Liverpool Half Marathon 2013



  • Cake wrote (see)

    Entered so can hug Liverbird.

    EXCELLENT! It's been a while Cakey boy! image You bringing Booky too? YAY!


  • LB - I don't think it's going to get any better and we will place CAUTION UNEVEN ROAD SURFACE AHEAD  signs at the beginning of Croxteth Drive by the school.

    My last post advising about our imminent changes was removed by RW as it constituted 'advertising'. I thought it was information as we are not selling anything but there you go.

    You'll have to make do with our email contacts for any additional information.

    Hope to see you all at the weekend... 

  • Entries approaching 7,000 by the way so WILL probably run out in a couple of weeks. Just a remainder if you haven't entered.

  • I won't be there at the weekend.

    I've just had an op and I'm sick as hell with an infection. The infection is worse than the bloody op.

    I can't believe I've not got grapes image
  • Get well soon! The sign is finalley up outside the shop. Wooohhooo!!

  • Are there going to be starting pens this year according to time? last year was absolute carnage trying to get to the front and people on the start line in fancy dress with a 3hr time is just ridiculous! I had a faster time by 1 minute than a women that was in front of me but ended up being placed 1 down as she crossed the line before me!
  • PP - the reason we have moved the start and finish is because the area we have been in for the last four years is now too small for the numbers taking part. The new start line on Canada Boulevard copes well with the 8,000 we have in the Santa Dsh at the same location.

    Time boards will be in place for those who choose to acknowledge them...

  • PP go by chip time and position. That's what theyre there for ?
  • Entry alert, less than 700 places with six weeks to go. At the current rate they will be gone within a week!! Although the official closing date is 15th February it looks like they will all have gone by then.

    8,000 is a modest improvement on the 7,600 last year so a great start to 2013.

  • That's exactly what there for so why be placed down when they can clearly see I was faster! Yeah not a conversation for this thread i know ; )
  • Entered and raring to go . Is the 8,000 a natural limit for the race or if people entered earlier could the start/ finish area cope with more runners ?
  • Finish area is unknown as it's the first time we have been there for a HM. It worked well for the marathon but there were fewer numbers finishing than are expected in the HM. Also the marathon is finished over a longer period of time.

    It coped with 8,000 using it as the start for the Santa Dash in December.

    I think the capacity of the promenade is more of a problem and if we got 9,000 then we would have to look at a return along the roads. Liverpool City Council would be reluctant to agree to that due to the inconvenience caused to other roads users.

    8,000 is the limit this year and we will see how the start / finish area performs.

    Medals ordered are based on that figure. Around 400 places left so I expect the race to be full by the end of this week and that's five weeks before race day.

    Not had that before. Normaly full by the week before so I suspect I'll have a a high number of phone calls and emails pleading for numbers after this week when we're full.

  • Peter - welcome back. Just carry on doing what you have been doing in your training and you'll be fine. I think you will enjoy the day as it has a really good atmosphere which I think will be enhanced by the new start / finish area at the Pier Head.

    Another surge on entries yesterday with another 103 being taken up. I think all 8,000 will have gone by 15th February (official closing date).

    Anyone looking in and THINKING of entering then get a move on or you'll miss out.

  • As part my (slightly insane) plan to do 13 half marathons in 2013, I'll be coming over to Liverpool from the US in March!

    Any other Americans going over?

    Are there any local St. Patty's celebrations going on that weekend?


  • If you haven't already entered then I'm afraid it's too late. All 8,000 places have been allocated and we have no more available. This is geat news as we are up again on the 7,600 entries last year and two weeks earlier.

  • It's fantastic news that its full again. Just another example that people in Liverpool DO WANT TO RUN.

    Someone should explain that to the muppet in the Mayoral chair.

  • How do the numbers compare to the last few races Alan ? I'd love to see a graph. image

    Seems to me that numbers have risen year on year all of the times I've run it. I don't think theres a link tho.....
  • Half Marathon has doubled in size from 4,000 to 8,000 over the last four years.

    Santa Dash biggest in 9 years last December at 8,500.

    Tunnel 10K has increased fro less than 700 when we took it over to 3,500 last year.

    The events speak for themselves.

    Women's 10K, 5K Team Challenge and Big Heart 5K, declining interest. I think it is because they have specific market appeal - women only, business teams and football supporters.

  • That's impressive. I'd expect that the Marathon would have seen a similar percentage increase had the council the sense not to mess round with it.
  • Well we'll never know... but yes.

  • Alan - any chance of a series of protest t-shirts we could wear for the half? Stuff like "This is so good I'd run it twice" or "LCC are a bunch of near-sighted morons."
  • Bluenose G - if I thought it would do any good I'd suggest it. Time to move on and focus on what we CAN do rather than what we can't. Couple of interesting ideas already emerging. One you know of (the Wirral HM and 10K) and a couple of new events which don't rely on Liverpool.

    I'll keep you all posted as things develop. The marathon was good for two years. Time to move into other areas methinks... there's more to life than a marathon, as disappointing as it has been.

  • Haha fair enough! Look forward to what the future brings!
  • I was planning on concentrating on winning half marathons anyway. image
  • 3 weeks from today I'll be flying into the UK for my first international race! It will also be my first visit to Liverpool. It'll be nice to finally have a race away from all of this snow.

  • Looking forward to the Liverpool half marathon x but very disappointed about the full marathon being cancelled image
  • No more than I am! Liverpool City Council have a lot to answer for... but they won't answer any questions I put to them regarding their decision to not allow the use of the waterfront roads in a manner that befits the marathon.

    There's a saying 'be careful what you wish for' which could translate to 'be careful what you vote for'. Liverpool hastily voted a Mayor in to power who refuses to communicate with major event inthe city. Clearly a marathon has no great appeal to mayor Anderson. Clearly!.

  • Alan - might be impossible to answer but do you think this business over the marathon will affect next year's half or other btr events? Are the council being funny over any races round there in future?
  • There is no local authority interest in the other events simply because they don't impact on car park access to Liverpool ONE.

    There would be no justification for disallowing any of the other established events at all. Seems as long as the waterfront businesses are not affected then everyone is happy. Bit short sighted for me but what do I know?

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