Talkback: Gear Pick of the Week: Intact Endurance

How does this compare to the eltrolyte tabs such as High5 Zero and Zipvit ZV0? Price wise it looks similar i.e. both of the tabs I've mentioned are £6.15 for 20 (£18.45 for 60) compared with £19.95 for the drops. You don't need to do any measuring with the tabs and they come in a neutral flavour.


  • Great shout Rich, I've taken similar products in tab format, one thing I find with tabs is when they dissolve, it gives of a carbinated effect that meant it over flowed on the first few mouthfuls. It also means you have to carry more weight from the tubes, addmittedly this is only marginal but every little bit counted for me in the desert.

    I cant draw comparisons on the products you mentioned as I haven't tried them but comparing this product to Nuun tabs they are both equally as good, I wouldn't go into an ultra without something of this nature in the bag.

    Hope this helps in someway.

  • Hi Richard, 

     My name is Daniel and I look after Intact Endurance for Europe, James gave Intact Endurance a really good going over in the MdS and it came out very well and stopped his cramping which is the reports I get back from most people. I would be happy to offer you a money back guarantee if you have not found benefits with cramping, recovery and performance.

    If want to know more please email

     All the best 


  • I'd never run an ultra without one of the finest cigars, either. image

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