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  • Liverbird

    No complaints from me at all,totally understand it was my own fault. If you read my post I was merely asking a perfectly valid question. If it is in your own hands to enter and you fail to do so by the closing date you have nobody else to blame but yourself. The blame was solely on me & I accept that.

    The Liverpool Half Marathon is the best in the country for me & anyone running it for the first time will most certainly be back for more next year. Good luck all whatever your goal is.





  • Gary, I wasn't suggesting YOU are complaining. It would've been my tenth year running too but I've recently had surgery and its by far the best decision for me to NOT run it. But believe me I was tempted...

    As for the point about trains, this one comes up time and time again. Quite simply, you can't rely on a decent train service anywhere in this area on a Sunday morning. I know people in Liverpool trying to get to Run the Bridge have precisely the same issue. The first train arrives after the start.

    London doesn't know it's bornimage
  • Liverbird,

    That is fair enough, hope your back up & running ASAP after your surgery. Nothing more frustrating than being injured or unable to run.



  • Mike W - if people enter on time or preferably earlier then there is no need for what you have suggested. We have in the past assisted with refunds, deferrals and entry transfers. Whatever system is in place is ineviatbly abused by too many people.

    It is clear that the event has grown in popularity having gone from less tha 4,000 to 8,000 in recent years. With this in mind the entry facility for 2014 will open the following day so there is no excuse for entering on time.

  • If 1400 are non-starters then strictly speaking the race is not 'full'. The issue is not about deferrals or refunds but about transfers. As Mike says above for a minimal amount of work the organisers can make a lot more money. People will transfer unofficially, you only have to scan the 'Events' board to see that.

  • I think I have made my position clear. If people enter ON TIME then there is no need for transfers.

  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)

    I think I have made my position clear. If people enter ON TIME then there is no need for transfers.

    Apart from the fact that some who are taking up a place will be unable to race owing to illness or injury and their place could easily be filled by someone wanting to run who did not apply before the cut-off point was reached. There is a difference between 'on time' and 'race now full'. Still you're the guy in the driving seat who's gone to the trouble of organising the race and fair play to you for that. Your position is quite clear, it's just that I don't happen to agree with it.

    Love and peace....Plodder.

  • Ran this for the first time ever in 2011 and really enjoyed it.  In fact it was my first ever race.  Normally would just run 10k’s so looking forward to Sunday week.  Don’t feel as nervous as the first time so hoping everything will go ok.  Up to 11 miles now so going to tail off now and hope for the best on the day.


    A stupid question more than likely but i take it you can’t use your ipods etc during the race?

  • No you can use ipods etc unless the rules have changed from last year. A lot of races now dont allow them which I think is a bit harsh, a lot of people will run to certain tracks/music, I always have and hate running without it. But I can see the point, you have to keep your eyes open more.

  • I'm on a mission to do 13 half marathons this year, and Liverpool will be #3. I can't believe it's almost here. I'm psyched!

  • Thanks Dan, i will bring the ipod so!

  • iPods have NEVER been permitted.
  • LiverBird - Spare Place. Sorry if my post was too short


    I was the other way round and injured when the race was open and never considered been at fitness to run but and now ready to get back out and race.

    I know it'll be unofficial etc etc but if people do know of a number going spare, please keep me posted,




  • No ipods allowed? Ugh.

  • Alan, help me out here.....

    When did you start allowing people to run under people's race numbers?
  • Travelin chick. It's a race. Believe me, running it without is a far better experience anyway.

    iPods are for TRAINING.
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    Alan, help me out here.....
    When did you start allowing people to run under people's race numbers?

    I don't think "allowing" comes into it and quite rightly IMHO.

  • Why travel a long way just to listen to music ? Forget the iPod and enjoy the atmosphere of the race. Talk to people if you like ?
  • Personally I've always ran to music, I slow down without it. No one has ever told me to turn it off so ill be taking mine. I don't have it on loud and can still hear the crowd and other runners etc, its just a background thing that helps. The atmosphere is amazing though I ran the last bit without it and the crowds lining the finish were brilliant!
  • For the sake of absolute clarity we won't be acknowledging entry transfers.

    Ipods! Not even going to comment.

  • BTR interview seems to have had a lot of interest -

    I've mentioned the possibility of a Tour of Merseyside in July. Six races over seven days x 52 miles. Different locations and terrain - appeal to anyone? Certainy a change  from 26 consecutive miles.

  • Ok i take it ipods ain’t allowed which i understand and respect.  Helps me get around but rules are rules.

  • I hadn't seen the rule about not wearing headphones, but fair enough. I usually do run with my phone as I use runkeeper rather than a garmin to keep a track of my time, but I guess this will be a test for me! I'll just make sure I pick up a cheap stopwatch before so I can work out how I'm doing using the mile markers.
  • Niall - despite what the official event position is there are still many people who use ipods on the day. We will only advise not wearing them as a safety measure in case you are unable to understand any verbal instruction given to you by event officials during the race.

  • Thanks Alan

  • I take it thats going to be run on consecutive days. Sounds like a really good challenge, any locations in the pipeline?


  • I missed out on this event last year as I was in training for the London Marathon and it was a 20 miler training run week!!

    Not run an actual event since then so this is my first organised even in nearly a year. Really looking forward to it. Ran 12 miles this weekend in 1:44:50 so hoping i can sneak in under 1:50 for the first time ever!

    Good luck everyone!!

  • That Tour of Merseyside looks a real challenge.
  • Wasn't there are similar week long set of races in Horwich ? 

    I always meant to have a go when I worked up that way, and never got round to it

  • It's based on the Tour of Tameside model hosted by Dr. Ron Hill back in the 80s. I did it three times. It was brilliant and will be a different kind of challenge for runners given the marathon has been forced off the road.

    None of the events will be in Liverpool as it's a Tour Of Merseyside.

    That should keep LCC and the waterfront businesses happy!

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