were sore and then Tuesday night I done a really tough track session with the fast boys but calves still sore so took Tuesday off as a rest day and then yesterday again as a rest day, except for 3 miles at the club beginners class so over 10 min/mi. Today I think I may have another rest day and try for a pb at parkrun tomorrow, then 22 steady miles on Sunday.

    At least the weather seems to have changed for the better this week.

    Miggito, good luck with your long run this weekend.


  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Cheers Roger, I managed a very slow, stop-start, painful, run/walk, horrible 13 1/2 miles yesterday, worst run of the training so far and not the 18 miles as per schedule but felt I had to do something.... I feel a lot better for it this morning but remains of this flu still hanging around, wish it would just dissappear!! I'm still happy in the knowledge I shall be fighting fit on race day (touch wood) so not letting it get me down, its just bloody frustrating and now readjusting goals for the day!!!

  • I had probably my worst run ever yesterday too. It started by being tail runner to the kids 1.5m race at the local Frostbite series which was run / walk, then the adult 5m race, again run / walk but a bt more run and then a ran home the 16 miles which I did not enjoy at all. My legs felt heavy and did not want to play, but like you Maggito it is done and out of the way.

    I will do a slow recovery run today of just over 4 miles which will be hard work again, but should get me back on track for my track session tomorrow night.

  • Just done slow recovery and felt great!

    What a difference 24 hours makes, but thinking about it I did run a parkrun pb on Saturday which probably took more out of me that I first thought.


  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Well, I'm not as "back" as I thought I was!!! Could only manage 4 out of my 8 x 800m this morning as I felt like I was going to pass out, not really where I wanted to be at this stage in proceedings!!! My sub 330 is not going to happen now and will have to wait until next year so lets hope I can get back on track to go for the sub 345. image I have a night out on Friday I could really be doing without as well but this is going to be my last "heavy" night before I start to wean myself off alcohol. Long run getting shifted to Sunday, hopefully this lurgi will have disappeared by then.

    Hope everyone else is doing well, gone a bit quiet again, hope that's not a bad sign! Give some some motivation - I need it! image

  • Managed my longest run so far on Saturday morning, 18.5 miles in 2hrs 40, not quite the pace of some of you but i was very happy with that and other than the excruiciating bout of cramp i got in the bath afterwoulds it was relatively pain free!

    Feeling a little less daunted about the big day now. Will try and fit in 10 miles this weekend as have my daughter and am booked into the Cranleigh 21 on the 24th March after which i'll begin my taper.

    Had my last "big booze up" on Saturday night and like you Miggito i'll try and cut back considerably on any alcohol from now until after the VLM. Have been taking multivits, Vit C, L-Lysine, Glucosamine and Cod Liver oil to hold off any bugs and to prevent my knees from flaring up and so far so good! image

    Keep on running....only 46 days to go! image

  • Miggito not good that you don't feel 100% yet but I'm sure you'll get there soon and start flying again image

    Had a decent run last Thursday but wasn't sure about my pacing and didn't feel right but still enjoyed it.  Missed my comfortable jog on Saturday got caught up on a few things and before I knew it the wife was pouring me a glass of wine image  Sunday another busy day as up early took my boy to his football got back around lunchtime and then started getting psyched for my 8.4 mile run and maged to keep a steady pace all the way around, except for crossing roads and avoiding cars and managed it in 1hr 8min.  I felt better on that run than I did on my Thursday one but that was quicker - strange image

    Rest day yesterday and went to BMF last night and had a really good core session [press-ups/squats/crunches/burpees/alt-squats/twisting sit ups and a few other choice exercises for an hour session] with a couple of short and fast runs and was flying past everyone else without going out of breath image

    Comfortable 3.1mile jog along the River Clyde tomorrow and then a fast 8.4 again on Thursday.  Still no joy with a free pair of Adidas Boost yet image Have you tried them yet Roger?

    Well done Sharky127 on your long run still a good time and by the time race day comes around you'll be looking at a really good time.

    Roger imagine thinking that you had a bad day and then realising that you done a PB at parkrun, well done m8 image

  • Sharky127 - Only 42 days to go now. Good long run for you last week and a good time. I never worry too much about speed on my long runs I just think of it as time on my feet!

    Paul - I haven't tried the Adidas Boost yet because I saw the rediculous price of £110 so I will wait until the shops start batteling with each other on ebay, then get a pair for around £70.

    Good week for me again, track session on Tuesday was tough and then 12 hours later my 10 mile run wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and yesterday I done a 6 mile Tempo run which felt good. Rest day today and the try the new Brandon parkrun for a jog on Saturday before the next big test which is Cambridge Half. The weather for Sunday looks crap, forecast is 1 deg but feels like -4, windy with gusts of 24mph......

    Good luck to everyone doing their long run or a race this weekend - six weeks to go on Sunday image

  • Good weekend for me starting with a steady run at Brandon parkrun which was their first. Lovely course in the forest so I will go back sometime soon.

    Then a pb at Cambridge Half marathon so I am well and truly nailing my training plan so far. Just need to stay focused and injury free now for six weeks.

    I hope you all have good strong long runs or races.

  • Roger - I know how you feel about the cost of trainers when they first come out and I'm like you as I'll either wait till they need to drop the price to sell them or buy the older models, even though the boost doesn't have an old model yet image Well done on your PB at Cambridge half, was it as windy as they predicted?  

    I hit my longest run so far yesterday and clocked 17 miles in 2:23:31, my asics had me fast for 5.6 [7:31-7:55] which I managed an average of 7:45 and then the remainder of the run comfortable [8:14-9:07] however, my garmin ended up running out of battery power and wasn't able to judge how my pace was going as the weather took a turn for the worse and wherever I ran I had the wind and snow in my face for the final 4 miles and thought I was going slower than my final overall pace, all good I hope.

    Next up is a 5.6 mile comfortable on Thursday and then 8.4 on Sunday but I'll be doing the Alloa Half Marathon that day and hopefully will have a good run.

    Keep on running guys and hope all is well in your plans image

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Well done on your PB Roger, sounds like everything is falling into place for you, fingers crossed it continues!

    Paul, that weather on Sunday was incredible wasn't it! Don't know where that came from. I checked the forecast on Saturday night and there was supposed to be no snow in Scotland, although my wife informed me she thinks I was looking at the wrong day! Nothing worse when your Garmin runs out of juice - especially on a long run like that!!

    Anyway, huge psychological boost for me on Sunday, got my first 20 miler done and even though still not feeling 100%, I managed to get through it image Only problem was I was taking my wife out with my boys for mothers day breakfast so had to be back in the house for 9.30am latest to get ready and head out - I did it but not good having no recovery time after a 20 miler!!! I left the house at 10 past 6 and it was snowing then, almost turned back but glad I never! Anyway, felt great to get it out of the way, not ran that far for a good couple of years so was quite apprehensive about it. Timing was good up until about mile 16, when my pace slowed again so need to work on that over the next few weeks but still got plenty time to tweak things. The snow was on and off but by the time I got back in my street it was like a blizzard!

    Anyway, I feel like the flu has finally gone so back into things properly this week, got intervals tomorrow, bike Wednesday, tempo Thursday, recovery run  Friday and then Alloa 1/2 on Sunday too - I had forgotten that was this weekend, got no idea of game plan for that based on recent pacing so should really give it some thought!

    Had my night out on Friday as well, didn;t get too hammered but easing off the bevvy now - until the weekend anyway image


  • Hi everyone,

    Not running this year but thought I'd pop in to say a virtual hello as I set up the 2012 outsiders group. 

    Sounds like the training is going well. I know these are the difficult weeks but the end is in sight.

    I had bronchitis at New Year and can just about manage about 4 miles at the moment so I'm slightly envious of you all but also quite glad. Just got to get to 10k by the end of May which is easy peasy by comparison image 

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Cheers Scream, quite a small group of us this year, maybe there's not too many running it in 2013 image

    Sorry to hear about your bronchitis, good to hear you're on the mend and good luck with the 10K!

  • Hi everyone. I haven't posted in here before but this will be my first marathon. Training's going ok - I haven't quite been nailing my training plan (Hal Higdon) but am getting the long runs in religiously and the week runs when I can fit them in, and parkrun. I'm doing the Finchley 20 this weekend, so that'll be my longest. Anyone else going to be there? 

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