How many toe nails did VLM take off?

Post VLM worst toe nail count for years. Roadtested my shoes in a number of warm ups including 2 x 10k and 4 x Half maras with no real issue. London Cost me 5 blackened toe nails of which 3 have been completely liberated so far. How many have you lost, will you lose post VLM?image


  • None although one of my toes did explode at 23 miles but toenail is still ok image
  • My two big ones, and a pinky is looking dubious!!
  • Lost one after GNW Half in Feb (1st half ever!) and 1 so far after VLM (1st full mara ever!!) and a huge blister under left big toenail, to be monitored closely.....

  • In 10 years of Marathons - I've only ever lost one nail - and that was when I foolishly forgot to cut my toenails before the race.

    Maybe go up one size shoe ? I've pairs in sizes 10, 10.5 and 11 !
  • None *smug grin*

    Had a few get very slightly bruised, but never enough to do more than make the nail ridged - never yet lost a toe nail. *touches wood*

    is it one of those rites of passage that you have to go through? Am I not a real runner until I'm minus a toenail or two.

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Hi Cougie, I too ahve a variety of shoes and socks to cover all eventualities. My losses in almost 20 years of running maras have been 0 on many occassions up to 7 with no standard logic in any but the 7 scenario (Shoes were definitely half size too small for conditions that day!)
    More memorable than some of the medals and t-shirts tho!
  • I lost a toenail in the kitchen once. But never lost one in a marathon. Cut em square a few days before.
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Hmmm...went to the chiropodist the Tuesday before to have them done properly....fat lot of good that did me this time!image
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Only ever lost the one in the first mara I did.

    Since when I have worn shoes half a size larger and always trim the nails before a long run after advice received from the good and great on here.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • One bruised toenail I picked up on a training run (with a VERY long, steep downhill sections - I could feel my toes getting pushed forwards). It survived the marathon so hopefully it will stay attached and the bruise will just grow out.

    I'm reading Born to Run at the moment, just got to the bit with the guy who had all his toenails amputated because "they kept falling off anyway"!

  • I got my bruised big toenail cut/trimmed just 3 days ago, and it looks hideous, coz all i can see is the bottom with nail, and the upper part all flesh! anyway, i'm hesitant to run because i'm afraid it'll get hurt. am i thinking straight? can i still run with my now already fleshy toenail? my half marathon is next sunday. i plan to run on saturday.
  • Sin Yee  - try putting a silicone toe cap over it to protect and cushion it. You can get them in Boots and Superdrug.
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Have three very pink piggies with naill completely gone. Experience tells me not to run for 2-3 days and then it'll be fin. the nails will grow back. The other two bruised ones may/may not come off but will cause more long term problems. Better to lose early. Sin should be good to go for Sunday...Saturday will better inform!
  • never lost a toenail. Cut 'em to the core a week before. Mind never get blisters as don't wear socksimage
  • Straycelt - is it worse for the bruised nails to stay put? What kind of long term problems do they cause? image 
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Bruising is painful for around 1-2 weeks if it does not come off. If it's not lifting naturally don't force it. Trimming can be a hoot as a) Can be tender and b) If there has been bruising/blistering it can leak from under the nail and be uncomfortable. Some may take up to 3 weeks to leave you. Soaking in the bath can help! I had little choice this time as there were blood blisters under three and on Wed they all popped when I was walking about so as the healing was well under process twas a simple affair!image
  • Ahh ok, I thought maybe they would get infected and then my whole toe would drop off!

    I've had mine for almost five weeks now and it survived the marathon so I think it's attached for the duration. I'll have to paint the rest of my nails so my feet don't look so diseased.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    0 from me. I've bruised one before but none lost on the marathon. I always cut them before the race and my shoes are 1/2 size bigger.
  • If you've got blood blisters under them drill a hole through (a tiny weeny one obviously!) to relieve the pressure and your nail will be miraculously saved image The hole grows over with the time dependant on how fast your nails usually grow.
  • One came detached down half of one side but that's it in 4 marathons. I do cut them about a week before and put a few layers of nail varnish on them. The half-detached one happened the only time I didn't put nail varnish on them.

  • Never lost a toe nail in 10+ years of running and 27 marathons, some do, some don't.
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    True FF, Nykie must try the nail varnish prevention deepest darkest secretimage
  • Thanks Screamapillar & Straycelt.
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    No 4 in the departure lounge this morning No 5 held up at securityimage
  • three. nails on both little toes going - one black, one 'mobile' when touched. Morton's toes, so get more damage than big toes - one second toe swelled up like a cherry tomato, then my four year old stood on and it burst all over the carpet. Whole top and end of toe hanging by a flap of skin, including the toenail. Will Definitely look for a gel protector from Boots. Thank goodness for the RF forum.
  • Flat Foo.ted,
    27 marathons? That's amazing! I thought 1 was tough enough! What was your favourite?
    I'm about to lose a nail from Brighton Marathon, he's hanging in there but it won't be long!
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Tom Goom: My top thre fyi are Boston, Chicago and Paris with Loch Ness a close 4th
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