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Hello, i have always been a neutral runner, however i recently broke my ankle and have suffered from repeated blisters and knee pain when running in my old neutral trainers after recovering from the injury. I went to buy some new training shoes and was sold Gel Kayano 18's a shoe i believed to be for extreme over pronaters. I was unsure as to whether they were the correct purchase so i went and had some gait analysis done at two separate places and both showed that i am a neutral runner, but i ever so slightly (and i mean a tiny bit) over pronate on my right foot.
Were the Kayano's the correct purchase or should i go for a more neutral show such as the Nimbus? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i am truly stuck! Thanks!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    As a neutral runner you can run in anything you like, whether the shoe is for pronators, supinators it makes no difference. Kayano's are just top of the range shoes whereas you could get away wearing the cheapest asics you can find.
  • I am also a neutral runner and I ran the Marathon on Sunday in Kayano 18s - they are the best and most comfortable trainers I've ever had. I didn't get a single blister and felt like I was running in slippers!
  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭
    I slightley overpronate, and find the Kayano a great shoe.
  • I am just worried that by wearing structured shoes when i don't really need them might mess with my knees/hips/ankles? image
  • Hi Sophie,

    sorry to hear that you broke your anke, but from the sound of it your on the way to running again. 

    To answer some of your questions:

    1) Depending on the age and usuage of your old trainers, this could result in you suffering from blisters and knee pains. Knee pains are generally the first sign that trainers are worn down or simply the wrong shoe for you

    2) The GelKayano 18 is not extreme over pronators, it is for mid to full pronators.

    3) If your gait was analysed as a neutral runner with only one side pronating only just slightly, than a neutral shoe would be the best option. I would not use any shoes that gives you any support.

    4) I would recommend a neutral shoe such as a nimbus for example, that is if you want to stick with Asics for example. There are of course plenty of other neutral shoes available on the market all different in fit and distance build for.

    On another note, I highly recommend for any neutral runner to stay away from any shoes that are designed for runners who pronate, simply because if you don't need any arch support you should not have any. To much arch support will result in the long term in knee problems and shin splints. Your comment that wearing structured shoes coud mess with knees/hips and ankles is absolutley correct.

    I hope this helps.

  • That is exactly what i thought myself, but hearing it from someone else has cleared up the issue and i think i will stick with the neutral shoes!Thank you very much! image
  • This should help you decide the correct Asics for you, Sophie:  http://www.asicsamerica.com/Shoe-Fit-Guide/Chart/


  • that chart is great. image


  • Jesus Christ those American Asics are garish!

  • Hello Sophie,

    I don't know what a specialist would say but as far as i know the kayano 18 is best suited for a neutral, low arch or flat foot. You might also want to check out http://www.kayano18.com/.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,



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