Nipple Pain

What is the best type of plasters to use to stop friction on my nipples when running


  • I don't know whether they still make them, but there used to be a product called "Nipguards" or something like that, specially designed for the purpose.

    I personally used normal strip elastoplast cut to length, particularly when I used to race in a club vest which had 3 seams which joined right on my nipple!!!!

    Usually I just find that it's a bit of a problem if I've not been running for a while, especially if it is windy and raining, but after a few months of regular running they toughen up.
  • I found normal plasters came off.  Now use micropore tape which stays put and does the job.
  • Strappal tape, over a square of tissue covering the nip itself. I can guarantee nothing will shift it, until the end. A bit painful taking it off, but worth it to avoid the joggers' nipple.
  • I ended up working out that by the end of the race, whatever I'd used was only stuck to my hairs. instead of pulling them all out it was much easier just cutting them off (hairs, not nipples!). Because it was only a problem with my racing vest, they grew back by the next race.
  • LindsayYLindsayY ✭✭✭

    Boots do some extra strong fabric plasters - i find them superb.  Only recently started using them.  I get nipple pain pretty bad. 

    I'm also quite hairy in the chest department, so I've had to shave a circular area around the nipple so the plasters stay put!  Looks odd, but it means I finish a run with 2 nipples so its a fair sacrifice!

  • NipGuards are very good, but way too expensive for regular use. Personally I use 3M Transpore tape - it's breathable & it sticks well, but not so bad that it rips your hair out when you take it off. You can buy it for a few quid from chemists, and a 10 metre roll lasts ages.
  • +1 for Strappal tape

    it's stickier than kid's snot

    anything else comes off and over the years I have tried all sorts
  • My nipples start to bleen when i get to about 3 miles. Spoke to a doctor about it and he said use Vaseline. Any comments on that?

  • LindsayYLindsayY ✭✭✭

    Hey David,

    Yeah I've used vaseline in the past - it definitely works, I just found I need to slather on rather a lot of it, and it ruins your running t-shirts, by leaving dirty great big dark circles round on the t-shirts that won't come out in the wash!

    But defo works - just wear dark t-shirts!


  • I use Bodyglide.

    It's a tough gel that you rub on (very similar to a deodorant stick) and gives complete protection for hours. None of the mess of Vaseline, none of the hassle with plasters.
  • I'm lucky that my nips have toughened up.  I only get rub in wind and rain and in one particular top.  The tops make a difference as some are more abrasive than others.
  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)
    I find best thing for nipple pain is two substantial bulldog clips - works every time for me
    We go to the same type of clubs ...see you there Nick image
  • I use sellotape! Had to shave around the nipple area to get them to stick - but works fine for me and cheap!

  • Prevention is obviously better than cure.

    However the combination of wind and rain last week made me suffer from the very complaint I had given advice on! At my wife's suggestion I used some of the Kamillosan (sp?) ointment she got when she was breastfeeding, and it worked a treat! (Chamomile and lanolin I believe). No more standing leaning forward to keep my shirt off my nips!
  • i had the pleasure of working on FLM 05 + 06 , as a medal hanger on the finish line and had a heeby jeeby moment when i turned to give a man his medal and then it hit me that his WHITE  vest was covered in red - absolutely turned my stomach . so ever since then i make sure my nips are covered for any longer run 

  • I remember Antonio Pinto running along the Embankment on his way to one of his London Marathon victories with blood streaming down his vest.

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