Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Comrades has always appealed!

    Running without fear is the goal - this covers just about all the redundant adjustments I make to protect myself!   

  • mcs : MWAH HA HA! image

    reiki - my HR is 48 before I even get out of bed image.  66 @ 15% at what speed?  By any chance do you have to plug yourself in at night LOL image

    so now oscarr when your new toy arrives ... the plan - do your midweek plan as per the paces shown and then at weekends your aiming for as much time in Level 2 as possible.  You may creep up into 3 a bit but ideally stay below - even if you have to walk.  Deal? 

    Excellent article Mike thanks!

    Ten - I usually have a race per month booked by the end of January LOL - deffo a good idea to make sure you carry on...

    Today's footcare tip - zinc oxide ointment!  Apparently a dab dries out blisters much quicker than nature alone!


  • Deal or No Deal?  We'll have to see what happens when i set my max/min and try out the zones but i do this sport cos i like running so the prospect of mammoth walks every weekend does not inspire me - don't mind walk breaks up very steep hills and during very long runs but they are "get your breath back and rest up a bit" breaks rather than for the whole distance.  

    So, Deal or No Deal?? Let's see how i get on first before i answer that..please image ??

  • Hi everyone *waves* Just caught up the past couple of weeks, seems like everyone is progressing well. I'm still looking for work, but have a short running story.
    I didn't run at all last week because of a cold. I was entered in the Reading Half marathon, and went for a fast one, despite not being at all over the cold. I was running at 1hr 55 pace for 11 miles and the combination of my sickness (I felt like I was breathing blood from my lungs) and the inclement weather drained me, so I took it easy to make sure I finished in the stadium, rather than in a hospital. I did it in 1hr 58:28, which was 10 mins faster than last year, but a bit behind what I'd planned.
    I'm still full of a cold, still coughing (thankfuly not blood) and suffering from muscle soreness which is giving me a phobia of stairs.
    I'm hoping to get well soon and have just entered my 1st ever 10miler at Maidenhead.
    Some positive news on the junior parkrun, got the go-ahead, getting things ready for April 7th image

  • oscarr that's totally fine - of course it is - just want you to be as ultra-fit as poss and not trashed before we start (as I suspect I would be if I tried to run every single long run we've got coming up) and yip I agree to run/walk strategies - as long as we're aware of accumulated fatigue we're one step ahead I reckon... (You can actually run at ridiculously low HRs when you're well rested/well conditioned to it it seems so it is possible and the guys do 7 mi/mi in zone 2 even when they're not!) As long as you're happy to start with the 25 / 5 type split in the event so am I!  Didn't mean to be too bossy but I know you're happy to argue back...

    AC8 - jeepers - that sounds like a mammoth effort!  Make sure you get well properly before any more missions please, thank you ((( )))

    Just done my 2 x 2 @ HMP - Average HR was 1 BPM higher than in the 4 x 1 sessions but more satisfyingly Average Speed was up 0.1mph too.  Be nice if it keeps increasing at that rate week by week... LOL (I can dream can't I??? we'll see)

  • Sleepy - you boss away my girl, i'm happy to be told what to do and you know i'll kick back if it goes too far  image. What pace did you do your HMP sections at?  Just got back from doing mine - first 2m @8:00, second @7:50 against my HM target pace of 8:00 so pretty good - the first 2m felt tough which is a sign of the increased milege over the last 2 weeks, GG event etc.  Know what you mean about accumulated fatigue and something i will be keeping an eye on and take additional rest if i get concerned.

    One of the impacts of doing Sunday's LSR at such a slow pace is that i felt really excited last night about the prospect of being able to go at pace in today's run......silly really but true!!!

    AC8 - great race and really pleased you are making progress with the junior parkrun.

  • AC8 - well done with the race, and I'm really pleased you got the junior parkrun agreed!  Good luck with finding work.

    I've got DOMS from Sunday's MPR effort.  It has been a while since I've felt it this much in the hamstrings.  Today's 7m recovery run included 6 x 100m strides, and this has helped ease the tightness (along with some stretching and using the roller).  My recovery pace was so slow that Oscarr would have sprinted past me on his recovery run! image

    Tomorrow I've got 10m with 4x1m reps at 5k pace.  It looked easy enough on paper, but that's before I realised what the accumulated fatigue would be feeling like at this point.  I think my new mantra is going to be "not long to the taper...not long to the taper..." image

  • Happy days.... I did 0.5 segments @ 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0 mph to add up to each 2 mile block (8:54 - 8:34 based on Sleaford).  My max HR by the end of the 2nd 2miles was 176 (I usually stay below 170 in intervals so I reckon the pace was about right to challenge me).  By rights I guess I should have done them all at 7.0 but I like to err on the side of caution as you know!  The feeling of wanting to run fast is great eh! 

    I'm not far off jogging in zone 2 I don't think - I have to properly march to keep above the bottom of the zone. But if I jog, I have to walk after 5 minutes or so just for a minute or two again then I'm off again! I find such short segment a bit 'jolting' which is why I tried walking the whole way last week instead! Rigt there with you though - I'd rather have been running - I'm not a naturally fast walker. Though one thing's for sure my walking speed has definitely increased since Christmas - poor little dogs are getting their legs worn off when we go out now by default!

    Am already looking forward to Lincoln 10k on the 7 April as that will be my next progress tester and will adjust my paces on MF's chart according to whatever I run there.  Doing 1 and 2 mile efforts has surely got to make the whole 10k experience less traumatic!  I need to run 50:03 to move up a level. 

    OMG - just seen the forecast for Friday - hoping the forecast changes by then!  Might need to allow extra time for the journey if the race goes ahead! 

    AC8 - inspiring future generations - RESPECT! 

  • Stay calm Coniston crew - the weather on the BBC website is currently totally different to what was just on tv - not sure which is most up to date but think positive... image


  • Sleepy - the current BBC web site forecast for Coniston shows OK weather - wet on Friday but dryish Saturday

  • On TV it just showed a huge band of snow across the whole country!!! Hence the OMG image


  • Planning Outlook for all mountain areas from Wednesday, 20th March, 2013

    Persistently cold throughout this week across most mountain areas, with further snowfall, considerable in some areas - reaching Wales on Thursday afternoon and extending gradually northwards over the following 48 hours. During this period, upland gales will be extensive and often severe, and particularly across Scotland the air will be exceptionally cold for late March. There is considerable doubt in terms of whether less cold conditions over perhaps 3 or 4 days eventually then penetrate north to most or all mountain areas or whether cold conditions persist/return southwards until Easter - the latter a less likely outcome.


  • The sun always shines in Coniston.......hopefully.

    Just got back from a 10k in 48.26 on a hilly Coniston like course so feeling good though I think my daughter wants me to pace her round to a two hour finish so might have to hold back on Saturday for the first half of the course. The second half is hillier and harder than the first half. Particularly mile 12 stands out as a bit of a killer pull up.

    Nice running O and keep going slow or you will be in big trouble.......image

  • Stay calm guys but bring your winter woolies to Coniston - latest forecast is wet and very cold - did i tell you i am officially fed up with the cold??

  • Brief update after Sunday's tough 16m run:

    Mon - rest

    Tues pm - 7m recovery in 9:30 pace. Walked on hills when HR too high....

    Wed am - 10m VO2max with 4 x 0.75m @5k pace (actuals nearer HM pace) 7:01; 7:05:7:06 and 7:16 (hilly). 4:30min jog recovery between sets.

    Please enough with this as all interval comfortably faster tha MP.

    Pace overall for 10m 8:04 min/m

    Sports massage at 1:30, then Club XC trophy presentations at 7:00pm

  • See oscarr - even speedy Mike walks still from time to time!  I'm getting a bit bored of the weather now too - still, when it gets milder we'll be all the more grateful!

    Nice work Mike - sounds like a busy day - hope you can still stagger home with all the silverware you've no doubt earned this winter! Good to see you're getting a massage - hope this one is less of a trauma to your poor muscles!

    Had a fab yoga session last night - we were doing headstands - probably no real running benefit whatsoever but great fun... hands up who hasn't done one since childhood... yep neither had any of us! Bet reiki has image


  • Thanks for your comments. I am looking forward to getting rid of my cold and getting out running again.

    A further bit of news: just received a job offer image just a contract role, but will give me a bit of certainty for a few months.
  • Congratulations AC!  Contracting is where the real money is!

    I'm really starting to doubt my max heart rate.  I did 10m today, including 4 reps of 1m @ 5k pace. I hit pace for each rep, and yet my heart rate maxed out at 165bpm, while it should have been hitting 178-182bpm!!! image   I'm wondering if my max reading from my original HR tests could have been blips.  I'm going to run a parkrun 5k as a race in a couple of weeks, so i'll wear my HRM to see what happens.

    Of course, it doesn't make any difference to my marathon training paces, because they are all based on my marathon target and my race paces.  It does intrigue me, though.

    Today, I targeted 7:45 for my mile reps and my splits were 7:40/7:46/7:45/7:45.  I was happy with that until I found out that I had meant to target 7:43.  So it was a disaster image  

  • Ten - 2 seconds is a disaster? mmmmm!  

    When i used a HRM years ago the book told me to do balls out runs up a steep hill (after a long warmup) and your max rate is what it is at the top of the third hill climb i.e. just about to fall down dead state.

    AC8 - fantastic news about the job, you never know where it could lead to.

    Still officially fed up with the cold weather.

  • AC8 - two bits of good news, the parkrun and a contract. Well done!

    Ten - you will find it hader to hit max HR as you get fitter and this is a good thing, not a problem! Think of it like this: would you rather drive on a motorway with the revs knocking on the red line all the way to Leeds, or would you rather cruise up on the sweet spot below max?

    What is more comfortable inside a car is also more comfortable for mere humans and - you can go further.

    I assume you were joking about your 2 secs disaster!  

  • Energy gels - buy 1 get 1 free

    Check this site (I have used them before and I am not on commission!)

    I just got 40 High 5 Energy gels plus for less than £20


  • Yes I was joking image  

    Regarding the max HR - the only reason I'm concerned is because I want to be sure I'm training in the right zone for each workout (recovery/threshold/VO2max).  To do this effectively requires a fairly accurate figure for the max heart rate.  

    It's not a huge problem, because I've been hitting all my target paces.  I'm just intrigued.  I'll save any experimentation until after the marathon.

  • Reiki - have a safe journey up today

  • Today looking like a good day to travel... see you up there reiki - will text when we arrive (if I still have a signal....)  Otherwise - plan to meet at the school (start) ¼ hr before?  It's a 1030 start isn't it - must check that! 

    Did you say you're going up tomorrow oscarr? 

    mcs - you're going straight there on Saturday aren't you?

    Have I missed anyone? 


  • Good luck everyone.  Is it on Saturday, or Sunday?

  • 11am start! 

    Am leaving in a few minutes, will catch up as I go.  

    I do hope the race isn't postponed! 

  • Ten - it is Saturday 11 am start.

    Sleepy, yes i plan to leave very early tomorrow morning partly to avoid the M6 friday mayhem but also to give me plenty of time to snow plough my way into Coniston - forecast now snow most of Friday but stopping before Sat morning.  Which camp site are you parking in and what plans for eat Friday night?  Good Pub Guide says The Sun in Coniston is good.  I'm in a B&B in Coniston.  Pretty sure mcs is travelling Sat morning.

    Reiki - keep smiling

  • mcs our pacemaker d'you mean?!

    Now at Euston.
  • Well I just caught up after my condensed and intense work week, and I'm delighted for you AC8 on all counts apart from the raspy running.

    I missed Reading as I have mentally conquered those last two miles and was hopeful of a PB. However it is a Marathon PB i am in quest of, nothing else.

    Speculation as to my head standing record fid not go unnoticed. Let me be clear that I have never knowingly stood on my head and have no plans in that direction although I did discover a fairly safe move called thread the needle.

    I could really do with a HR tutorial and maybe I will start again with a beginners mind.

    Like you Ten I am doubting my max which I thought was around 187 until I saw several higher readings. These are maverick most likely as my average comes in around 150 even for sessions that include intervals, I'm not using it to full or indeed to any potential though.

    Accumulated fatigue is my constant companion these past couple of weeks, and Garmin, which usually only bleeps if I freak out on a steep hill ( which in turn won't happen anyway now that I am using lap average pace rather than real time pace), has alerted me as soon as I lock the front door'

    Maybe I will turn alerts off.

    Running today a 45 min recovery job ( my first of this VLM campaign) when I get to Coniston and can't wait. Love a slow as possible in nature.

    Yesterday's progression run went to 10+ as I needed a couple of miles to get gojng before talking 10 secs off each mile and finishing with a 7:00.

    It was on the AlterG though - niggly knee and ankle heralded that adjustment where common sense prevailed, as indeed it shall if there is ground snow up in Coniston!

    I think I've booked myself a Pilates class in the morning. Their weekly class is on a Friday how cool is that.
  • Have a fab journey reiki - we can chat HR lots on the way round if you like...

    here's a link for journey reading if you want it:

    oscarr - we'll be at park coppice just SW of Coniston village - not sure of plans to eat yet - we'll have the dogs with us so unlikely to leave them for long - may have to be fish and chips in the van for us!  Not sure Lucky would be able to cope with a busy pub yet - he's just too nervous and will screach/do his high pitch panic barking.

    Will text as soon as we get nearby - maybe we could meet up for a pre-race wander into the village (for a cake or two!) or walk up to the YH to see reiki cos we'll be taking the dogs out to be emptied if the weather isn't too horrendous.  We too are planning to set off a bit earlier than usual to allow for the snow!

    If all else fails 10.45 by the gantry??? I will be wearing black stuff with turquoise flashes on my tights and quite possibly my buff - which has lots of little monkeys on it (I kid you not!)

    Just had a fab run - my 3 at MP felt super-comfy today! Rock n Roll - happy happy image

    Oh and ps my new montane waterproof trousers (bought for the Wall) have just arrived - they scrunch down to less than the size of an apple in their little bag and have very groovy velcro strips up the calves so you can stop any flapping - looking forward to testing them on Sunday... Here they are for drooling:

    + there's a 15% discount code for sportsshoes until 7 April - LMF1315


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