Cycling/running in Ibiza?

So some mates are getting married in Ibiza in September and if I can get this cheap-as-chips accommodation sorted out I think I'll pop over.  Obviously there will be the obligatory club night of drinking ridiculously overpriced drinks, getting covered in foam (do they still do that?) in a nightclub and watching the sun come up whilst waving my hands in the air like I just don't care, but what I'm really looking forward to is getting out and about and I wondered how well equipped the place is for a proper bit of road cycling.

I know I can google all this but has anyone had the experience?  Do you get hardcore sporty nutters like in Lanzarote? Any particularly good places for hiring a decent road bike?  Looks like we're staying in a place called Santa Gertrudis, BTW, smack bang in the middle of the island.

(I'll obviously take my running shoes with me as well, but that'll sort itself out.)




  • ...hopefully they still do the free shots of Archers to get you in the clubs image
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Jesus Christ, I didn't even drink that shite as a teenager!  I wonder if Belgian beer has made it that far yet?  Beer choice in Lanzarote was rubbish.
  • I did a bit of running when on holiday in Ibiza. Bloody hot, so do it early or as the sun goes down. Beautiful island, hilly in north and east. Flat near the airport and salt flats. Saw quite a few hardcore cyclists while there. So depending on where you stat, I'd take your shoes.
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    Cheers!  Did a bit more research last night and it looks like there are a few good rental places.  I'll take my shoes and my pedals!  Tempted to get a road bike out for a few days but also maybe do an MTB tour to get on the coastal trails.  Looks beautiful.
  • Make sure you go to the beach at Salinas too.  Unbeliveable place! 

  • Yes Salinas, possibly the largets gay nude beach around, or, as my teenage daughter said as we walked past - what a sausage fest!

    I have visited Ibiza many times over the past 25 years or so, and I always run, usually in the morning, but in the heat too. Whenever I run on the roads there are always pretty hardcore cyclists out and about. I would definitely recommend running or cycling - the local motorists are very considerate and if you stay away from the west (Sant Antoni) side, the tourists aren't bad either.

    There are plenty of opportunities to get off road too. I bought the Sunflower Landscapes book for Ibiza and Formentera ( car tours, cycle tours and walking routes)

    There are several way marked paths, but the locals have an interesting approach to rights of way. The way marks are often accompanied by "privado" or "prohibidado" signs, and I once finished a testing climb to come up against a wall and fence right across the path!

    Santa Gertrudis is probably a pretty good location, clubs to the west and south, hills and walks to the east and west, handy for Santa Eularia, with plenty of restaurants. I'm afraid that the beer on Ibiza is on par with Lanzarote. I enjoyed running on both islands, but there is definitely more shade available on Ibiza.

  • im going in 4 weeks time to the bay. Will log some routes on my return.
  • If you are going to the bay, head south to Sant Josep. There is a well waymarked circular route taking you from the cafe opposite the church, over Sa Tallaiassa, the highest peak on the island (only 487m). It is a bit of a scramble in places, but the views are superb and there is a long, fun descent, followed by a steady climb on the Sant Antoni road to finish in the village.
  • I forgot to say - it is 9 or 10km.
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