Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Well done mcs those are the hard ones.

    I'm at the start sitting on spikey ball.

    Not too nervous given the lesser pace demands, and I know this course backwards. That's the benefit of 4 laps.
  • Reiki - how many laps do you do backwards?

  • Just finished my 3 hr LSR at an overall average pace of ..........."drum roll".........

  • Come on!!!!!
  • Finchley 3;09:56 textbook. I did consider standing behind a tree near the finish for 2 mins for a ta da moment, but the driving rain and hailstones discouraged me!
  • Taxi for Oscarr!

    Well done mcs, good pace.

    Great run Reikki!  Unfortunately I won't be collecting from William Hill because you went too fast image

    I'm impressed how they made a such good attempt at simulating the Milton Keynes Marathon on their training run today. Heavy sleet and rain, cold wind, and flooded paths. It was a real trip down memory lane image. At least the gale force winds were absent and the rain did stop occasionally. At mile 12 I was however cursing myself for forgetting to lube an important member of my body image (see what I did there?).

    Anyhow, I'm pleased to say I stuck with the program. My first four miles were spent just ahead of the slowest runners and the tail bikes! One guy, running alongside me for too frikin' long, coughed every ten seconds like a weird metronome. It was a very strange habit and made me feel embarrassed when I needed to cough myself!

    I nipped behind some trees for a quick ta da moment in the fourth mile, so I wouldn't need to stop during the MP miles. Then I could attempt to catch up the various groups of runners. I was glad I could see some ahead of me, because it was difficult for me to keep an eye open for the small laminated direction markers at times, thanks to the weather. It definitely helped me, having runners ahead that I could gradually reel in during the latter stages. It wasn't a race, but at times it felt like it.

    So how did it go? My target pace for the 14 MP miles was 9:00 - 9:09 (4hr marathon pace) and my splits for the run were:



    My overall average was 9:20pace, but more importantly my average for the fourteen marathon pace miles was 9:00 pace. Well happy with that! I took Sis Go gels at 6.5 miles and 12.5 miles. The latter was just as I was feeling a slight dip in energy level due to vertical snow and horizontal rain (at the same time? how????? image). It seemed to do the trick, even if it was psychological.

    I felt fine at the finish. Tired, but okay – and not wiped out by any shot. A fabulous session to have completed and another 54 miles bagged this week. One more week before I taper!

  • ...11:00mpm (yes, eleven minutes per mile!!)....It was too cold to do much walking so only did about 8 minutes throughout and ran very easy the rest of the way.  It really did feel like a nits nadger above walking pace and i felt like i could go on for hours at the, doh, that's the point dummyimage.  Runs like this hold no fear at all other than the possibility of hypothermia setting in cos it was sooooo cold and horribly wet.

    Reckon that's an extra beer Sleepy can allow me now?????????image

    Great running mcs, Reiki and Ten - really impressed with all your pacing in terrible conditions.

  • Some great running today folks -

    Ten you must be thrilled with that run and RR 20m in 3:09:xx - great stuff.

    I wish I could continue the glow of self-satisfaction but I had "one of those". At least that's how I feel about it.

    Facts: 16.25m in 2:18:xx; Avg 8:30min/m; 212 metres of climbing

    Snow, slush, running icy water down the lanes; 3x flooded sections only passed by climbing the banks - you get the picture!

    Ran 1st 5m in 8:50 pace then next 5m in 8:30 pace, so on target at halfway in spite of the conditions.

    Miles 10 to 15 were meant to be at 8:00:xx pace but hit the hills and so allowed for this with the best couple of miles in 8:04 and 8:12 , the others being slower.

    Then the cold got to me and with a frozen left foot I noticed that my gait was suffering and it felt as if my left knee was tracking inwards. As I had just run 2 miserable miles and been sprayed with slush from the waist down by two kind motorists, when I got near my house, I bailed out.

    I just felt I had more to lose than to gain by persisting towards a target of 20m when I am up on my mileage from last year and running faster.

    Better to give it all in the race than bury myself in freakish weather conditions on a training run......

  • Hope you didn't have too much on Ten [the bet the bet]

    Mike it was a good move to stop, my fingers were so cold I couldn't open my pre-cut packages, and there was a river along the edge of the roads with cars clipping the deepest to send spray over my head, gosh it's all coming back now. 

    I actually used EFT on the run to sort my knee out, and to release glutes. 

    Oscarr are you sure?!?  This is marvellous.  You deserve large cash prizes for this level of restraint and willingness. 

    Ten your pacing is so promising, and your average pace speaks volumes really.  


  • Mike - you did the right thing stopping and you still got 16.25 miles done which an endurance distance so will have gained from it.  Bet you enjoyed the hot bath after!!!!

  • Will catch up properly very soon but had to share my giant smile for oscarr's good behaviour and reiki's perfect pacing and Ten's performance.

    Just to add fuel to the HR fire - I happen to know the winner of Fleet today has recently switched to hr training too!

    Happy thawing Mike image


  • Thanks guys - I have my rose tinted specs back on and have the warm glow of a roast beef supper followed by apple pie, custard & cream to ease the pain and dull the memory.

    I'll be fine...



  • Wowsers that really was an epic weekend all round! 

    oscarr - I have a polar RC3 GPS - you can pick up a cheap polar for £30 if you just want a bog standard HR with no frills


    You could always wear it on the other wrist to your GPS!

    I'm the same re %s and that's the point - we all train too hard too often!  It's fine to beast yourself sometimes but that just trains you to be fit at that intensity - my MP easily takes me into the 90% zone and that's just not sustainable. To get fitter we need to be fitter at a lower intensity so that that figure comes down so I have to train at that lower intensity to allow my body to adapt! HR monitors are fantastic for allowing you to make sure you train at ALL the different intensities to get the full benefits of training. And if that means walking at first - then walking it is!  I had a really interesting chat with a GB biathlete years ago when I worked up in the 'Gorms.  Even she said if her HR said walk - she walked!  So... if they can walk at GB level...

    Out of respect for your bravery in stepping out of your comfort zone you may have a beer every night this week if you wish oscarr - just the one mind! 

    Hope everyone is thawing - I have a bit of a rest week ahead (just 7½ hours of training this week of which 5½ will be done at the weekend):

    Tue - 80 mins inc 2 x 2miles at HMP

    Thu - 60 mins inc 3 mi @ MP

    Sat - Coniston - planning 9mi/mi - so roughly 2:05

    Sun - 3½ hr hill walk (with oscarr on a bungee)

    Slight deviation from my programme to keep my training increase to around 10% from last week!


  • oops nearly forgot my footcare tip of the day:

    Lambs wool - apparently!  To stop black toenails and toe bashing being painful - ballet dancers use it! You just shove it in your shoes or pack it round your toes...

    Amazing what you can learn...

    Had a fun weekend on my course - used the Wall as a really good scenario for practising Pre/Inter and post event massage strategies - will be interesting to learn from those at mid camp what they do and compare to what I think I would do!


  • Brilliant, thanks Sleepy, that's my HRM ordered (Polar FT1)

    Finally pleased the coach  imageimage - only trouble is i had 3 days worth of beer last night so no more til Wednesday now   imageimage

    Sounds like your course is going really well

    Still grading my weeks in miles so week 1 was 42 and last week 43.  Plan for this week is for 6 sessions (including one XT session today) to push up to 50 (assuming Sunday 3.5 hr is about 14miles) then next week is a cutback week.  50 miles in week 3 is definitely outside my comfort zone but the lower intensities make it possible.


  • Thanks Mike/Reikki - I'm well pleased with how the P&D program has transformed my running.  I so much want to do it justice on race day!

    I'm in the Oakley 20 this coming Sunday.  I absolutely will not be racing it and will be sticking to my normal long run pacing (MP+20% to MP+10%:  10:48 to 9:54).  I could really do with some mild weather, in case marathon day is warmer.  I'm already prepared for snow, sleet, rain, flooding, and biting cold winds, but the sight of the sun would likely send me into a panic image

    I'm in two minds whether to practice race day gel strategy.  I already know what I can tolerate, and have gotten used to medium and long runs with little or no fuel.  I'm not sure I would benefit from taking extra gels on a relatively easy run.  image

  • SB my average HR yesterday was 145 and this morning it was only 38, usually start at 48, and I had 2x40mg caffeine yesterday, which would normally push me into the mid 50s the following day.

    Any reflections?

    Am in class here just wanted to check in with the low HR thing.
  • Ten - last year the advice from Sarah and Sam was to train light and race heavy when it came to gels as long as your body was ok training light with no immune system issues - so if you have been ok with your LSRs with limited gels and you plan to run Oakley at these same easy paces then it may be worth not taking gels to improve your endurance but maybe take one with you just in case you start to feel low on energy


  • Using gels in practice could mean you were less tired = faster recovery perhaps? I would think the window for adaptation is nearly closed now, so it is really a holding pattern we are all moving into.....just a hunch.

  • reiki - maybe your tolerance is increasing??? 80mg is not a lot really so I wouldn't expect your body to take long to adjust to it. You're maybe just fitter and your recovery better than you're giving yourself credit for!

    Was that your HR post Finchley?  If so - wowsers nice work.  Race day adrenaline always guarantees a high average for me even if I'm not 'racing' LOL!

    Ten - sounds like you've already got it sussed to me!  Answered your own question in your last sentence image

  • Thanks Oscarr.  That's what I was hoping - sounds like a plan!

  • And thanks Mike and Sleepy too - it took me so long to post that short reply to Oscarr I cross-posted image  

  • I hear tell some of you are doing your first ultra?

    Try this for size....

  • Pre-empting the post-marathon blues, I've booked up my summer 10k race. image   Something else to focus on and work on the speed.

  • Thanks Mike, great stuff - you tempted ???

  • Yes SB, that was post Finchley, and I only got up to 66 just now on a treadmill at 15% incline.  I was only doing this to encourage a young and very unfit lad to have a go.

    I totally agree with Mike that the time for experimentation / meaningful adaptation has passed us by for this year's spring marathons. And about recovery happening during if you fuel right.  

    Interesting article, I will be venturing in that direction.  Well it's either that or the 100m! 

    Lots of training for me this week - 6 easy tomorrow is all after pilates and pool today, then a progreassion run Weds, a steady Thurs, Fri rest, Coniston Saturday, recovery run Sudnay morning, just 7 miles or something, nothing mental, and I have a train to catch out of Windermere around noon.

    Ten I have lots booked - Watford 10K, Sheffield half, BUPA 10 000, it's the only way forward.

    Love Oakley, fab hoodie! 

  • Oscarr - re Ultra temptation? Not sure yet as I still have unfinished marathon business (3 more World Majors) and a few shorter times to crack sub 20 for 5k and sub 40 for 10k.

    I read the Ghost Runner story last year (John Tarrant) and discovered by a complete fluke that my 1st club 5km (track) race was where he ran a world record (Portsmouth) - 40miles round a track!

    He then moved to S Africa and I think was the first white guy to encourage the "locals" to Comrades calls....

    One day, and of course I'll have to practice!

    BTW - thanks for your positive thoughts on Boston. Excited doesn't get close....!


  • Comrades - Now there's a thought...image

  • Seema like you guys down south have had the grim weather just cold up here......well done Mike, a great 16 miler you are the star..........Oscarr is being good I see think he is scared of SB!

    Off to work will run tonight me thinks.....roll on the weekend.
  • Scared isn't the half of it..image

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