Cost to sign up to London Marathon 2013



  • Dont forget that a percentage of the entry fee goes towards providing soundproof tents so the elite runners can have a nap before the race. All the while their running shoes are hand made on the spot by Spanish cobblers flown in for the day.

    Only one of these "facts" is partially true.


  • From what I remember the GFA entry fee is exactly the same as ballot entry.

  • I entered the ballot and bequeathed my fee and they took the £28 straight away.

    Im determined to do it thougheven if I dont get a ballot place so does anyone have any advice about which charities are best to get involved in ?

    I dont want the added stress of worrying about not reaching an unrealistic target of fundraising !

  • ??28? That's much cheeper than I remember! Have you entered through a club? Agree with you about unrealistic fundraising targets! The smaller charities do seem better in that regard, couldn't belive it when I found out charities such as Wateraid wanted a min of ??3000!! Best of luck securing your place.
  • Thanks Sarah yes the lower fee was because of club membership however they didnt ask for any proof of that.   Nothing against making the effort for charity but I want to focus on training for my first marathon not be distracted by worry about having to pay the shortfall because I couldnt raise enough - it seems there isint a week goes by these days without someone sending me the link to their justgiving page - I dont know that my circle of friends and colleagues have much left for my marathon !  Also I would be worried about using justgiving and having them take the cash out of peoples accounts straight away leaving me under big pressure to complete the run - I thought the whole idea of 'sponsorship' was you didnt pay over the cash until the person had achieved what they set out for (ok best get off my soap box now !)

  • It is a dilemma I face. I never have taken a charity place.

    I can't afford to pay a premium for the entry and commit to raising a lot of money (I don't have many or wealthy friends).

    It would be good to understand how much charity places cost a charity and therefore why they expect an upfront fee of in some cases £100 (more than the ballot entry).

    If I get a ballot place I will choose a charity and raise what I can.

    I have entered 2014 and have donated my entry fee.

    Hey Ho



  • Please can someone tutor me on the charity thing for VLM.

    I've missed the ballot - not fussed. Never been successful.

    Q: Difference between gold and silver bond places?

    Q: What is the "typical" amount you are required to raise for a charity?

    I'd like to run London, but it's not enough of a challenge to ask friends and family to donate so I'd have to stump up the charity donation myself.

  • Typical amount ?

    Anywhere between a grand and 2 grand

  • iain toolin wrote (see)

    It would be good to understand how much charity places cost a charity and therefore why they expect an upfront fee of in some cases £100 (more than the ballot entry).



    This link will tell you. To summarise, each Golden Bond costs a charity £1500 to buy, and they get 5 places for that money, so £300 for each place. They then need to raise enough money to cover this and all costs, and make a profit for the charity, to make it worth their while. Some of the bigger charities will hold more than one Golden Bond, so will have 10, 15, 20, entries each year, and so on.  

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