London Marathon 2012 Green base layer/thermal help?

Hello can someone help me, during the TV coverage of the London Marathon I kept seeing celebs in a green base layer/ thermal top, Amanda Mealing, Leon Taylor and the guy with him all had one and I can't for the life of me work out what make or brand it is??? Please help!!!! The logo had a grey X and 2 orange><. Outside he cross,


  • The last line should read the logo looks like this >X< The x was grey and arrows orange
  • sounds like one of the X-bionic tops
  • Your a legend thank you
  • [bows humbly]

    I wear X-socks so recognised the logo so it was a kind of shoe in for them (excuse the pun!)

    and - have you seen the price on that top?? eeeek!!!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    What's so good about it?
  • well - according to the blurb

    "BRINGS POWER INTO EVERY'S BODY. Building muscle, losing weight, or improving endurance – with the Power Shirt with EFFEKTOR™ TECHNOLOGIE you’ll begin a new era of performance ability and achieve your fitness goals more quickly. The technology’s advantage: Partial Kompression, which only puts pressure on your muscles through the 1-mm-wide ridges, reducing muscle oscillations, and improves the supply not only of oxygen but also of nutrients to your muscles, enabling quicker recovery. The 3D-BionicSphere® System on the chest and back as well as the AirConditioning Channels promote the evaporation of sweat with better air circulation. This cools your body even during the toughest workouts and hinders early-onset exhaustion."

    so there. €189. kerching!
  • Seeing a bunch of 'celebs' wearing something would put me right off it - even if it didn't cost a daft amount!
  • I suspect the celebs didn't buy theirs Wilks
  • I guess they didn't. I was only curious because I didn't recognise the logo and was racking my brains that is all. But they are incredibly expensive aren't they.
  • It's bizarre how if you are rich, people give you expensive stuff for free!  image' />
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