Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Very.

    Following my earlier question I now see that I am doing a mid 4 on Friday!
  • Ten - i think you will be ok with your MP run this weekend - i did my 7 miler with the middle 3 at MP last night and found it was reasonably hard at the start of the MP phase but it quickly got easy and by the end of 3 miles i was so comfortable that i just kept going at that MP pace for the 2 mile cooldown and when i looked at my watch i had done the last 5 miles in 44:18 which is well inside my MP pace of 9:00.

  • * bangs head against wall * osccaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - just because you can... doesn't mean you should!!  There are benefits (mitochondria and enzyme production chiefly) that only occur at very low heart rates - we need em, lots of em!  You've gotta get into the swing of this slowing down lark or else I'm removing beer from your privileges!!!!! image

    Tut tut tut LOL

    Right talking of slow - I'm doing Saturday's 90 minutes today so best get on with it before it snows again! image


  • Cheers Oscarr.  The scary thing is that there are now a lot of accumulated miles in the legs, which is making this month pretty tough going at times.

    SB - Oscarr's just ahead of the program a little image 

    If your program is anything like mine, within a few weeks you will have to slow down on recovery and aerobic runs, otherwise there is no chance of completing the quality sessions.  Initially I had to do recovery runs on the treadmill, because it always feels like I'm running faster than I really am on the treadie, so slowing down is easier.


  • Tee Hee - i am trying to stick to the pacing guide and even tried to slow down last night but didn't quite make it - doing my 2 long runs on friday and sunday and will stick to 10mpm plus walk breaks on the sunday longer one

    The threat of my beer allowance being removed is enough to shake me into action image

    Ten - agree with you and the prospect of me going way above any weekly mileage i have ever done before for most of the remaining schedule means i will have to start slowing down - on the plus side my 21 mile Grindleford Gallop was run really well at a good conservative pace

  • Ha! I knew you'd never get away with that one Oscarr, good to know you have the message down for the weekend.

    I wish I had the problem if not being able to go slowly enough, if anything I don't seem to have any proper recovery runs as I so my Monday session in the pool.

    Worked out I'm supposed to do 3:12 at Finchley.
  • Reiki - have a great run at Finchley and look forward to the race report and how well you paced it


  • Just remember.... I'm watching you....ouououououououo MWAH HA HA!

    Doing my 3hr Sunday sesh 2moro and I see two big rain drops on the weather forecast - harumph - have to test my waterproofs I spose!

    90 minutes ticked off - turned out to be a very brisk walk to keep my heart rate down and I'm still in red on my chart (though not over the line anymore).  Feel much better though now - was feeling a bit tired before and didn't really want to do it - another beauty of HR training is that you are forced to train at a level your body can cope with and that somehow makes it mentally easier too.  Endurance isn't about speed after all image

    Booked Cyprus today - flights are just starting to appear so we'll book those later but hotel and race registration/transfers are sorted!  Anyone else coming out to play?

    Also booked the campsite for next weekend - we're planning to arrive early afternoon Friday and will text when we get there.  (Reiki - we'll need to get your number! Are you sorted to get to the YH?)  Shall we just plan to meet up at the school before the race? 




  • Sleepy - did you book it all through 2:09 Events (apart from flight)?

  • SB will message you my mobile. 

    I think I will have to get a cab from Windermere.

    Seriously looking forward to it. 

    I have a run to do on Friday, so will check out the scenery image

  • Coniston - i plan to leave Reading early friday morning to miss the worst of the friday M6 mayhem so will arrive early afternoon as well - mobiles at the ready - i'm in a B&B in Coniston village

  • Me too Oscarr. 

    I just tried to message you guys my mobile but kept getting an error message saying something daft like I had to enter a message before sending.

  • Reiki - just tried to send you one and got the same message so there is something wrong with the RW system i think.  Try via facebook.

  • reiki - got your FB message - texted you in return so you can cut my number!

    oscarr - no we went direct through Arena - had to do an international bank transfer for the deposit but not really a hassle - thanks for the tip to book direct - they're very helpful!

    Will sort the flights and airport transfer later!

    Who did you use for your insurance?  I've traditionally used for sports cover - just curious....

    Sun's out - whoop whoop - trying to trick me into not taking waterproofs me thinks LOL

  • Sleepy - i have an annual travel insurance policy with someone called Staysure which is a general one plus a separate specialist policy for my diving - if you want a really cheap airport transfer with a bit of hassle then remind me to tell you at Coniston next week - doing my 90 minute run today.

  • 90 minute run, covered 9.03 miles @ avge pace 9:58. Nice and easy.

  • Thanking you! Am intrigued but also happy to pay for a comfy ride LOL

    What was your average HR today? On your run not whilst sitting down with a brew!!! I would still say that 9:58 is a bit quick based on your last mara time and on what we're trying to achieve... nag nag nag image

    This was my polar analysis today - 1st time I've been able to get in the right zone of 60 - 70% (mainly cos the whole 3 hours was a fast 'just about to miss you bus' type walk):

    "This training improved your general base fitness and basic aerobic endurance, and boosted your metabolism. Your body’s ability to store oxygen within the cardio system and muscles improved. Because the training session was long, effects are expected to be stronger. Fat is the main energy source that your body uses at this training intensity, thus preserving your glucose storages."

    This is what it says for 70-80% (what I did my 90 mins at) Note the reliance on carbs and hence why it's not the right zone to be doing our long runs in...

    "This training improved your aerobic fitness. It also improved the endurance of the working muscles by enhancing blood circulation to them. The training duration was long enough to increase fatigue resistance at the used speed. Carbohydrates are the main energy source that your body uses at this training intensity."

    I suspect that the balance between the effort sessions in the week will keep our speed in tact but LSRs have got to be just that to get the fat mobilisation benefit - with the focus on the S!

    I hereby challenge you to do your 3hr at 11 min/miling!  It will feel odd but best you be getting used to it young man image hee hee


  • oops should maybe clarify that Level 2 (in polar words) equates very nicely with the MAP zone you've heard me rattling about this year - if anything it gives me a little more leeway (126 - 144 vs 120 - 140). So oscarr - if you roughly knock 20 beats off each of those - that's where your pulse should be at!

    Is it Finchley this weekend? - my brain aches today... image  Good luck if so reiki and to anyone else running - I'll be very jealous sitting in my classroom image


  • Thanks for the hot tip!  I'm off down William Hill's to put a pony each way on Reikki Rabbit running in the 3.12 at Finchley.  Hopefully it's the dogs rather than horses, though, because then the rabbit always wins!  Good luck in the race!

    Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    oops should maybe clarify that Level 2 (in polar words) equates very nicely with the MAP zone you've heard me rattling about this year - if anything it gives me a little more leeway (126 - 144 vs 120 - 140). So oscarr - if you roughly knock 20 beats off each of those - that's where your pulse should be at!

    Erm... yeah... nicely clarified Sleepy image

    11m run completed today, just before the rain arrived image  Recovery run tomorrow, then the 18m with 14m @ MP on Sunday.

  • There's just no pleasing some people image 

    I never got away with using a HR monitor (tried one for a few weeks years ago) cos my gentle jog pace was always above 80% and my ranges were so close together it meant training with it was impossible so i stopped - i know i have a very low base pulse rate (once in hospital years ago they thought my pulse was so low i was about to drift away!!!!)

    I understand the logic of running slower to train the body to burn fat instead of carb.  The trick is to find the pace at which this happens.  Felt really easy today at 10mpm which is around a minute over my MP (Abingdon PB was 9:10 pace up to mile 24).  Based on marathon training guidelines of 60 to 90 secs over then this equates to a max of 9:10 plus 90secs=10:40.

    So coach, can i do 3 hr run at 10:40 whilst running then brisk walk for 2 minutes after each 25 min of running??

  • Oscarr - it takes up to five weeks to really start seeing the benefits of HRM training.  Then the magic really happens!  I couldn't believe how slow I had to go to stay below my recovery ceiling at the start, but after five weeks I rapidly found that I was running faster and easier than ever before.  It felt brilliant when I was running 10km faster at a heart rate that was 20bpm lower than I had been running in the first place.  It really is worth sticking with.  I can honestly say that I would have given up running after a couple of months had I not discovered HRM training and the benefits of easy running.

    Right, I'm going to do my recovery run on the treadie this morning and listen to marathon talk.


  • Don't think i'm going to get any peace until i try HRM againimage

    Can you guys please recommend the best one to buy?  I have a garmin 110 for pacing and races etc and a simple watch for track work so i don't need anything else from a HRM other than the HR stuff.

  • Oh, i need reading glasses (which i don't wear while running) so the display needs to have numbers i can readimage

  • Oscarr - have a look at for excellent reviews.  I had the garmin forerunner 305 and now have the 310XT and have been more than happy with both of them.  I must admit I love the vibrating alert feature of the 310xt, which is brilliant when running intervals to a prescribed pace.  I struggle to hear audible alerts, especially on cold, windy days when I have my ears covered.

    I've run my 5m recovery this morning.  Tomorrow I'm taking part in an organised training run (18m) at Milton Keynes.  All being well it will be 4m easy then 14m at MP.

  • +1 for HR training. I swear by it.....

    Today I ran naked as they say - not literally obviously, but no HRM and only looked at the watch to turn it on at the start of Newbury parkrun and again as I finished.

    With horizontal rain for hours, temperature around 5 degrees and standing water everywhere this was never going to be a record attempt and ran it as a 10k pacing race ahead of next week's Eastleigh 10km.

    So, despite the conditions I was pleased to finish in 20:58 and avg pace of 6:43min/m....

    Might jog-recover later when the kit is dry and then last 20m of this campaign lined up for tomorrow.

    Just realised that I am inside the final month from the Boston Marathon start-line and to make it even more real I have my number, wave/corral number and start time!

  • Mike - I am so envious of your Boston race coming up - it's where it all began and such an achievement to qualify for a true runners marathon - and such a great city to visit - you must be really, really excited imageimage

  • Nice one Mike!  

  • Nice running Mike and all you Ultra Training types. This is a lardy boy just run three miles this week due to work and gardening all afternoon. Daren't watch the rugby so going to find out the score in a minute suspect we may have lost. See you all at Coniston travelling up Saturday am see you at the school...........image

  • Hi guys I have had another mad flurry of work related shennanigans to contend with - did my microteach today, what a blast, the only issue being that I woke up at 3:40 am AGAIN and so felt a bit jetlagged first thing

    I wasn't nervous about the exam, it was just that niggly munching on an issue that refuses to abate syndome.  Arrgh!

    Still I only have to do 9:45-9:55 for 17 tomorrow, 8:55 the rest, which does mean it could take me 3:15 Ten if I err on the side of slowness.

    Am having to get a cab to Finchley as the tube gets to 1.7 miles away with under an hour to go, that's if the first one happens as it often doesn't.  Why do TfL always put works on the lines affecting classic races?  

    Have fun out there tomorrow!


    Ten I can't wait to hear how all this MP feels.


  • Just back from a nice early morning 10k at 8 min miling average it was hard work and the legs didn't really like it. Not enough miles done last week must try and get up and do some early morning miles before work. I could probably cycle to work as its only 18 miles but the flipping large hill out of Chatsworth Park is over a mile long and very steep in places so that kind of puts me off. Perhaps I will have a go when it gets lighter for longer and then I can give it a go. All the best for RR today and anyother long run runners.  Porridge time......

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