Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Ten: great discipline!

    Work got in the way of yesterday's run (8m) and today wasn't looking much better until a late appointment got pushed forward to tomorrow morning- so straight out of the door!

    7m+ in about an hour so my shoes didn't melt any ice, but it was just about in the upper margins of my new relaxed HR zone, and bang on for pace.

    It was snowing in my face and slushy underfoot but it's in the bag and no dramas to report.

  • SB Thanks for the update re logging runs. I've done that now. 
    The snow and ice has hit my running plans for 6, that and a lot of work. Did a bit of hill climbing as part of my sledging with my boys - if that counts as exercise! - and I wasstaying overnight in a hotel last night and did 5000m rowing, 15 mins cycling and a bit of a treadmill - but that was really boring. Otherwise I don't have access to a treadmill.
    My wife and I are committing ourselves to losing weight - for her 40th, our 10th wedding anniversary and generally for good health image
    Assuming the snow goes by the weekend, ought to be able to get a couple of runs in then. Well done to everyone who has been able to keep going!

  • Hi all I've been so busy (and the notifications dried up!)

    SB I'm so jealous , would love to be going to la Santa it sounds brilliant!

    Oscarr his was the first aqua jog?

    Ten I've been in the treadie twice. A fast ish 5K kn the middle of a 10K that was truly tedious and one thing I can never fathom is how can I go faster on a hilly voted full of obstacles and at least puddles than on a machine j only have to crank up?!

    And then i did 15.5 miles which was kind if easier although too much noise in the gym for me to listen to Marathon Talk, so very naff in ways.

    Have had major improvements with the foot so happy enough!
  • RR - I haven't yet figured out how to confidently manage fast intervals/strides outside.  I don't have access to a track, and my routes have more than enough opportunity to turn an ankle.  I've managed to include threshold runs on my trail, and this works well.  One day I'll find a suitable route and program my garmin for some outdoor intervals... maybe.

    Well done with sticking with it on the treadmill.  Runs in excess of 90 minutes can be seriously tedious, particularly if they are steady runs.

    I'm glad to see you are recovering from the foot injury.

  • Reiki - just come back from first aqua jog - really enjoyed it and found it a lot less tedious than a treadmill.  Once i got the belt tight enough to stop the float riding up i did 15 min warm-up, 15 min tempo effort then 5 min cool-down -  a few lengths swimming then out.  Feel really refreshed.  Will definitely take the float on my boat trip.

  • Whatever floats your boat Oscarr.  (couldn't resist)

    The Chimp Paradox book has arrived.

  • Well just had a mad dutch man fly in and shut the Bakewell sales office despite the best ever January. Consultation period. Another meeting on Tuesday.image DOnt panic who is going to employ me?

  • Feel for you Mark - if ever there was a need to clear your head with a good run this is it

  • image The running is about the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.  It certainly helps, even if it's not an answer in itself.

  • Not slept all is a sod!!! Oh well........image

  • mcs - just remember that wonderful family of yours and life may not seem so bad

  • Cheers you are right O,, thanks for balanced view need to control the Chimp!
  • mcs I have been made redundant 3 times in my varied career and also graduated and moved to London with my ex in 1981, an awful time to be job seeking and when I ended up making Matchbox cars for a year, possibly the best job I ever had.

    I don't know from what you are saying if you are literally and immediately out of work, but one thing I learned was to sit down and have a look at my prospects, current financial position etc, breathe and get perspective.

    The sort of perspective Oscarr talks about is key, the rest is detail when you're awesome at what you do and used to running races to boot, never mind personable, presentable and up for a challenge.

    It's still a shock and not fair so it's bound to rattle you.

    Oscarr I'm so glad about the AJ. Way better than a treadie at last someone agrees!

    I did 8.5 progression yesterday then went for Tui Na followed by homeopath who is trying to sort out my asthma (currently working on grief and mercury poisoning), then for a taster session with a personal trainer (kettle bells and TRX and clean and jerk, lunges holding 6K weights in each hand), at the end of which I was declared a 2 or 3 out of 10 for fitness.

    He said my muscles have cannibalised themselves due to excessive running and this is also why I am so thin!

    Speaking of which SB they had a new scales at my acupuncture place which assess and print your height and weight both of which it got right, but my body fat % was 32.2!!

    So I am a bit of a marshmallow. Have been doing 2-3 Pilates/week and sets of squat jumps and pogoing lately, but is it too late?

    Probably yes for London, I'm shattered as it is and have run out of time.

    Now on a train to Salisbury to recce conference venues for October.
  • Thanks RR you sound as though you have been through the mill a few times. Reading the Chimp book at the moment and I am trying to keep that side of me out of it but it is hard. There is still a lot of ice here and not feeling very good, sore throat and very aching so not sure if todays long run is going to happen. GG is suddenly looking harder having only done one decent long run, not good. See what tomorrow brings.  I have a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the details of the redundancy situation via a telephone link with Holland. Cant be bothered to come over again.
    Anyway hope all who are able to run can get out there today. I am now putting on the smiley face and  looking forward to a new 2013 with new prospectsimageimage

  • well done Mark - keep it going

  • mcs 

    There was a major meeting about the future of my area and job on Friday.  I had the day planned around Alter G, Tui Na etc so declined to attend.  My boss called me afterwards with a breathless half hour update and left me with the wish that the uncertainty and outrage aspects wouldn't affect my sleep.

    And then it struck me that I am finally living the Serenity prayer, and know that whatever happens I will be OK.

    Hope you got the run in this morning.

    I did my 2 hours on the bike with hills!   

  • mcs/RR - hope you both get sorted soon.  These are awful times for (lack of) income and finance.  The pressure is intense and I'm not sure where I would be without the running to focus positivity.

    Extra hugs for the kids tonight, remembering the Serenity prayer.  It's my daughters 5th birthday tomorrow image  Time marches on way too fast.

  • Today's 18m run marked the end of my highest mileage week to date (50 miles). I'm getting close to the peak weekly mileage.

    There was still a long stretch of ice down the trail for me to edge around. As I emerged from the trail I found the first of the floods from overnight rain and thaw. A (insert favourite expletives here) driver came hurtling down one road causing me to have to sprint through the large flooded area before the inevitable happened. I just got to safety in time. He hit one big puddle and didn't even slow down from that before he hit the wall of water. He was going too fast for that road even if it had been dry! I can't tell you how happy I was when his engine cut out in the middle of the water. He looked at me and I helpfully flipped him the V sign and ran on my way.

    Top tip when extending a run and choosing a new route: choose the road that doesn't have the word “Hill” in it's name image! I didn't heed this advice and “ran” up a 6.5% incline into a headwind that I swear must have been gale-force! My pace dropped from 10:00 to 14:15, and yet my heart rate still hit it's peak for the entire run! It felt like I was barely progressing. 

    Total run time was 3:04:48, which was pretty much to plan in spite of the conditions.

  • Ten you are the best! 

  • Morning Team sore throat and slight flu feeling meant I stayed home yesterday and looked after the OH who has the same but worse!!!  Woke up at 3.46 this morning so been watching BBC news channel for an hour or two and wondering what this week will bring.  Great Run TEN well done glad to see you sticking at it.  Nice run report.....have a good week all and keep at it.

  • Like the V sign to the motorist - lost count the number of times I have shouted at drivers on a run - I think they just about tolerate cyclists but some just think runners should not be allowed out so great to hear one who got his cum uppance.

    Went mad last week and stepped up from 25 mpw over the winter to 39 including 13 yesterday!! Not quite the 10% rule!! Doing this to get couple weeks higher miles before holiday cos got 20 mile race day after I get back.

    mcs - good luck with your video conference call this week.
  • Cheers Oscar tomorrow at 1pm HR arrive and the boss from Holland on the phone. Its like a dentist waiting room in this office today. Felt much better today so ran up the golf course hill in the mud at lunchtime, hope that dries out before GG its a killer of a hill when dry but when muddy a right mess, ended up walking after three days off running.  Did a couple of miles anyway........Parents evening tonight........then try and sleep tonight. Is that the diving holiday Oscarr?image

  • mcs - yes, diving hol leaving next Saturday
  • MCS I hope things are OK today, I've been made redundant 3 times and each time it was a shock and I didn't know what to do, but without fail it has worked out for the best.  The one thing that always springs to mind is that a career is a climbing frame not a ladder.  Who knows what might happen.  I can't remember what you do but this looks fun: and might be of use...remember skills are transferable.

    O...running wise I'm definitely marathon training again, my legs are sore/painfull all the time and I'm eating anything that moves, plus I'm knackered...but that is what 57 mile sin the last 3 days soes to me! some craking runs in there though and in better nick than last year so far.

  • mcs I was thinking of you yesterday, hope you have clarity from which a way forward can emerge.

    I did 8 progression miles yesterday, 5 fastish for me to around 5K pace. 

    Today is 5 miles easy with a few strides, then tempo on Friday, Watford half on Sunday.

    Am feeling low grade sick though, fighting the slight throat and ickiness thing, reduced breathing too.


  • Choisty - great to hear from you again and sounds like you are back into it with a bang - which marathon are you aiming at?

  • Oscarr I'm going for VLM, and if the training pans out the idea is to PB, what are you focusing on?

  • Will look out for you at VLM on the tele.  I'm focussing on 2 main events this year - first is The Wall 69 mile ultra over 2 days with Sleepy Bear in June then another go at PB in the Abingdon Marathon in October.  Got lots of races planned to support these events as well so a busy year which i'm really looking forward to.

  • mcs - feel for you and I have 2 x those T shirts! The last time I said, never again and I have worked for myself ever since. From £zero it took me 4 yrs to exceed my "employed" earnings and I never had to ask permission of anyone to go for a run or take a holiday (well....except for my wife!), so a talented man like you should be fine...

    Back to running: currently sitting in a cafe in S Spain (La Manga) having just finished a 7m run in the sun. This one took me 3.5m up hill to a viewpoint 1,000ft above the Med and back down again through the woods....

    Yesterday I had a LT run which consisted of 2m w/u, then 5m at MP 7:30 min/m (ish) and a 3m c/d. On Sunday, a run into the National Park and dipped my toes in the sea - that was 12m but hilly and all good.

    Return Friday to the wind and rain I believe.....

  • Choisty at VLM I hope to see you in the Highway coming the other way!
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