Anyone had an ACL knee reconstruction then done a marathon within a year?

Due to a massive dissapointment at this weeks London marathon I aim to put matters right next year, however im having a knee reconstruction in 2 weeks,  will be my 3rd due to rugby. So usually the 6 month period of rehab will take me to November and the London marathon is in april 2013.

Anyone else had an ACL reconstriction and gone back to pretty much marathon training after their rehab was over which is 6 months?


  • I had acl reconstruction a few years ago and was running 10k's before surgery then stepped up to half and a full marathon afterwards.

    I took 8 months for a full recovery but had to build up the miles very slowly and had a great physio would gave me lots of strengthening work to do which I still do every week.

    I did 6 months training last year for my first marathon so that I could take it slower, building up my milage after 2 weeks instead of one and had a 4 week cycle were I trained for 3 weeks and reduced by milage and cross trained for one.

     On the LSR I used biofreeze when it swelled (only badly once were I couldn't bend my knee at all for a few hours), used compression tights and lay down with my legs up against a wall for 10 minutes after a run to allow the swelling to drain.

    Strengthening work is the key to marathon training especially after acl reconstruction. However, I think it would be a big ask for you to do a marathon but you know your body!

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