Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Happy hunting mcs & oscarr - enjoy the hills and stay on the track!

    MLR of 12m from 6:30am this morning in an average pace of 8:42mim/m. Pretty uneventful but noticed the lack of breakfast from about 8m......

    20m to do over the w/e and the final xc race of the season so will be busy.

  • HI all 

    A little out and back for me today - 3 out in 27:30, back in 23:26, then a few strides, bit of a jog around, for 6.85 total. 

    Then it was off for Tui Na, awesome as ever, my left knee was a bit sore, so hopefully it is now released for Sunday. 

    Just caught up [almost on the morning from Goth, now tuned in for the afternoon session awaiting a shopping delivery.

    My brother is coming and he's a veggie who has now renounced carbs, so I had to go to Wholefoods in quest of minority items.  That shop is outrageous.  

    I did do some cooking last night - blue corn [Tarahumara style] breads for me, seet pots for me, peppers and toms for bruv [somehow these got more charred than one would wish], so will do more later involving tofu and tempeh.

    AC8 do not despair, or acknowledge your despair and separate out the things you can influence from those you need to let go of.

    I take inspiration from mcs in going for something that doesn't tick all the boxes by any means, this is what I've done several times myself, mind you my sister always refused to do that, so sometimes she had a cauliflower for dinner, until everything she was working towards came to fruition.

    If you're more of a random punter then I would say that jobs are unlikely to fall into your lap, I treated jobsearch as a fulltime job in itself last time around, and ended up with choices to make.

    Uncertainty is not fun, but you the awesome AC8 will be OK no matter what.  

    Keep talking and keep running!

    Oscarr I booked my trains and am set to have enough time for a recovery run on Sunday, can't wait can't wait can't wait.

    Oh SB I forgot that my baby sister will be there so we will have another in our cohort. 

  • Yippeee - guess what came through the letter box today...

    Yip - our Coniston numbers have arrived with very fancy chip-on-the-back-of-the-number strip thingies - never see them before but I suspect they may be the future - they make lots of sense!!! Made the mistake of telling Ben the course record has stood since the 80's.  We might not see much of him image

  • Yep, my Coniston number also came through the post today.  So that's Mr and Mrs Sleepy, Reiki plus baby sister, mcs (i think?) and me at Coniston - can't wait.  Sleepy - is there a vet 60 record to go for ?? Only joking image

  • In ten years time they are going to give me a prize just for being there!  

    That's what I noticed image


  • Thanks for the great comments image
    I'm still positive and looking forward to the spring. Its keeping the morale of my family up all of the time that's difficult!
    Its nice to keep reading about other people's running progress in the meantime. image
    I hope to have good news and will be sure to post it here image

  • Anthony - being honest and open with your family is the best approach at this time and i'm sure they will be ever so supportive - don't keep anything to yourself, share all your thoughts (hopes and fears included) with them - we're rooting for you image

  • just made some honey and fruit flapjacks to try on my LSR tomorrow - got to find a food i can eat on the run for the ultras - packed with carbs (oats) and sugars and honey and fruit and a little protein (crushed nuts) and fat from the butter

  • Oscarr 

    These sound promising.  I made something similar with protein powder before. 

    Only I rolled mine up into balls, and froze them, wrapped them individually in foil, and had a major faff on my hands, and all over them by the end of that race.

    Cooking them would probably have been better.

  • Reiki - they're dead easy to make, just melt and mix the ingredients in a pan then bake for 20 mins then let cool and slice up.

  • Ok Sleepy, my first attempt at a LSR with walk breaks today - 15 miles in a total of 2h31m14s @ av pace of 10:05mpm.  Did 25 min run then 1 min walk plus opened the legs up just a little in the last 2 miles @ 9:30 pace.  Felt good and the biggest thing about the walk breaks (apart from a rest) was the fact that it broke up the rythm which stopped me gradually getting quicker which is what i normally do on a LSR.  My flapjack was ok but i think for the next bake i will lower the honey and replace with a honey/treacle syrup mix.

    Official Wall training starts tomorrow with a rest day !!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  • No cooking tips to offer up....

    Just back from final XC of the season nr Oxford. A new course which included 3 x a chalky hill, and over tufty grass for the most part.

    Ran it at about mara pace and finished 4th or 5th scorer for the team I think?

    Pretty sure this gives me the senior male club XC championship as well as I beat my nearest rival by 3 places. In case you're wondering I ran every race (7) and accumulated the points in a long campaign rather than starring at the front end!

    Hey ho - now for some soup and then out for a trundle to get up to my 20 m for the day......Looking forward to more race reports from the rest of the gang later........

  • Awesome running and run/walking there you two [if 1 min for 25 can be considered run/walking, heh heh.

    From me an awesome performance over a hilly 20 from two laps in 3:03:52, bang on target which was in the range 3:03:00 - 3:04:10.

    A negative split of 3 minutes, and a final mile in 08:06 [OK so that was bad pacing necessitating a sprint to come in on target, but I could do it!] despite a tornado having whipped up at the halfway stage when I was looking forward to the flat 2.3 miles on the aerodrome that I'd had to hold back on so much at the start to stay with the progression programme.

    Obviously I have been able to look at my splits and to see that I was slowest in the 3 hilliest miles each lap, but that I did improve on each in the second half.

    One of the hills was so giant that I did 9:37 in lap one, 9:27 lap 2.

    Happy enough.   

    A Zippy at halfway did its thing.


  • Forgot to mention that HR averaged @ 152, max was 170.

  • Great running Oscarr/Mike/Reikki!

    I raced at Silverstone today.  My target was 1:50 and I finished in 1:50:04 (crappy pacing, I know ).  I'm really chuffed with that, especially since the garmin persistently registered short miles and made pacing more difficult (0.25miles out at the end!).  It's my PB by 4m 54s and is in line with my marathon target.  My two slowest miles were pretty much entirely down to the garmin being out by 28s and 35s respectively image.  It's a good job I picked up a pace band before the start so I was aware I had time to make up.  I was back on target and bang-on overall pace at 10m (1:23:58).  

    My splits (target 8:23 pace), adjusted for garmin cock-ups were:


    What makes this even more pleasing is achieving it only a week after my longest ever training run (22m) and with only a mini-taper.  image

  • Tennnnnnnnnnn!!

    Was waiting for this one - fabulous run!!!

  • Brilliant pacing Ten - that's showing true concentration, well done and a deserved reward (PB) as well.

  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage Nice running folks with a capital N.

    Quiet weekend for me on my course - official answer to the massage and pain query - the only time massage should be painful is possibly post-injury (injury being something that involved a definite sudden onset AND inflammation as opposed to something that doesn't stop you in your tracks) when you may need something called 'frictions' which break down scar tissue.  Otherwise - pain is NOT doing you any good - it is causing further trauma to already traumatised muscles and you should tell your therapist to ease off the pressure a bit!

    Another higgeldy piggeldy week for me starting with a 3hour 15 min walk/20 min run session this morning to kick start the week (as we're away again next weekend - inter-counties xc then a family thang!).

    16 weeks to go... image




  • SB what sort of pace do you do the walk?

    And do you intersperse the run part, or do it first? 

  • Thanks peeps.  My handicap has reduced, because it was actually a UKA event for once image  I could do with another set of headphones to replace the previous pair I won that didn't last more than a few weeks image

    Rest day today.  My cough was godawful this morning, but I don't care too much having competed yesterday.  Hopefully it stays off the chest so I can resume training tomorrow.

  • @ reiki - I don't take any notice LOL - as long as I'm moving forward I haven't been worrying about the pace.  Interestingly, it works out roughly the same pace overall as when I jog the whole way as the run section is at a slightly higher HR (MEP vs MAP) than my LSR (MAP).  I do the walk bit first and last as the warm up and cool down.  I find it quite mentally tough to start running again in the latter repeats as you get so comfy in walk mode though I guess that's a good process to go through to learn mental strategies to keep you motivated. Besides - the lower that HR the more I'm using fat as my energy source! 

    I tried having a snack size bar every ½ hour this morning just as a tester - seemed to work quite well and had no adverse results so now I know that a selection of those will be going into the rucksac!

    @ Ten - yayyyyyy - am looking forward to Coniston just because it is a UKA event.  I'm not quite at the point where I won't enter an event if it doesn't have a UKA licence but it is starting to be of note!  I too had a cough after Sleaford - I'm sure this cold air being deeply breathed in can't be good for us.  Hope it clears as quick as mine - try some honey to coat your throat ((( )))


  • Great running Mike, Reiki and Ten. Especially pleased for you Ten after all you've been through recently to get such a good PB.

    Sleepy - if Coniston is a scoring event for you does that mean you will be running it hard now? (Tongue slightly in cheek!!) which snack size bar did you try this weekend - I need to try choc bars as well as flapjacks cos the flaps I made made my front teeth ache it was tht solid !!!! I know what you mean about fitting the ultra training runs in to a busy week - I have already had to shuffle things around for the first three weeks and will probably end up doing some of my back to backs midweek especially when we have to do 3 hrs one day and 4 plus hours the day after - good job I'm retired!!
  • Thanks Oscarr. I appreciate the sentiment.  I think you (and Sleepy) will do well on your new plan once you settle into a routine.

    SB - interesting weight loss plan you've devised.  Run slower to burn more fat calories, and consume a snack-sized bar every thirty minutes. image



  • Yes Ten, I was wondering what they are bars of. 

    This ultra business is so exciting.  

  • oscarr - imageimageimage - no - my handicap has been dropping since last August (cos Langdale didn't count) so just turning up should be enough to drop it image

    LOL - Need the carbs to 'ignite' the fat!!!!  I buy multipack bags of Tesco funsize bars:

    My particular favourite is the Cool Coconut but so far they are all just as tasty as their brand name rivals and perfect as about 100 cals each!

    So maths-people (ie cheeky Ten) - running for an hour = 5 - 600 cals - consume 200 cals = use 3 - 400! imageimageimage



  • Hectic day in print but really enjoyed it. My number came too with the timing gadget on the back as per last yr. Nice running ten. Rain for Saturday which is s shame.
  • Happy days and sad days!

    Sleaford has now been added to rB (something to do with an admin error - apparently it did in fact have a licence) - but hasn't improved my handicap - though if I remember rightly from last year it takes a few days to update.  oooooh ooooh gonna have to check every few days now LOL

    The forecast might change again mcs - fingers crossed for you!

  • oooh and my first top 10 finish as a V40!!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy - I was 9th! BONUS image

  • Well done SB - 1st of many?

  • SB - on a more serious note regarding training the body to burn fat.... listen to 'Talk Ultra' - there have been some interesting discussions about fueling for ultra's.  One thing I picked up was that it's thought that you would be better to consume protein before the long run, then avoid carbs for about ninety minutes into the run.  This encourages the body to burn fat for fuel.  At this point consuming carbs won't make a lot of difference and the body will still endeavour to burn fat.  I'm paraphrasing, but that's it in a nutshell.  I think these things were discussed in episodes 18 and 19, though I'm not certain.  You have plenty of time to listen on those upcoming long runs image

    Congratulations on the top 10 finish! image

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