Photos from the VLM

I know not everyone will stop into the Runners & Supporters thread so thought I'd pop these in a separate one. Link to my photobox album of all the pics from Sunday here -

Bear with it, there's about 300 with a lot of the elites, fast club runners and general ones of the masses, but there are ones of those who were supporting on Sunday and some of the runners we had on our lists too, these are towards the end of the site has uploaded in the order I took them if you see what I mean image


  • I'd like to pinch a photo of the stand to add to my blog - hope this is okay?? I didn't manage to make it into any of the photos (think too much fizz had been drunk by the time I made it to you! image)

    Thanks again for everyone who manned the stand and supported all the runners. Many thanks!

  • Hi hon - I was being a bit haphazard when taking pics anyway, I only got a handful of runners when they got to us lol.....feel free to lift as you likeimage x

  • Thank you!

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