Salclear Isle of Man Marathon 2012

Hi folks, who's doing this then?

Will be my first time on the Isle of Man, 5th marathon and 1st multi-lap one.
Really looking forward, this season's training is going well and aiming for a PB which to be fair isn't that fast (aiming for sub 4:30). Read about the hill, but not too put off as I'm currently living and training in the lakeland fells. Watched the VLM inspired and thought 'I'd better sign myself up for one soon, aiming to do a new one each year! Be nice to be in a quieter more low key one.

Will be nice to hear from anyone with experience of this race or who has also entered for the first time.


  • Hello! I'm running this one for the first time. I am aiming for 3.45, having run around 4 hours in Nice/Cannes at the end of last year. I'm not sure if this will happen because Nice was flat as a pancake and I can't work out how hilly this is - basically the consensus seems to be 'somewhat, not very'? I haven't been to the IoM but have some family there, so really looking forward to it!

  • Hi,     The hill is not too bad - it climbs about 250 feet between miles 3 and 4 and there's a short flat section in the middle of it to get your breath back.   The rest of the course is easy. If you are doing the full marathon you get the same hill again between 16 and 17 miles.  But when you cross the finish line you get a great reception, goody bag, tech tshirt and unique medal.   And don't forget the wonderful buffet lunch (which is included in your race entry), and the bar will be open.   Sorry, that's not included!

    Hope to see you lots of you on July 22nd.

  • Please ignore the bit on this Forum page which says the event is  FULL.    This is not so   -  there is still space left for more runners.   I have emailed them and asked them to correct this urgently.

    You can enter by going into the main RW website, enter  "Isle of Man" in the Event search box and our Marathon & Half Marathon will come up ok.

    Any problems please email

  • I'm now booked up for IOM aiming for under 5 hours. It will be my first time on the Isle of Man, have complete 8 marathons so far.  Looking forward to the event apart from trying to run the hill second time around. Not sure whether to stay in Ramsey or Douglas.

  • Looking forward to run the marathon. Travelling up from the South Coast. Will be my 6th marathon this year & 54th to date. Never been to IofM. Looking forward!
  • Will be staying in Ramsey, anyone else staying in Ramsey?


  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    I would say you'd be better off staying in Douglas, if you're making a weekend of it - mostly becuase there's more 'entertainment', eateries etc, but I guess it depends what you want from your stay. Someone from the Douglas region can give you a lift up to Ramsey on race day. IOM Vets can assist you with this or use this forum and I can sort something out.

    IOM is a beautiful place and I would highly reccommend trying to see a bit if it while you're over, so hiring a car would be useful


    SSQ - it will be nice that you can just stroll to the start rather than get the race bus from Douglas.

    I'm staying near the airport, will be my 13th visit to the IOM to do the marathon

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭

    Hope you all had a good day at the Ramsey Marathon/Half Marathon. It was nice to see so many visiting runners taking part image


  • Sorry, that's not included!

    Hope to see you lots of you on July 22nd.

  • Boing. Anyone doing this one this year?

  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭

    just found this threaf. yes doing this arrive Friday morning.image

  • There's a few of us from the Paris thread coming over for the full and the half. We're staying in Douglas. Should be fun, although I'll be finishing somewhere near the back. I like the idea you can leave your own drinks at the drinks stations though. Makes me feel like an elite!

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