Does neoprene stretch?

I have a wetsuit that is a bit too small for me (i cant touch my toes)! Will my wetsuit stretch or is it possible to stretch it without damaging it? It is still a fairly new wetsuit.


  • No .. I dont believe so, it will stretch obviously but as soon as you are out of it it'll go back to its shape  image

    You dont need to touch your toes in swimming anyway  

  • could you touch your toes before putting on the wetsuit ? image

    Not much call for toe touching whilst swimming so i guess the most important things are a/ can you still breath when wearing it , and b/ does it feel ok to swim in ?... not sure you can stretch it as such .. it might relax a bit over time.  

  • They do feel tight out of the water. In the water they're fine.

    Post a photo anyway of you in it.

    It wont help much, but it'll cheer us all up.

  • hahahah thanks guys, just mentioned the touching toes bit to give an indiciation of how tight it is....but ya i can breath in it etc...gonna swim this eveing ansd see how it feels!!

  • Ive never tried to touch my toes wearing a wetsuit, I think id struggle (assuming I could touch my toes anyway).

    See how it feels in the water, they can feel tight around the chest (but not so tight as its squeezing the life out of you).  Let us know how you get on.
  • I have visions of a load of wetsuited pirates trying to touch their toes .... 

    some would have more trouble than others    image
  • Not a hope in hell here, at least, unlike some maybe, I can see my toes image
  • I have never been able to touch my toes, if I get a westuit will that change?

    Is a wetsuit like a tampax - I bought a packet of tampax once as the advert said I would be able to rollerblade - I couldn't so I decided next time I would buy some roller baldes instead.

  • "at least, unlike some maybe, I can see my toes"

    and so can I thank you.

    OK I might have to sit down or face a mirror to do so but do please try to be a bit more precise.... image

    but then I do belong to the gimpsuit end of the wetsuit spectrum
  • If you are going to bend over facing a mirror then can you please put out an advance warning for the nether regions

    Thank you
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    Ive never tried to touch my toes wearing a wetsuit,
    Have you worn your aero helmet, wetsuit, and ski-boots combo as you threatened to the other week, Barlos image
  • Sweet Jesus, that's a combination!
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