Looking for a team relay tri

Does anyone know of an upcoming team relay triathlon that fits the following criteria:

 Pool Swim; ideally a sprint but no longer than olympic distance; within about 100miles of Kent and finally between now and 6th July.

I have tried searching in the usual places but nothing is coming up.

I know it's a lot to ask but someone might be able to help!


  • Sprints normally don't do team races mate. G.P Triathlon have a few in the sussex area
  • Relay at Rye on third June and another at Lakeside on the 17th.... not sure of the distances but neither over Oly.
    Probably open water swims though
    I have a list, albeit a shortish one, of them as a few friends who can manage one discipline are doing some so PM me if you want a list
  • Thanks guys I'll take a look.
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