replacement headphone clip

Does anyone know where you can get hold of the plastic clip which came with my headphones,

this kind of thing?

I've lost mine & the remote control bit of the headphones flies around all over the place without cliping in on to my shirt




  • £1 pound shop, they sell a nokia hands free kit that comes with a wire clip just like that.
  • Great thanks, I'll have a look

  • And indeed I got one for £2, good shout thanks
  • You could go with that cheap plastic clip or you could just use an o!snap headphone clip. I use it everyday, when I'm running, lifting or even in the car. The clip is design so you can comfortably use one ear bud, truly an ingenious design. What more? Is also double to cleanly wrap your headphones for storage and you can hang it on something metallic like a refrigerator. Highly recommend it! osnap headphone clip :
  • i bet you do reccomend it, since you clearly work for them, 

    go with the £1 shop clip, does the same job, 

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