20 x High 5 Gels - £11

Just seen a great deal on Sport Pursuit htat I have taken advantage off. Perfect as we are into the last weeks 10 weeks of training and should be trying out nutrition strategies (H5 is what is used the Outlaw)

20 x High 5 sports gels for £11 (+P&P). Considering these cost about £1.40 each in the shops this isnt a bad deal. They also have the hyrdation tabs as well at £30.20 for 8 tubs of 20!

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Registration only takes seconds. Oh and I get a little bit of a referral bonus from the site if you purchase using the link image


  • It is a good deal - just thought I'd highlight that the gels they're selling aren't the isotonic ones image
  • ah good shout, thanks image

    Still good for me to get used to the watery taste of H5... I'm normally used to SIS or powerbar which are a lot thicker but I get on well with

  • you obviously missed out on the 1/2 price Nuun deal recently then on SportsPursuit??

    do keep up GB - some of us have been with SP for aaaaaaaaages.....image
  • Aah - I paid £12 for 20 at the VLM expo.
  • Haha no I did see it but didn't buy as I didn't need any, and didn't pass on as nuun are not at Outlaw and thought this might be more relevant image
  • Picked a load up recently at wiggle, they were 50% off AND BOGOF, worked out at just under 50p a pop.

    Next cheapest (and consistently) are Go Outdoors, where they're max of 90p.
  • Postage costs on top of 3.99 for 2 boxes. Still cheap though compared to Discount Supplements.
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