Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Cheers for that SB!

    Still waiting here not breathing a lot.
  • 6 miles on the health club treddie for me today as i wussed out of going outside as its absolutely freezing!!  Put one mile in at HMP but the rest very easy bearing in mind saturday was longer than the plan required.  Recovery run tomorrow but will do spinning class instead - really like the weekly spinning for added strength work.

  • Sleepy - how wide is your rack? (Ten - don't, just don't...)

  • Don't encourage him!


    You know I thought I had a Morton's Neuroma?  Well I don't.  I have two!  


    Hope this weather sorts itself out by tomorrow sa I have a very interesting session that would be best enjoyed on the track - VO2 max intervals with short maximals in a sandwich!  I love this kind of stuff. 

  • oscarrrrrrr!!!! In that corner!!!! 4 minutes....  Think Ben might have wet himself a little when I read that out image image image

    LOLOLOL - 18 inches


    uh oh reiki - are they planning to operate?  Hope they can mend you ((( )))

    Just yoga for me tomorrow - good to hear you're enjoying your classes too oscarr...

  • lot.

    Apologies O for Saturday evening, hope you enjoyed Bakewell? Not the best of weather. Minus five here yesterday driving to work bitter cold. Time to be off again, a little run tonight when I gets home.

    Great running at the weekend all. I came 149th Saturday out of 359, must remember to drink more even when cold as got bad cramp on the last Edge off the race and struggled to keep running. See Tony Audenshaw was running Saturday and finished in under three hours.
  • Talking of drinking - my tidbit for the day - did you know that drinking electrolyte drinks can prevent blisters.... it goes something like this - if you don't and your blood sodium levels lower (as you sweat) then your body will try to maintain the sodium concentration of your blood by expelling water from your blood stream into the surrounding tissues - hence your feet swell and can rub against your trainers even though they didn't when you put them on!

    Interesting eh! Electrolytes now added to Wall packing list! image

  • Still tittering about SB's rack...cheers Oscarr

    No Reading for me this weekend as I am working in Milan, so need to check out long run routes.  My training partner is running in the elite section hoping for 71.

    SB nice tip about electrolytes, I shall try and remember that

  • mcs - thanks, just means you owe me a beer at Coniston  image


    Spinning class this morning instead of my recovery run - really enjoying this XT'ing once a week plus core exercises (needed so i can carry Sleepy when she gets tired imageimage)


  • ...and my cake supplies image

  • I've seen SB's rack.  She posted a picture of it previously.  

    8.5m session completed, including 5x1km intervals.

    I increased my pace to my projected 5K race pace, which was calculated from my recent half marathon time. This meant my target pace was 7:43.

    1km interval paces: 7:42/7:41/7:45/7:39/7:38

    Once again, my heart rate readings suggest that either I should be running the intervals faster, or my max heart rate is wrong.  Hopefully the former.

    It was the coldest weather I've run in!  However, I found an old pair of gore-tex gloves which were toasty warm, plus a buff which I wore around my neck to protect against the wind (I can pull it up over my mouth and nose if the weather is severe).  It made the run comfortable for the most part, and a little on the warm side during the intervals.  So, I enjoyed the session in spite of the cold and wind.  Take that, Mother Nature! image

  • Ten!!!!!!! In that corner with oscarr!  Go on - off you go ya naughty monkeys imageimage

    Nice session!! Not sure I could run sub 8s just now so a bit jealous image

  • Ten, excellent session. there is a thing, it was one of the bits and bobs in the Paris goodie bag and I didn't see a use for it.  How wrong I was, it is now officially the most useful bit of kit I have, it has been used as:

    - When not being worn it keeps my Garmin safe as a case

    - I've worn it as a hat, sweat band (both head and wrist), snood, scarf, mask and glove

    - I use it for carry other items in long runs by wrapping round my hand securing the items to my palm

    - mobile phone protector in a bum bag

    - emergency compression for hamstring

    - to hold icepacks to various parts of my anatomy

    Has anyone else got more uses?

  • Choisty - I bought mine before I went backpacking for a year.  It was an indispensible piece of kit for hot or cold weather.  I was delighted I still had it when I needed it today (brought back memories too image).

  • Buffs new to me this last year also........imageAs i have no hair I use mine after races to keep my head warm. During runs my neck warm when its minus five as it was this evening. Brrrrr.........knee sore so only ran three miles or so didnt take a watch for a change. 
    How much running should I do in the lead up to Coniston bearing in mind the 21 I did fairly hard at the weekend? Though not that quick it felt a tough run out.........more endurance required though for sure over 15 miles..................

  • mcs- if you want to go quick at Coniston then maybe best just to do a few easy runs from now on as it will take a couple weeks for the effect of GG hard run to get out of your system - this will not hinder Coniston as you wont lose any fitness before then and in fact you will only gain by allowing the damage from GG to repair and for the fitness to be absorbed - i think!!

  • I got a buff at the Pride 10K a couple of years ago and had never used it, still haven't, but it did make the trip to Milton Keynes, and may be out again this morning.  Loved the list of uses.  Note that the main reason I haven't used is that I have been wearing full on puffa jackets!

    Am carrying on with training inc 20 this Sunday and up to the day before Consiton, would like 2 hours there but that's 8:30 m/ms so we shall dream on.

    Did am amazing session at the track last night - 7 x 2 mins VO2 max, 2 mins jog, 20 secs maximal, 60 secs walk.  Loved this and got cracking pace going despite the wind.  Slowest pace was 07:20, mostly way under, and I got 100m in 21 secs several times, what a blast in the icey wastelands. 

    Revisiting the topic of TRX - a friend has offered to send me one from the US [actually my sis is coming over in 2 weeks and could bring me one], but I have a question - these types seem to hang over a door, whereas i had thought fixed into a beam might offer more options. 

    Advice please. 

    Here is their type of kit :

  • Looks alright to me reiki - I think the important thing is that it's anchored - doesn't matter what to.  Nice track sesh!

    mcs - I reckon definitely take it easy this week and maybe do some intervals next week only if you feel you've recovered...

    Ben was asked to pace Reading yesterday but he can't now make it this year - he was looking forward to visiting oscarr too! Such a shame but maybe next time...

  • Good session Reikki!

    My buff is almost ten years old.  Quality piece of kit.

  • Ten I wish we were doing the same marathon!
  • That's my weekly 'mid 3@ MP' sesh ticked off! Early days but it did feel a little more civilised - maybe my brain can learn to 'normalise' pacing after all! Even my eyelashes are crossed for that!

    (buffs - had one for yonks - bout 10 years at least - very handy as lightweight headwear when it's not quite cold enough for a fluffy hat and then ends up round my neck or wrist to wipe my nose on.... no one said I was a laaaaaady ya know image)

  • Sleepy - remind me not to borrow your buff - oh no, i've done it again and lined up Ten for quote of the day image.

    Doing my 'mid 3@MP' session tonight at track night. 

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)
    Ten I wish we were doing the same marathon!

    London 2014!  (if this year goes to plan image)

    12m run today., and feeling it a bit in the quads after yesterday's intervals.  Hopefully the rest day tomorrow will sort them out.  This weekend my planned long run is 18m, with 4m warm-up and the final 14m at MP (which scares the bejeebers out of me).  I can't believe I've only got 11 days before I taper!!!

  • What's a mid 3 @ MP?
  • Ten that's a lot of MP, I'm only doing 3 on Sunday.

    And unless I go over 4:15 I'll be at VLM 2014.
  • reikirabbit wrote (see)
    Ten that's a lot of MP


    I'm trying not to think about it too much and just put my faith in the program.  I definitely must remember to take my next two runs easy to be prepared!

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)
    What's a mid 3 @ MP?

    Its a 7 mile run with the middle 3 miles at MP - 2m warmup then 3 at MP then 2 mile cooldown.  Part of the RW Ultimate Ultra schedule Sleepy and I are following.

  • Sounds plausible!

    Cheers Oscarr.
  • Taking it easy just doing 10 hour work days, managed not to fit a run in. Boy this working for a living is tough and not much time for getting some runs in. Will have to get up at 6am and fit a run or two in. Might do Saturday and Sunday short and slow and then a couple of quicker ones next week. Snow flurries again here all day and just minus six when I set off to work this am at 7.
    Happy Ultra training guys and marathon for Ten and RR........glad I am not doing a marathon this spring now............image

  • Right, i am officially fed up with the cold weather!!  Cut the lawns for the first time this year today and it snowed - how weird is that!!

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