Holborough Lake (Kent)

Couple of us heading over to Holborough lake on Sunday if anyone fancys coming along.  Nice clean lake near Snodland in Kent .  You have to take a swim assessment (£15) to get your membership , therafter its a fiver a go .. open 7 days and open til late on Wednesdays .. google "nemes dive academy" for more info.


  • It's just up the road from me, do you live nearby ?

    To cold for me at the moment, but I'm guessing I'll have to brave it soon

  • Hi Purpletrilady .. Used to live that way but moved to Essex ( long story) a few years ago now. I used Leybourne lake , and the Sea Pool at Walpole Bay ( posher bit of Margate ) for all my OW training last year but the Holborough lake water quality seems better than Leybourne, plus you get free teas image. The Dive school that runs the place seem a good friendly bunch as well.

    it was 11 degrees 2 weekends ago .. hoping it might have crept up to 12 at least by now, but as Outlaw is just sixtysomething days away I dont think that i can avoid it much longer.
  • Lovely swim .. Still pretty damned cold .. so much so that poor SMT who was there for his swim assesment took a bit of a boat ride.. but did later man TF up and get back in image. Managed a mile before the lure of hot tea got the better of me. Was joined on the last two laps by a channel swimmer...in bloody speedos ... headcase.
  • When you planning on going next?

  • I've got my event in 6 weeks and still have no plans to go near the lakes unless we get some serious sun.

    I've heard Holborough is really nice, but its colder than Leybourne and I'm such a wimp.

    Let us know when you are going again though.

  • way too early to be in open water... brrrrrr


  • FF .. I might try and get there on weds eve as they are open late , straight from work , so if you are in town and can get to IOD i could give you a lift .. otherwise will be weekend after next i think .

    Purple ..i see that Ocean Lake Tri  are running some mid week duathlons ( swim n run ) at Leybourne starting on the 9th May  . Might be worth a look ? think they are relatively short swims but should be good practice,  and its a nice run around the lake . I think i'll try to make a couple of them if i can .  Whats your race in 6 weeks ? .. I know a very good coach that works at leybourne and holborough if you want to brush bup on your OW technique before race day .. gonna be booking up a couple more lessons with her myself between now and outlaw if i can ...the  two sessions i had last year transformed my swim completely.

  • Slag - I Cannot do this week as I have a physio app. on Weds night, but if you are going the following week I might be tempted... What is the closest Tube Station to you? Barking? - I know it's a bit of a mission when I have pools close enough to mine but I work too far away to make a midweek session, and normally have other plans at the weekends
  • Hi GB ... the following week is a "splash and dash" duathlon at the Leybourne lake .. so will probably do that instead, its a choice of 750 or 1500 swims , and a 5k run .. (but just add laps to make it a 10 k. etc ) .   Its being attended by the former "IM Lanza winner Ain-Alar Juhanson" who according to google (had to look him up as the name wasnt one i'd heard of)  is the heaviest man ever to win an IM event, so i thought i'd pop along and get him worried about keeping that record  image

    Nearest tube station will be Hornchurch or Upminster .. End of the District line.

  • Ah... no runing for me yet unfortunately so will give it a miss next week... possibly the weekend afterwards. How far is the drive back to your part of the world afterwards?
  • Slagiatt - I'm doing the Double o the 9th/10th June.

    Can you PM the name of that coach, would be useful to get some tips.

  • Purple .... wow !!! .. thats hardcore .. all the best with that .  Will PM you those details

    GB .. its a 40-50 min drive , so not so bad ... but if this bloody rain doesnt stop soon we'd probably be able to swim all the way there anyway.   

  • Hiya
    How long does the assessment take? I might try and get down on Friday image

    I live around 10 miles away
  • Hi Mark ... not long at all ... basically a form to fill out then swim out 150M and back in again .. if you dont sink youve passed image .  I am heading there after work this eve .. they open late on Wednesdays.
  • I've booked a assessment for tomorrow image
    So you might see me splashing around in the lake soon image
  • Nice one,  Im sure i'll see you there at some point .. you'll be able to spot me in the pirate swim cap.
  • How was the water Slag?
  • Pretty chilly GB, just over 11 degrees ... but did 1.5 miles so a reasonable effort . Nice way to unwind after a days work image.    I am over again on the 12th  for a Tri workshop they are running , and then i'll probably try to get over most Wednesdays after that .
  • Certainly may be interested in joining you then, though probably not next week as running is still of the cards... Will take a lifetime to get home afterwards but at least it means I only lose an evening instead of a quarter of the weekend for OW swimming image
  • Just got back & passed my assessment & I am now allowed to swim in Openwater image)
    11 degrees and very clear ......... very tempted to go tomorrow or monday to swim a mile >imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif' />

    Very nice lake and very friendly people imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />) ....... thanks Slagiatt
  • Glad you liked it MOK , pretty good set up isnt it .  The free post swim teas are a nice touch.  imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />   Dare say i'll see you over there at some point .

    They reckon its been as high as 20 degrees in summer !! imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif' />

  • 20 degrees in the summer ....... I might take my li-lo imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />
  • I went back for a swim today imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

    1600meters in 34:10 ........ imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/disappointed_smiley.gif' /> I was very happy with that as I did a bir breaststroke chatting to a friend

  • Good going !! .. i'd be well happy to get that time,  doing FC , and without chatting imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif' /> ... i think im probably still closer to 40mins.. need to up my game

    < slopes off and realises that he's still shit at swimming >

  • Markofkent wrote (see)

    I went back for a swim today imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

    1600meters in 34:10 ........ imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/disappointed_smiley.gif' /> I was very happy with that as I did a bir breaststroke chatting to a friend

    That was meant to say "I was happy as I did a little bit of Breaststroke chatting to a friend" the rest was done FC

    I really sruggle to keep going in a straight line tho imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif' /> 

    also what is the best way to dry my wetsuit?


  • ah ok... thats not quite so humiliating for me then imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

    I think there are dark forces in that lake that pull you towards the middle .. no matter how many times i sight i still seem to end up left of the buoy and having to dog leg to get around them.  I may have to swim the other way around next time to test this theory.

    Havent found a good way to dry the wetsuit yet .. i think probably because someone turned the sun off in the UK.

    If i get away from work in time tomorrow i might go and do the splash and dash at leybourne 1500m and 5k  ..  Plan b is for a holborouigh swim if i am gonna miss the 7 oclock start at leybourne


  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Anyone swimming Wednesday?

  • Hi FF, hoping to get there again on Weds eve.. will give you a call and confirm if i am and can pick you up on the way if you want.  

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a plan mate, await your call.

  • 16 degrees in the lake @ 10am today imagehttps://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

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