Dear Newham council.

Just wondered what you think of the idea of London's councils dumping its poorest and most vulnerable families up North? I don't pretend to understand fully what's going on but I DO know that we have plenty enough problems of our own up here, without taking on other people's, thank you.

30,000 people have just applied for 1,500 jobs at Halewood on Merseyside at the Jaguar/LandRover plant. There really is bugger all out there for us right now and people are desperate.

So why would we need more social deprivation?

Just asking.....


  • I can understand the government''s need to reduce / limit spending on housing benefit.... but any plus points of this policy seem hugely outweighed by the negatives.

    As you say, finding homes for people in poorer areas is of no benefit in the long run - Not to the people already living in those areas struggling to find jobs, nor to the people frced to migrate to those areas who face competition for fewer jobs.

    In the long run, that puts and even bigger burden on the overall benefit spend - But of course Newham Council can balance their own books.

    Furthermore, why should people be forced to move a hundred or so miles to a different area, thus losing any family and community networks they already have; this surely can only have a negative impact on the community they're moved to, however indirect.

    Perhaps Newham council (and presumably others) should look further into regulating for fair rent schemes for social housing.

  • I did wonder if anybody had bothered asking these people if they wanted to move to Stoke on Trent....image

    I've never met a Londoner who has any idea where it is. In fact I was asked where Liverpool was this weekend.image

  • I don't know where Liverpool is either.  Anything north of Birmingham is alien territory for me image
  • It wouldn't be the first time London had dispersed it's problems. there are some estates that were built in the early 50s that are still known as London Overspill. Even though i suspect you'd be hard pressed to find a (genuine) Londoner still in them.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    The idea that these peoples lives clearly doesn't belong to them, strikes me as ghastly. What's the deal, are they slaves, does someone own them?
  • We are all slaves to the Government, whether we realise it or not.
  • Sounds like a good plan. Mix up the gene pool in the Potteries
  • Over the years squillions of people have moved to London from eslewhere in the UK - usually seeking jobs.

    No-one asked Londoners if they wanted them. 

    Would it be OK if we repatriate the northerners? image

    Oh, and I know where Liverpool is - I've even BEEN there image

  • We let you IN? image
  • Tricky one because I agree that exporting to another area of the country is not right....but we all make decisions about our housing etc based on personal finances and it sometimes means moving away to get work, affordable housing etc    Loads of people do it. I'm not sure why one group should be ring fenced and protected from that harsh reality of life?

    I remember reading on another forum, someone moaning about lack of jobs in a deprived area of ? Wales and one answer that came back was to up house and move to London to get a job...

  • Liverpool is on the left just under Cumbria.... is the extent of my knowledge... but I did watch the Liverbirds as a child.
  • OW,revealing your age now .......image

    the solution would be to either move them or for them to move to smaller homes .....there was a time when families up to 10 or more would live in a couple of rooms........maybe the choice should be to move to a smaller home where you are or to a similar size home away form the big smoke........

    then hopefully rents might come down and therefore house prices come down and people can afford to but them again
  • I would have thought this was one possible impact of the benefits cap.

    The other being that people would have to cut their cloth and move to smaller homes. If you were in a job and lost your job or had to take a lower paid one then you would probably - if you had some nuts - recognise that you might have to move to a smaller property or one in a cheaper area.

    But people on large benefits are expected to be propped up in their choice of living accommodation whatever the cost?

    Many of us could never dream of living in London because of the cost - even though we might earn more than the national average. Why should people on benefits be any different?

    Just askin...

    ps: there was 5 of us in a two up two down in Salford. And we were lucky.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I live in a poorer area than the one I grew up in. No way could I afford to live there even in a cardboard box. I had to move to be able to afford a roof over my head.

    Why should someone living on benefits have a better home than me simply because they are on benefits?
    My friend has a large 4 bed house, I can't afford that but she's on benefits so doesn't have to worry about that.

    What's the difference between us? She slept around, got pregnant, left her job - (we worked together,) became homeless quite deliberately, and has since lived off the state.

    For people like this who have to move, Sympathy - zero.

  • There was a feature in our local rag a couple of weeks ago about a girl whining that she didn't like where she lived and was demanding a move. She had three kids by three dads and she was 19.
    The feature was written by a future daily mail reporter but I couldn't help thinking about my friend who is expecting (her husbands) third child soon. He WORKS and they can't afford to move. Mostly because their take home pay as a family is less than the whining woman.
    I know we're all supposed to support the idea that work pays. But it doesn't round here. It's mad.....
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭


    just been talking to D. He was listening to radio 4 - private landlord says he's evicting his tennents as he can charge upwards og £2,000 a week due to Olympics and Queens Jubilee.

  • Yes well this is some of the issue. Rents are higher in London and the government cuts make them untenable so the Council is sending people to cheaper areas.

     However it doesn't work for anybody. The other areas don't want Londoners thrust on them. Most ofthe Londoners don't want to leave. Presumably Cameron has dusted off Norman Tebbit's bike and told people to move image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Life doesn't work on that basis. I don't 'want' to live where I do. I'd rather live where I used to. I have to live where I can afford to live. The locals here don't like people moving in putting up hiusing prices for them and theirs.

    No one wants anyone.

  • It's a political stunt by a Stalinist Council. An utter disgrace.
  • camillia sinensis assamica mouse wrote (see)

    No one wants anyone.




    blimey, that's a bit deep for a Monday morning. image

  • camillia sinensis assamica mouse wrote (see)

    Life doesn't work on that basis. I don't 'want' to live where I do. I'd rather live where I used to. I have to live where I can afford to live. The locals here don't like people moving in putting up hiusing prices for them and theirs.

    No one wants anyone.

    I'l like to live in an area where the police don't have to be called regularly to deal the 'customers' of the local community centre across the way, where people can walk their dogs without being called a "F***ing Old C***", loudly and repeatedly by another dog-walker, where young women don't shout similar language while being physically restrained from attacking one other.

    All this within hearing of my flat.  From the inside.

    Unfortunately, I can't.  Or not while I go out to work, anyway.

  • Wilkie, I should really moderate my language while standing under your window, shouldnt I? image
  • and face it, It is only Stoke, not as if it is anywhere nice....

  • Having just moved somewhere less desirable to get my first mortgage, it would have been lovely to have stayed where I was, but I couldn't.

    Why the hell should someone else get that option putting far less effort into it?
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