Liverpool Half Marathon 2013



  • Its forcast light rain I think, Im taking a hoodie, if it gets too warm ill just take it off and tie it round waist. Good luck everyone for tommorow hope you all achieve the times you want! image

  • A hoodie ? Just run faster if you get cold - you always need less kit racing as opposed to training. I can't think of much worse than running in a waterlogged hoodie.
  • It's better to start the race a little cold than to be overdressed.

  • Can anybody post a review? It's saying that the event didn't exist...100% from me by the way... Everything was fantastic.

    Best race I have ever done, and so many others were saying the same.

    PB of 1:37:46 to top it all!
  • First time running in this event today and it was absolutely fantastic. Such a well organised and fun event. The start was well done, and people lined up appropriately for their speed so there were no problems with people falling over each other going at different speeds. Well done to all the organisers, and thanks to all the volunteers handing out the water etc as well!

  • 1st time for me too. Absolutely loved it! Well done to Alan and everyone else that organised it. Spot on!
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Alan. Great day and you worked wonders with the weather - not a breath of wind on Otterspool image

    Got through the start in 6 mins, which was impressive as I was fairly near the back.

    Couldn't get near my preferred time marker but that's no biggie.

    Nearly flattened someone on The Strand who decided to turn back and go looking for their friend.

    You'll probably get feedback from the outriders but the chap who was on his bike with the front runners deserves a medal. Outside Sefton Park, a lot of people weren't staying inside the cones and the leaders were on a collision with the massed ranks. The cyclist was having to scream at people to get out of the way. Top man.

    The finish in front of the graces was stunning.

    Nice shiny medal too.

    No PB for me but I beat last years time by 6 mins.
  • Top race but man that last mile felt long ! Thanks Alan and everyone.
  • Orbutt - that screaming man was me! I do it well. No harm done and a brilliant day. Well done to one and all.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Well Alan, you deserve another medal image
  • Alan, has the race been registered so we can leave a review?!
  • Yes please, be kind!!

  • I can't find the race to leave feedback, can anyone help?
  • I still cant find race to leave feedback Alan!

  • Alan, has the race been registered so we can leave a review?!
  •  Wont let me copy and paste the link on here, so I have typed it in, so if it don't work, just go to BayTVLiverpool and search


    I thought this race was excellently organised and a nice new shiny pb for me image

  • Alan

    Thanks again for a fantastic race and the medal is fab

  • cant find a link to review on rw...

    all in all a great race but more marshalls would have helped alleviate the necessity for the bike-based yelling...

    insufficient toilets at start (20+ minute queuing) meant a late start for me and there were plenty of others still queuing behind me.

    weather was just right, which helped!

  • Gareth, you could have 8,500 toilets and people would still say there weren't enough. The main issues with loos are space to put them, space for people to queue when there are 10,000+ people (spectators wee too) and everyone wants to go ten minutes before the start. If people arrive earlier and go for a wee earlier it would work better. The echo arena has fewer toilets than the race and 10,000 people in there have the same problem and regularly miss a bit of whatever they've gone to see.

    People were still running up to me screaming for safety pins and even RACE NUMBERS after the gun had gone off. I honestly could not believe that!

    As for the weather....that was all me.

    I'm a witch image
  • Thanks for your thoughts Liverbird, I've never organised anything like this, so I'm a little in the dark. The only other experience I have of this is the great north run, where 50000 people seem to be sharing fewer toilets and ive only ever seen one or two people queuing for loos at gun time. Of course, there's the bank at the side of the start line too, which doesn't really bear mentioning...


    I did actually get approached (whilst in the loo queue) by someone asking where to get replacement numbers - this was at 8:55.....

  • Aah yes the great north bushes. Very handy.

    Top witching there LB. now if you could focus your attentions on getting adoring started please ?
  • I enjoyed this run the scenery was lovely and varied which I liked. I thought there were plenty of toilets. A warm up at the beginning is always a good idea too it puts everyone in a good mood and adds a bit of atmosphere. I missed that!

    I would say I could have done with a lucozade drink on course at some point rather than just water when I was tire'ing. There wasn't a lot of support either until the last 100 yards.

    I got a PW but I did have a cold and just didn't have it in me to push myself.

    Overall enjoyed it though & will hopefully be back next year

  • Thanks for the weather Liverbird - just after you left, the heavens opened!!

  • Thanks for an excellent event yesterday Alan, it was my first time in the Liverpool Half and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great route, great support, oh and great weather LB.

    At the risk of sounding mercenary though, one question, how do winners of the vets prizes go about claiming them?

  • Vets trophies are sent out once results confimed.

  • Alan, still can't post a review image
  • Thanks Alan image

  • the half marathon was brilliant rarely enjoyed running, got a personal best 10 minutes faster. There were enough toilets available well marshaled and the air cadets and army cadets I thought as usual were excellent. I also tried to rate the race on runners world but the event would not come up .n


    all in all a great race and day and good medal well done.


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