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    Err...try and talk nicely to the organisers otherwise central reservation at 3.5 - 4.5 using mobile phones too work out who is where worked for me last year when same thing happened with my nephew. We succeeded, just.

  • Congrats on the 100th parkrun Roger! I'm working towards 50, currently on 30. I won't be running this weekend. Going to Berlin where two friends are doing the half, I didn't fancy a race so close to London so am sitting it out. Getting excited for the expo now. Probably going Thursday morning. Only been to one before, the Paris half, and found it surprisingly fun! 

  • Not posted in a while as been slightly depressed since my planned 18.5 mile run ended in disaster as got to the 12 mile point and started feeling a dull ache in the groin/pelvic area and carried on at  a reduced pace and tried to complete the run but only managed 17.1 and gave up. I managed to run it in 2:28:56 but felt like utter c**p image

    So ended up missing out on a few race pace runs but did managed to play 30 minutes of a friendly football game on Saturday there and thought I was ok but ended up being in pain later on in the night and then that stopped me running my planned 21 mile run the following day, or any other distance.

    I did manage to use a treadmill on Monday but could only handle running 10k on it and then managed to run a further 5k last night, which is part of my plan.  Running home from work tonight to attempt a 5.6 mile run and it's meant to be at race pace, however, I don't think I will achieve this but will try at least an 8:30 pace.

    So I'm now having to look at my target running time in 17 days time and my main goal now is to complete it, next is to get under 4 hours and finally would be totally happy with under 3:45 now rather than the planned 3:35.  But it will all depend on the day now and how I cope without doing too much running - maybe not a bad idea and start my tapering sooner than planned image

    Happy running guys and glad to see that most plans are going in the right direction. Miggito maybe we should run around together and keep each other going to the end and maybe surprise ourselves  image

  • Thanks georginagem - you will soon get to 50, it doesn't weem to take long.

    I am aslo now looking forward to the Expo and will be there on Thursday afternoon as I have a massage in the morning!

    I have only been to one Expo too and that was in Athens last year which was really good.


    I would love to do the Berlin marathon one day too so good luck to your friends and have a relaxing weekend!


  • This looks like my kind of thread.  Looking forward to my 1st London Marathon in a couple of weeks having done my 1st at Chester in October before having a go a Berlin in September.  Also love parkrun, did my 90th today at Burnage in Stockport, great to include as part of a training plan. 

    How is everyone enjoying the strange but wonderful world of tapering ?

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    Paul, sorry to hear you've been having a hard time of it, hope it manages to sort itself out and you can get back doing some running. It does get very frustrating when you miss your training and every little pain occupies your mind all day! You've done lots of good training though so hopefully that will carry you through. You might be back in the 335 mindset come the 21st April though so wait and see!?! I hope you are mate, my targets have changed on pretty much a weekly basis image

    I've actually decided that I'm going to go for the sub 330image, the training since my last wee issue has gone fine so feeling a bit more confident. The only things concerning me are my stamina and the heat. I was away last week and was running in 15 degrees - big difference to what I'm used to at around 0 Deg C!!! Also, I wont be upset if I don't get my time, if I get in under 345 I will be just as happy (got to be realistic also!) so that is the main focus if I start to tail off at the end but I am going to run with the 330 pace group for as long as I can (ie. hopefully to the finish!!)

    Hi Sir John, hope your training has went well! I actually don't really feel like I'm tapering yet, got 3 x 1600 intervals tomorrow, which I hate doing, then got 8 miles at almost MP on Thursday! Only 10 miles at the weekend though and then it's easy street! I must stop drinking alcohol at some point as well!?!  


  • Welcome Sir John - I hope your training has gone to plan and you are ready for London. 

    Miggito - looks like you have found your mojo again after your recent ilness and it looks like you have decided to go for your target time which I think sounds like a good idea. The forced rest you had may well have done you a lot o good.

    Paul - I hope you get sorted and back up to pace as soon as possible, good luck!

    My tapering has well and truly begun. I done my last long run on Sunday (16 miles) which should have been 18 but I had such a good week last week I decided to start the taper early. I have also been suffering from a glute problem which just will not go away. Still massage on Thursday should sort the job out - I hope!

    12 x 400m tonight at the track and 6 miles tomorrow at 7:30 min/mi, then a steady 5 miles on Thursday befor a rest Friday, parkrun (Huntingdons first) Saturday and Cambourne 10k on Sunday. Next week will just be a few short jogs to keep my legs moving and hopefully repair my glute properly.

    11 days to go!!!

  • I've done 1x20m 1x16m 1x15m 2x13m in my run up to VLM (my first one).

    The problem is my 20 (Thanet 20) was 5 weeks ago and I had to slow down a bit because of a dodgy knee.  Touchwood that seems all OK now and I'm just sticking to a few 7-10 miles and some speed work.

    Mentally knowing I've done those 20 miles (done in 2hrs 50mins) is a big boost for me although I have slight nerves about how long ago it was. What do people think?

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Hi Glenn, nerves are natural, not sure what your training plan says or what time you're going for but that's a decent time in which to run 20 miles! The last 6 will hurt anyway if that makes you feel any better but all the trainings in the bag and it may be that you need to slow down in VLM also. Regardless, you will get a massive boost from the atmosphere around you. Go out with what you feel comfortable with and you'll be fine. Good luck!

    Roger, glutes are a pain in the ass image Hope you get it sorted, I also have a long standing issue with them and consistenly have to do crabs, squats etc etc to fire / strengthen them  I have found my mojo again but since Monday, my left glute is playing up, my sesamoids are burning and I now have a bugger of a sore throat! I'm putting it down to the last few weeks of intense training catching up with me so skipped my intervals yesterday and will probably skip my tempo run tomorrow image It's all fun and games but bring it on, I'm as ready as I'll ever be! image 

    Looks like it's going to be a nice warm sunny day into the bargain!!!

    PS - Paul, where are you? Hope all is well!

  • Miggito wrote (see)

    Looks like it's going to be a nice warm sunny day into the bargain!!!

    Oh I very much hope so, I love running in the warm sunshine. Also, its the best weather for lying on the deck looking towards the sky at the end of a marathon image

    Last run is tomorrow before stopping to rest up. Four months of tailored training through a truly miserable winter makes me want to toast the event. Shame I'm off the booze.

  • I've no idea how I managed to mess up that quote box.

  • Possibly going to open can of worms here but to iPod or not to iPod at London ?
  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Shanko, I love running in the warm too, just not on what is an important day that I have been training the last 16 weeks for in 0 Deg C!! image Ah well, it will be what it is on the day, just hope it doesn't bucket down with rain, that would spoil it for me!

    I felt a bit more positive today so dragged myself up and did my tempo run (8miles at MP) so feeling better about things again! No doubt that will change tomorrow! Massage yesterday has really helped though and my glute issue has almost dissappeared!

    Sir John, I'm not really fussed about the wholie ipod debate but I do believe if the rules say no then you shouldnt wear one but obviously doesnt apply to VLM (are they any more dangerous than people running backwards / dressed as rhinos etc) so up to you! for the last 3 years I always ran with music, couple of weeks ago I did a 20 miler without it for 1st time (although ran with someone else) and what a great experience, so personally will not be wearing. Funny as if I hadn't done that run, I would be getting some mixes down for the palylist and would be feeling very daunted about racing without, panicking headphones were working etc etc. When I ran it a couple of years ago, I actually took my headphones out around mile 20 as the music was just starting to annoy me - may have been something to do with the fact my race had fell apart also but to state a cliche - sampling the atmosphere was incredible! Really looking forward to it now!



  • Well three training days left for me and apart from my glute trying to spoil the party I am ready - I think!

    Had a 10k race yesterday in 25mph winds and although I was 3 seconds slower around the same course as last year I managed to win my age cat and finish 9th overall out of 1250 entrants, so a good way to start the week for me as I have never won anything before.

    I have just done a recovery run which felt good apart from left glute image I have 12 x 200m tomorrow with 100m recoveries which I won't push too hard. Four miles on Wednesday and the a couple of short jogs on Thursday and Saturday. 

    Last massage on Thursday where I am sure he will use a magic wand and clear the glute problem but if he doesn't I will just have to block it out of my mind somehow.

    I hope you are all fit and healthy this week and that we all achieve our goals.

    Good luck everyone! image



  • Taken from the Virgin London Marathon website

    WEATHER UPDATE: Sunday’s currently looking dry with possible showers late afternoon. 3c rising to approx 12c by afternoon. SE Wind 5-10mph.

    That would be perfect for me image

    Sure to change all week though....


  • Not sure how I've not been on here for over 11 days, hectic few weeks.  Well my run home [5.8 miles] went well and managed to do it in 47:19 which turned out to be 8.11 min/mile pace so happy with that.  Missed my planned 5k on the Saturday but then ran the Tom Scott 10mile Road Race on the Sunday in 1:14:48 which was a 7:27 min/mile pace and felt really good but was supposed to go a wee bit slower but as I missed my 5k I thought I'd push myself a wee bit but still managed to chat to everyone and anyone that came close to me image

    Once again I missed my 5k jog due to being too busy but did my race-pace 5.8 mile run around the city centre at an 8:01 min/mile pace on Thursday there.

    Had a weekend away planned there so ended up moving my runs around and did a 5k on Friday night when I arrived in Chesterfield and then did my long run [8.8 miles] on Saturday and was comfortable at 7:58 min/mile pace as I knew I'd be having a few shandy's that night and wasn't sure what state I would be in on Sunday. So the groin is holding out but I'll be taking a few ice packs with me for after the run on Sunday as I can see me being in agony but will be well worth it image

    To ipod or not?  No harm in having it with you just incase you need a wee bit of vibes to keep you going as I'll have mine with me but not sure I'll need it as I get a massive buzz with crowds and runners a like image

    Glad to see everyone is doing well and apart from a couple of wee niggles I think we'll all smash our estimated times image

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Hi all, last post from me until after the event (maybe!) as work is taking over and off on the train to the smoke on Friday!

    Roger, really hope your glute holds out, best of luck - your training seems to have gone the best out of everyone so really hope you get your goal on Sunday!

    Paul, excellent news mate, just take it easy now and resist the temptation to push! I went out for a half hour easy run yesterday and felt like I had never run before - blaming the taper but resisted the urge to go all out to satisfy myself!!

    Good luck to everyone else, hope you all get your goals, whatever they are!

    Mine are now set in stone as follows:

    Dream Goal - sub 330

    Fantastic achievement - sub 345

    Can't be dissapointed - sub400

    Gutted - over 4 hours image

    Wonder what it wil be!?!?!?!? Good luck all!


  • Miggito,

    That's the exact same goals that I've set for Sunday image

    Running home tonight [6ish miles] at race pace in the rain unless it stops by home time.  A gentle jog on Friday, final packing and then onto the train down to London and I'm sure the nerves will then start to kick in image

    Cheers for the weather update Roger and I'm sure your glute will hold out and you'll do well.

    All the best guys image

  • I'm going down on Friday too, from Stockport,  where you coming from Paul ?

  • John, I'm coming down from Glasgow and bringing the wife and kids with me to make a weekend of it image

  • Good luck Outsiders, have a great day on Sunday! image

  •  Thanks Screamapiller!

  • Thanks Screamapillar!


  • Good luck to you all !!

    I'll be there cheering , I did my first marathon last Sunday in Brighton , totally loved it !

    I've been looking & looking , does anyone know if Runners world have a cheering station along the route on Sunday?!

    If so where ? I'd love to join them !!

    Enjoy image
  • lizzie - RW have a cheer point at Mudchute - around mile 17.

    Hope you all have a great run - weather is looking good for it.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Brilliant !! I'll head there then ! Looking forward to it !

    Thank you Xxx
  • Sorry another question !!

    Is there a printable version of the route anywhere ??

    Will it be in a newspaper ??

    Thanks xx
  • Can you not print the map from the VLM website? Other than that I don't know I'm afraid, it's in the marathon magazines but I rely on having someone to follow image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Oh dear, where is everyone?!?! Hope you all made it back safe and sound and the silence is from basking in your fantastic times / PBs etc! I had an absolute nightmare (description can be found on the Disastrous London Marathon thread) Was so gutted and also still really feckin' annoyed with myself for being so stupid!

    You live and learn though, sort of wishing I was doing the full Edinburgh instead of the 1/2 now to make amends sooner rather than later but will just need to wait till next year now. image


  • Miggito just read your report on the other thread and feel your pain.  I think we had the same targets and when I stepped into the pens I noticed the 3:30 pacer next to me and when I started off I kept him in sight and felt really good but somewhere along the route, not too far, I noticed what looked like a 3:56 pacer and thought what's happened to my pace and foolishy stepped it up a bit but I think it all came crashing down at the 'yes' tunnel if that's what it was called and had a 15 second walk and a drink and then further on I had to stretch my calfs off as they were giving me hell.  So the final 2-3 miles were like a kind of shuffle/run and no real pace in me. I normally have a good final bit left in me at the end of a race and just couldn't muster anything up in the final stretch down the mall and was happy to see that I got under the 4hr even on the clock and was officially clocked at 3:51:51 so never got my predicted target but got the one that I would be happy with being a virgin marathoner.

    I must admit I couldn't stop smiling at the support that was all around the course it was superb and I now want to do it again image

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