Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles

Hi Folks,

As discussed on previous threads, have started this one so we can organise two/three and sometimes four conversations into one discussion thread. 

And thanks for following us over the past few months... Really appriciate it. image



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi Bo Duke! What a great idea! I hope to be able to be a little more active on this thread! image How are you feeling after the marathon? Have you managed to convince your partner to run the marathon du medoc?  image
  • Hi Emmy: Feeling good now thanks. You? The medoc: not a chance, but off to a lodge type place for a holiday this year instead.  Oh well, Brighton is on for next year instead. 

  • Yippeee - found ya! image
  • I'm in to say hello. image Big run this afternoon at 4pm as busy weekend on. Need to do 21 eeekkkkk getting twitchy........

    All men are of the same mould, but some are mouldier than others.image

  • Yea, gathering the gang again! 'Ello Sleepyimage

    Good luck on the run tonight MCS.

  • auviour?

    short for Au Revoir i presume? 

  • Bo - see you didn't pick up any French lessons while doing the marathon!! great idea to go to one thread though - are Colin and Lee staying on theirs?
  • Clearly, failed French at GCSE... Oh well... What can you do? Oh yea, try harder... And not be dyslexic... Even worse in someone else's language...

    Think the idea is shared for who ever wants to use it.
  • There's a time and place for grammar and spelling pedantry - this is not it! We know what you mean Bo so don't worry!

    Go mcs Go!  Happy daydreaming in the latter stages - hope you've got some goodies for your pocket?

    I'm a happy bunny as I've just had a new kit delivery - mine's all in the wash and unlikely to dry in the rain but thanks to postie - Cinderella shall go to the parkrun!  Yay!

    Off to do my second treadmill sesh now - decided to split today into 2 to keep boredom at bay.  I shall save my drenchings for tomorrow and Sunday by which point I will have dry kit (not that there's much point as it'll just get wet again LOL)

    Happy Friday everyone ...

  • Bo - no worries with the French, crazy language anyway !! good luck with parkrun in the morning SB, tell all after - mcs, i've almost forgotten what its like to do long runs as i'm enjoying my taper so much; can feel the fitness oozing in, least i think its fitness !! 
  • Hi all

    Just wondering whether you would recommend Paris for a spring marathon in 2013. I did London this year and last year and was looking for a different experience for spring 2013. I would be aiming to break 3:30 having done 3:42 and 3:37 at London.

    Whats the course, organisation and spectator support like?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hiya Bo Duke - that's a shame - next year? image I'm doing well - completed London and now have a colleague trying to convince me to run Paris - would you recommend it?

    How has your recovery been? Are you still out running?

  • Hello everyone, this is a great idea BD, I shall hang around here now if that's OK.  I think the speling error is in keeping and glad it's there image.

    Scuba Trooper, yep I would recomend, the course is flat, apart fromt he dreaded under passes, of which there are 4 in quick succesion at about miles 16-17 (correct me if I'm wrong as I was lacking faculties by that stage), the wind made it trickier, however I ran a 10min PB so it suggests it's not slow.

    Just completed my first hardish session since Paris 12 x 19sec strides followed by 500m at 5km pace...there is some pace left but it was tricky.  Rain was fun felt like I was a duck at times especially as the wey has burst it's banks so running on the flood plain is it treadmills now or are others braving the rain too?

  • Hi guys forcing some tea down after 21.22 miles in 3.08 bit fast and a positive split but made it. Four weeks to go to Edi. Great to see you guys getting back to it
  • Why do we mortals try to run marathons? Cliff Shot blocks are good and an sis gel but stomach bit iffy tonight. Maybe running at four is abit of a strange time to run........have a good weekend all. Get up the Monsal Trail if ever you are in Derbyshire bootiful route to run.
  • Not stop raining all week here C.......
  • Hi all, just pulling up a chair and getting comfy.

    Great running mcs!

    I'm off to learn dinghy sailing with a bunch of teenagers tomorrow. Did another Pilates class today and an hour on the bike, no running yet.

    Love the spelling.
  • Ive been told that to run 13 is too far this weekend and that I should be resting. planning on six instead ... what do you think?
  • Mange Tout, avec another thréad to follow. Zut allorz. Okay that's it for my feable french and I'm carp at typing!

    Scuba -although I won't be doing it again (too many good memories to spoil it) I would recommend doing the Paris marathon. A great flat cousre and well supported (although not as much as VLM)

    Off to bed now, mon dieu izst that the timé

  • Agree with KR - I would thoroughly recommend it. But I'm not going to do it again (or for a while anyway) as such a brilliant experience with amazing folks - wouldn't be ths same if I went again!
  • My thoughts exactly. Was very lucky to have a great bunch of people around with this, my first. So no spoiling of memories or feeling let down...
    Unless there is a class of 2012 reunion there...

    But, in my limited experiance, the course is good, organisation is strong and the sights are amazing. Quick field and I felt that and from comparing it with London, evident that the French are a cycling nation before a running one. Also some 'interesting' events, such as dodging people shopping or getting followed by local runners coming the other way on the course...

    If you get the chance, do it.
  • Hey all!

    Did you see this Em from the post-marathon article: (Recovery article)

    Once your walk week is over, you’re ready to get back to your favourite sport, but prudence is the word (remember that it takes four weeks for your muscles to really return to normal). During the second, third and fourth week after the marathon, run only 30-60 per cent of your usual mileage, and avoid running over 10 miles at a time. It’s OK to carry out a couple of quality efforts a week, but they should be very moderate in length. Tempo runs – about three to four miles of running at a pace that is 25 seconds per mile faster than marathon speed – seem to work especially well. Above all, you probably shouldn’t throw yourself into a race again until at least four weeks have passed by.

    Got a better start at this morning's parkrun and hung onto my 1st FV spot - yippee - quite pleased with that given that I'll not be far off 40 miles this week!  Do any of you guys do parkruns regularly during marathon training? I doubt I'll be able to get there every week  but am liking the concept of doing a couple of laps on a Saturday morning ... 

    Only 2 weeks to Cape Wrath for me - I've been thinking of my goals for the week.  For those who don't know the week looks like this:

    Monday - ½ marathon

    Tuesday - 5.3 mile 'hill' run (more of a trail run tbh)

    Wednesday - 10 miler

    Thursday - 5k beach run (target zero game - predicting your time)

    Friday - REST DAY

    Saturday - relay marathon - I'm doing the 11 mile leg.

    My initial thought is to give myself an overall pace goal (ie - complete 42½  at 9.00 mi/mi (GOLD) - 9.30 mi/mi (SILVER) and 10.00 mi/mi (BRONZE) remembering that all routes are quite exposed and definitely 'undulating' at best where not just outright hilly).  The aim of the week is participation NOT competition and in my case - just surviving it - as it'll be the first time I've done all the long options for the first 3 days.  Any thoughts - should I perhaps be thinking of aims per day in case one of them goes horribly wrong??? I can at least compare times for the latter 2 against previous years and hope I'll see some improvement on those.

    Hope your tummy is feeling better mcs!

  • Hi Sleepy - i suggest you concentrate on setting your targets for the first day half only and this will have to account for the fact that you don't want to go all out cos of the rest of the week - you can then set day 2 target after day1 is over etc - seems that setting an overall target puts a lot of pressure on you  - mind you, if you've done the whole week before then that's a bit different and an overall target would seem appropriate then - good luck with it.

    Reckon you'll be entering the Brathay 10 in 10 days (marathons) in Windermere in a few years time !!!!!!

  • Yikes SB I just looked CW up,was thinking this is a LOT 2 weeks out.

    Maybe not!

  • SB - CW looks great on the web site - i'm sure you will enjoy - how many of you are in your marathon team for final day?
  • 'Here are men and women trying to do something that is incredibly difficult, with thousands willing them on, and it is not the person who is first who is the winner, it is everybody,

    Chris Brasher

    Remember that folks...
  • Thanks all for you comments on Paris, sounds like you all had a good time. I will certainly give it some serious consideration.
  • SB - Thank you that is perfect and now I don't feel guilty that I am being lazy!

    I went out withmy running club last night for post marathon meal - there were about 40 of us mainly Brighton (nearby) and VLM and 1 Paris. Lovely evening, I had 2 glasses of wine mixed with copius amounts of fizzy water. Didn't feel squiffy at all. But couldn't sleep and have felt pretty rubbish all day.

     Went to look at cars in the cold - so felt worse. Then decided a trot in the drizzle would be a good idea - by the time I got home absolutely soaking but felt so much brighter and even managed to cope with the warring OH and children! Managed 5 miles in 46 mins ... bit pacier than I probably should be but thoroughly enjoyed myself!image

    Just back from swimming with the boys so dinner and bed for them sharpish!

  • PS the music from the Asics video is 'Swwet disposition' by the Temper Trap - hadn't heard it before but now when I hear it it makes me think of Lee, Craig, Rosie and Colin and our shared times at Birmingham and in Paris. I would dearly like to rewind the clock to October last year and do the whole things again!

    Missing Sam and her calming words lots!

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