Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • LOL - thanks guys - not bad for an event that I used as a long run eh!  Think I'm gonna enjoy being one of the alleged fewer 'older' ladies!

    Ooooh thanks Ten - I will have to make time for that.  image


  • Ten - thanks for the fat burning stuff - makes sense and is line with the article i still have from RW about it and i quote "Researchers have found that training in a carb-depleted state helps your muscles adapt to burning more fat and boosts your body's capacity for stored carbohydrates by as much as 50%."   Idea is to do some longish runs from a carb depleted starting point. RW Dec 2012 issue page 79.

  • It's kinda funny how the nutrition ideas seem to go in cycles, but it's also dead confusing when there are conflicting opinions from the experts.  Tim Noakes has changed his ideas about nutrition, so you won't get the same advice in two different editions of his book image  Paleo seems to be where it's at most recently.

    At the end of the day, it's the amount of training you do that will make the real difference - not the food you shove in your gob*

    *pure Tenjiso theory

  • Ten - its all a balance at the end of the day and you're right, the most important thing is the amount of training you do but when you can identify an area for improvement then it's worth looking at I think - in my case i know i suffer from carb depletion at the end of very long races so if i can improve my bodies ability to burn fat and carbs more efficiently then i may be able to enhance and reward the efforts of all the training with a better race performance.  Here's hoping image

  • Manic day in print!!! Survived just learning to run loads of different machinery again after a nine year break is tough.  Got home and went up the Edge of Longstone and saw the sun going down a lovely sunset. A 5.5 miler in 52 mins thinks 10 minute miling on Saturday sounds good as my brain and body is tired being stood on my feet all day rather than sat at a desk selling and emailing all day!! Might make me stronger in the long run!! Well done SB on a top ten finish............. Time for some food starving now.image

  • Hi guys. Sorry not been about, but had over 8 weeks of no running and couldn't cope with reading about people's great runningimage

    I've been put on 30/500 co-coldimol to increase pain management and my GP has referred mt to tier 2 pain management services. Looks like the nerve in my back has release, but got damage still. Bummer. Got a triage appointment. On Monday and he's written to them to get me a steroid epidural, seems confident that should sort the problem.

    Did go for a sneeky 3 miler at the weekend, 9:30mm left me breathless and struggling. Gonna go to the gym and try dreadmill to get fitness back without adding any strain. Mate has been challenged to play rugby, so we're going to go together to ease the boredom.

    Can't wait to get to get back out on road and build up to Abingdon. And get the sofa weight off!
  • Bo - good luck with that. I'm not sure if a steroid epidural and rugby would be on many physio's list of treatments!

    Last night went out for a LT effort: 2m w/u (bloody freezing as didn't wear enough - seduced by the evening sun), then 5 x 5km pace over 600m was the plan.

    As I set my Garmin in miles I guessed at 0.30m for each rep off 105 secs jog recovery, and here is the result:

    Pace min/m: 6:15; 6:07; 6:15; 6:22; 6:24

    The first two were slightly downhill at the start and the last two compromised by traffic, so all in all a fair result on DOMS sore quads after the final XC on Sunday.

  • Bo - don't rush it, mate.  You have more than enough time to get ready for Abingdon, as long as you recover fully first.

    Mike - great pace as usual!

    mcs - good to see you're settling into the job.

  • Ditto to all Ten's points above! What have I told you about stealing my thoughts? image

    90 minutes ticked off for me today with 3 (last week was 2) miles at MP - again felt fine and my HR at the end of the MP effort was only a beat higher than last week so happy happy!

    My polar web analysis makes interesting reading - you get a graph system where:

    green =You are recovered from previous training sessions and ready to train more. If you're continuously in green you can increase your cumulative training load by adding more training sessions to your weekly plan or making the training sessions more intensive.  Intensive training sessions and races should preferably be done when you are "in green".

    yellow = Cumulative training load is on a high level. You can still train but should avoid high intensity training and/or races.

    And red =Cumulative training load is on a very high level. If you continue training when "in red", it may lead to a state of overreaching.

    I have ascertained that you can swing from red to green within 2 days as long as you do an easy day after what it considers a hard day (either over 2 hours or involves efforts seems to do it).  Luckily I haven't crossed the line marked 'training NOT recommended' halfway up the red zone yet...



  • 9m very easy pace today, all well below recovery heart rate ceiling.  I think I need the recovery!  No doubt partly due to the race, and probably also due to my cough.  Tomorrow is a rest day image, before I step back up to 12m on Friday.

    I did a quick comparison against my training last year.  My mileage in Jan/Feb was 120m and 72m respectively, while this year it has been 193m and 196m respectively (ie. double the amount).  I have also done most of my training outdoors, whereas last year it was exclusively on the treadmill until the end of March!  I really feel that I'm making significant progress at last, instead of just treading water.

  • Ten - that mileage in Feb of 196 is very impressive given it is a 4 week month so nearly 50mpw each week.   You are certainly ready for your marathon.

  • Thanks Oscarr.  Had I realised earlier, I would have probably slipped in another four mile run to placate the OCD! image 

  • Awesome work Ten - very nice stats! image

  • oscarr wrote (see)

    ...given it is a 4 week month so nearly 50mpw each week.  

    SB - I knew you'd like some stats image

    I've just realised something else.  It's off five runs per week, so averaging almost ten miles per run too image.  I'm actually pretty shocked by that!  

    Getting a bit nervous now the marathon is just over five weeks away.  Please, please, please let everything go alright between now and the start line! 

  • mcs - travelling up tomorrow afternoon - if not before, i will see you at registration on Sat morning - we have each others mobile numbers so can keep in touch

  • Have a great race Oscarr/mcs!

  • Thanks Ten

  • ooooh ooooh of course - so jealous!  Have a great time guys! BUt be good... image

    I thought it was next week though?  Either way I can't do it - off to the Inter Counties and then to a big family thang (90th).  Then next w/e I'm on my course!

    Excited about/dreading my run tomorrow - 4 x 1 mile @ 10 mile pace - why do race paces feel so fast in training but totally doable on race day???????

    Ten - I hereby predict you will officially kick butt in your mara - have you worked out your gold/silver/bronze goals? image

  • Enjoy it Oscarr & mcs - hope the weather is kind and the navigation spot on.


  • oooh ooooh more oooohs - my new trainers have just arrived:

    Picture thingy ain't working so I'll have to send you the link... I have the blue ones (cos my Cross Max 1's are red!?!)

    Have gone up another half size to allow for my feet to elongate as the miles go up - have to say - can't really tell - they don't feel too boat like image


  • SB - I'll see how fit/healthy I am when race day arrives for the official targets image  Though basically, the closer I get to 4 hours, the happier I'll be.

  • Cool runners Sleepy - are these for The Wall or are you using roadies for that?

    Thanks Mike - weather currently forecast cold, rain and mist - hopefully the mist will clear as the run progresses so i can take in the views - i will be going slow enough to appreciate them (see Sleepy naaaaaah !  image


  • You want to go to slow its freezing, raining and horrid here tonight. Freezing fog coming home over the tops from work to home. Only run once this week too busy have to make up for it on Saturday.......see you at the start O.........nice shoes SB.

    Great mileage Ten and speed Mike.

    Shattered need some rest not a race, will be a nice distraction from the madness of this first week in a new job. Safe travelling up O, give me a call if you need anything......image

  • Heavy rain and sleet a high of 3 degrees for Saturday bring your thermals, hat and gloves. Real shame as last Saturday was fantastic..........not going to see the views very much........skinz and a rain coat, gloves I reckon.

  • I hope it isn't too horrible for you two up there, we are looking at very cold again here this weekend. 


    Ten what a contrast this year is for you, I'm particularly impressed with your breaking free from the treadie. 


    SB I had to smile - it's not just me then who finds even MP a challenge for 5 miles, take me to a race though and no problem. 

    And then there's the show thing - morphology eh?  Very interesting.  I'm not buying these ones although I did find myself acquiring a pair of Boosts - could not resist.

    Having a good week, just 6 steady with strides today, then 2 hours on Sunday which I may translate to the MK half.



  • The pic just doesn't do them justice - the mesh on the heel cups is so shiny it looks like chain mail - silver feet ahhhhhhhhh 

    They're for the Wall oscarr - am about to start rotating them with the first pair of them I got (they were cross max 1s though I can't really tell the difference yet with the new pair - but then I'm not up on all the latest wording - they just look a bit different is all I can see).  My plan is to wear my 1s on the first days and then the new ones (slightly bigger) on the 2nd day.

    reiki - I know!!!! Totally weird!  How funny that you have Boosts - I have them bookmarked - let me know how you get on with them.  I've never had adidas shoes before so I need to go try some on first... Great minds and all that image

    Reading an amazing book at the moment if anyone suffers from blisters or other foot problems:

    So many products/techniques to try that I never knew existed including a spray-on 2nd skin type stuff.  I'm not getting many blisters at the mo but have had a couple in the past and am determined not to let them stop me enjoy our little yomp!

    Ten - are we allowed to play?  You know me - can't resist feeling involved - if you give us a nudge a week before - we can play our guessing game again (only if you don't mind of course)

  • Just had an email from the GG organisers about bringing full weather kit of full waterproof body cover, hat, gloves, map, compass, whistle and emergency food cos the forecast is freezing cold rain, snow and sleet.  You may see mcs and me on national TV in one of those rescue articles image.

    All part of the fun of hill racing image

    mcs - hope you have a good end to your first full week - a good romp over the hills on sat will do you a power of good.


  • Sleepy - i have used COMPEED blister plasters and they work brilliantly - they put a skin over the area and you continue running - they stay on for about a week or so until they fall off naturally and the blister heals beneath it. Available at Boots etc.

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