Taplow lake

Taplow Lake

I'm thinking of heading out there next weekend. I hear that the water is very clear, there are hot showers, hot drinks and burgers/bacon butties so just need it to get a little bit warmer.

Anyone else?


  • Ooh tempting... annoying that the lake closes at 9am though on a saturday!

    I also resent having to pay to swim OW though after doing all of my OW training last year in the sea. May be tempted to head up on Saturday morning if you are going Soupy?

  • Not this Saturday but maybe next Saturday or Sunday. The water was 12 degrees yesterday which is far too cold for me. I'm a wimp. It might not be much better next week but with the Victoria Dock swim end of May I can't leave it too much longer. 
  • Soup - for me, I am finding it hard to justify paying petrol and entry fee when my local lake is 10 mins away and subject to a one off annual fee.

    However, if you want to add a gentle (and I do mean gentle) bike afterwards I could come and keep you company.  I understand tho if a gentle bike is not for you at this point in your training

  • I have just realised that Thorpe Lake is a little bit closer for me (I'll be travelling by bike) so will probably use that actually image
  • Anyone know when Shepperton lake opens?
  • When the water gest to 12degC. Currently 9.9....
  • Thorpe is great early on in the season, before Mister Weedy turns up. Shepperton is best after.

    Siggy can sometimes be found towing the water skiers around when the boat is busted )))

    Shout me when it hits 15 degrees, or see you in July. LOL.
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