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I've been training since December last year for the upcoming Manchester Marathon this weeekend, and a couple of months ago I started to get a searing pain in my right knee after running for about 13 miles, my right leg muscles would also stiffen and seem to lock up slightly.

I have since had regular Physio Sessions and although I'd not seen this particular Physio prior to this, he seems a pretty competent Fellow and has recomended a series of stretches andexercises which I've been doing.

I was wondering if anyone on here had had any similar experiences and if so whether they got cured?

Thanks in advance



  • Similar happened to me about 5 weeks before my recent marathon. Physio diagnosed IT band tightness and also gave me stretches and some strengthening to do. Seemed to work pretty well to get me to the marathon. Hurt pretty bad again by mile 23 so he says we have treated the symptoms to get to the marathon but probably still need to identify the cause - this is true as its starting to play up again this week after about 8 miles.

    Have been religiously doing the stretches and also ice massaging the affected area, but the exercises do help and at least I now know what it is, just need to stop it keep happening.

    Probably feels like the exercises arent going to help much but they did for me in a matter of days although I guess it depends on what the problem actually is.

    Hope this helps

  • I too the knee.  Stiff quads pulling it out of track but also my foot was hurting on recent long run and think I probably ran wonkily.  Stretch, ice, rest....
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Old thread I know but anyway...

    I had something like this just this last weekend at about 10 miles into a 13.1. Not exactly 'searing' but a dull ache taht seemed to be both below the knee and (ie into the shin) and sort of outside the knee reaching to the ttop of the calf and behind the knee.

    I trioed slowing to a recovery jog but soon realised It was not going to work, and walked the last 5k or so home, in pain at times. I had a more intense version of the 'pain when descending stairs' ive had from time to tome when ive pushed it down exrtended distance too much but the pain did clear up after a few hours.

    Reading this thread did make me wonder - I had tired achy feet going into the run and ahve been upping distance lately. I do wonder if general tiredness and achy feet sort of changed by gait and meant i placed too much strain on my knees. I guess its a sort of red light so I'm taking it easy for a bit and switching to non impact cross training plus a bit of walking just to see.

    That and anti inflamatories

  • Nayan, would be interested how that goes, I have been running for about 8 months, 2 weeks ago run a HM, last part was down hill and as I was feeling good I just let myself go, in hindsight think this was a mistake. On a recovery run had what you described above. I have now taken a couple of weeks off, thought it was all ok but start getting pain after about 30 mins. I am thinking a trip to physio for some advice.

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