Hello from the USA

I'm new to these forums because of Lewis11. Long story, but we've become fast friends without ever having met.

My tri story begins in early 2009 when I was diagnosed with massively (read stroke imminent) high blood pressure. Of course, I justified it as genetics. But the doctor encouraged me to get more exercise. I had been playing ice hockey for a while but this had turned into an excuse to drink beer with my teammates. I bought a bicycle and it was love. Soon I was on a bike as much as I could be and what do you know, the pounds (sorry, I don't speak stone) started to come off and the BP started to drop.

About a year later, I ran into an old high school friend who was a multiple IM finisher, including several trips to Kona, and a race director. He encouraged me to give one of his events a "tri" and that was it.

I've gone on to complete several tris, from super sprints to Ironman Louisville 2011. I'm registered for my first stand alone marathon (this Saturday) and another iron distance event in September. Lewis11 and I have also hatched a plan to do IM Wales in a couple years.

End result of all this, down about 60-65 pounds and off the BP meds, at least for a while. It turns out that I do have some bad genes after all as the weight loss still hasn't cleared up my high BP completely.

My real name is Jeff if it matters and I have a blog: http://jeffsironmanjourney.blogspot.com

Happy to be here!


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