Dragonslayer duathlon


I've entered dragonslayer duathlon this sunday, but there's no info on the website for what time the race starts, where to look up wave number etc, i have had nothing in the post, it's all very musterious. Triedcontacting them, nothing. Maybe I'm blind but I've tried looking at all parts of east london triathlete's website to no avail!

Anyone else doing dragonslayer can at least tell me what time to get there?




  • yep - the website is very helpful NOT.

    have you mailed any of the committee?? details here . mail the Chairman direct - that might get a response

    or contact Redbridge Cycling Centre which is where the event is - they should know more I guess
  • Dear Hannah

    you should have received an email from dragonslayerelt@yahoo.co.uk with your race notes (including time, details etc) last week.

    please check and if you haven't received the email just contact me via the above address and i will send it to you asap. race notes are not sent in the post.

    the race starts at 11:00 and will be in one wave.

    kind regards

    Justin McDermott
    ELT Dragon Slayer 2012
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