is edinburgh marathon really that bad

Hi i have just done my first marathon( London)  I am doing edinburgh at end of the month have'nt  really paid much attention to it was focused on london. I have been reading on rw race ratings and it sounds horriable is it really that bad ?

 Thanks Paula


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    I'm doing it too and was a little horrified when I read the feedback. I guess it's too late now. I am just keeping my fingers crossed and asking MrPip and Pipjr not to come to the finish to meet me.
  • hmm. I did it two years ago and it was a mixed bag.


    • flat, fast course, if a bit boring in places
    • it's in Edinburgh, what's not to like
    • Nice blingy medal


    • the finish area was quite badly laid out and getting back to Edinburgh took ages
    • it can be hot, but you can't blame the organisers for that

    I wouldn't do it again, but I thought it was "okay" - but the organisers need to sort the finish area out...

  • Yeah I was looking forward to it to pipg, am gonna get hubby to meet me somewhere a couple of miles away, have no idea where though. We have booked accommodation so have to go, this is 30miles away so have no idea how close he will be able to drop me at the start.
  • Mostly it's fine, The finish area was a shambles last year but hopefully they will sort that this year. It was very windy last year too and it can be exposed. It does not take in much of Edinburgh's sights which a lot of people moaned about. However, if you want a potentially quick marathon with a big city feel then you will get that. It is nothing like the extravaganza that is London though.

    Hope you enjoy it.


  • I really enjoyed Edinburgh. I liked the route and it had good organisation.

    The finish area was a bit poor - but that's just a small part of the day.

    Tee shirt was nicer than London. Lots of scenery rather than just a cityscape. Buses at the end were great. Pens at the start were much better than London to get off from.

    If they can sort the finish area then it will be a brilliant race.
  • Last two posts r making me feel better. The finish area at London on Sunday wasn't very nice either far to many spectators it was ridiculous.
  • You'll have a great time.

    It does look like they've changed the finish this time as well - so it should be a lot better.
  • The finish area was hoorendous last year but the organisers have taken that on board and it looks totally revamped this time. The issue of transport back to town is an inevitable one in a point to point course. You'll have no probs at all getting dropped off very close to the start

    As Jonny B says the course has potential to be super quick if the frickin' weather would behave ie not be windy or hot

    It def doesn't have the massive charity - fest that VLM has though

    From mile 10 it's an out and back so there's constant stream of runners going the other way which can either motivate or depress you depending on how you're doing !

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    I did it in 2009 and the finish was badly organised then.  I tried to get to my family but marshals kept sending me in wrong directions.  I could see where I needed to be but just couldn't get there and after walking around for more than an hour I begged a marshal to take me there, explaining that I wanted to get to my children.  He then had a go at me for leaving my children on their own!! I told him their father and grandmother were also with them but he wouldn't believe me and threatened to report me to social services!!! I told him to f*ck off and burst into tears!!

    The course itself is uneventful.  Starts in Edinburgh but then heads down the coast and doubles back to Musselburgh.  The relay runners were a bit of a pain popping in and out. 

  • I did it as my first in 2006 and loved it.........i think the problem is they keep on changing it most years so hard to make comaprisons......the weather seems to be either heatwave or rain.....but thats just one of those things....

    I have done London twice and I think edinburgh for me was 10 times better than London
  • I'm doing Edinburgh this year too - thanks for the positive comments, like the OP I was beginning to get cold feet after reading a number of bad reviews.
  • I think some people have a bad race and then it clouds their views a bit ?
  • I've done it 3 times, 2008-2010. Either windy or boiling hot but the weather can't be helped!

    There was a bit of a walk (hobble!) to get to the buses that take you back to the city but to be honest I think a little walk helps, you'll be on the bus for half an hour and to just sit down after running all via way isn't really a good idea. Get a seat downstairs!

    As said above the are a few out and back sections but I like to see the really fast runners and give the leading women a cheer and a well done.

    The last time I did it I arranged to meet my boyfriend (also running) away from the actual finish where there is a load of catering vans. As it was I finished ahead of him so I justwaited on a small grassy area under a lovely shaded tree. Nobody really moves that fast after a marathon anyway so he was easy to find image
  • There have certainly been shambolic elements to Edinburgh's organisation in past years... I expect they won't repeat the finish line mistake from last year. So, generally speaking, it's not a bad run, as long as you aren't expecting Edinburgh city center. This will be my 3rd emf.

    re: the trip back to town... to avoid the bus lineups and trip time, go to the Wallyford Rail Station (it's the upstream/uphill one). Trains are infrequent -- hourly, I think -- so have the schedule/map printed beforehand. Allow at least 15 minutes to get up the hill on tired legs. That train will drop you happily (and quickly!) in the middle of town at Waverley Station.

    In the instructions, it's also noted that they've gone to gels and water in place of the traditional lucozade/water. Try the gels beforehand to see how you feel about them and make alternate plans if you don't get on well.

    Beyond that, have fun and gently ask the Met Office to deliver good weather.

  • I am running it for the first time and am really looking forward to it, injuries (ITB both knees, intermittent) permitting. Have heard it's slightly downhill, so great for PBing, and also that wind is really the only thing that can be against you. I'm not so bothered about running in heat, so the time of year thing doesn't really bother me. I just wish that I could take Monday off too and not have to get back to work. My flight back to London is very late afternoon. What a crazy idea I had. Tee hee. We'll see. Maybe my boss (headteacher) will take pity on me and let me come in at half 10 instead of 8... I have earnt some brownie points lately. Perhaps now's a good time to ask.

     Hope everyone's training is going super. Mine was til I hurt my left knee doing crazy Bath beat couple weekends ago with far too many stiles. (One is probably too many huh?)

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