Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Oh nearly forgot - wanted to add my view on max HR - I've worked mine out using the various formula (220-age, Karvonen's (HR reserve) & 180-age+5) and used the figure after beasting myself at the end of a 10k and they all pretty much work out the same (within 15 beats).  Because most training is within a 20 beat range I've decided that a 'general' max figure is good enough for mere mortals.  When we've all cracked the magic 2.5 hour mara barrier then we might need to worry about precise figures but my personal feeling is that unless you really are an anomaly - you'll be training in roughly the right zone based on any one of the above!

    Having said that - none of us may want to believe how slow we need to go to stay in some of the lower zones at first... image


  • Latest from the race organisers:

    "we will email registered runners if Coniston has heavy snow. Check local weather reports on Saturday morning"

  • Sleepy - found your site on map and be in touch tomorrow. I'm in Oaklands Guest House, Yewdale Rd (the road going North out of Coniston) - think the YHA is on the same road.

    Done my 8 miler with mid 3@MP (9:00mpm).

  • Good luck guys - hope you don't need those snow shoes!

  • I'm getting excited for you all!  Hope the race goes ahead OK (likewise the Oakley 20).

    Today I had my long-awaited physiotherapy!!!!   Knee tracking slightly out, ITB and quads are tighter than a nun's whatchamacallit.  No major surprises.  I've got exercises to do and will have a follow up session in a month or so to see how things are doing (i.e. to make sure I don't ignore the advice).

    The physio asked me about the marathons I'd done.  When I told her I was running Brighton Marathon in a few weeks, she asked "will that be that your longest one?".  I respectfully pointed out that they were all the same length image

  • Ten - your posts always make me smile, thankyou for brightening the day

  • Ten - you sure she wasn't asking about your leg length?image

    OR - was she the same lady who interviewed Mo Farrah a few weeks back? image

  • Latest from Coniston14 website twitter - "Check your emails cos just sent one re limited parking now at school field"  and "snow forecast for fri/sat - fingers crossed"

  • Ten - thanks - I just inhaled my coffee laughing LOLOLOL

    How did your MP feel oscarr - I did 1 each at 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7 (8.57) - very civilised!

    Mike - snow shoeing - now that'd be fun. 

    Worse case scenario for us will be to leave the van at the campsite (maybe will anyway so we can leave the heater on for the dogs when the van's hooked up) - less than a mile away so we can jog to/fro! Then the dogs can have a nice sleep whilst we're running!  If the campsite get narky about us leaving the dogs I'll stay with them so Ben can run (cos he missed out on Reading & Fleet last weekend and has foregone the Home Countries to come to Coniston with us!) so you'll see me cheering you on after a mile and then I'll get to somewhere near the end.

  • I haven't received an email.... anyone else know what it says?

  • MP felt easy.  I will ask at B&B if they do dog minding - slim chance but you never know.  No email yet either so i am monitoring my twitter account now as well

  • Posty just delivered my new HR toy - will bring it to Coniston

  • oscarr - Whoop whoop - if you wear it in the race (I rarely do in races - it's the only time the chest strap seems to chafe!) don't look at it too often - big numbers are scary! Check you out on twitter - more up to date than I am LOL

    Bit of a drama - but it's adding a sense of occasion to the whole weekend n'est pas?

    Hope everyone else is planning something as exciting in their own world...  Ten - did you say you had a race lined up?  Or did I make that up? image


  • SB - I'm running in the Oakley 20 on Sunday.  "Running through" as us experts say to explain why we're crawling along image  

    I can't quite believe that, when I cross the finish line, I will be officially tapering! image

    I've just ordered P&D's road running book from (I had $12 gift voucher to spend).  It should arrive just after I've run the marathon, so I'll have a look at their schedules for 10k races.

    I received my Brighton race number and my VLM number today!   If all goes well, I will be deferring the latter and will have a year to plan for the 2014 marathon image

  • The way you're going I'm sure you'll have a blast!  Hope it goes well for you - will look forward to hearing all about it...

    I might drop myself off at oscarr's B&B and let the dogs run - to be fair it's hard to tell the difference in average speed once they've stopped for a few sniffs along the way image

  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    Because most training is within a 20 beat range I've decided that a 'general' max figure is good enough for mere mortals.  

    Have to disagree with you on that.  If, for example, your calculated max was 10bpm too high, then you could be training with your heart rate up to 7bpm (70%) too high on all of your "recovery" runs, meaning that they wouldn't be recovery runs at all and you would eventually burn out in training.  Conversely, if you were training at 9bpm (90%) too low during intevals, then you wouldn't be getting the full benefit of your training potential.

  • I've just checked and they are also predicting Snow at the time of Sunday's race, as well as on Saturday.  Hopefully it isn't cancelled.

  • A few flurries of the white stuff here tonight as I went for a quick blast brrrrr its freezing hard to imagine that last year it was about 18 to 20 at this time of the year......then it just rained all year. Happy Friday for tomorrow. image Crazy work very busy which is good, doing anything and everthing at Peppermint Press, we have a website, beer for any referrals!!! imageimage

  •           Cheers SB will have a read up. 

    Had a very scary cab from Windermere, he turned up in a minibus for just me and proceeded to hurtle along narrow roads with blind bends way too near the wall to my side, and constantly quipped along the lines of *I don't usually hit the walls*.  Silence.  *Have lost quite a few wing mirors though to be fair*    Yowsers - have found that there's a bus 3 times a day and that one of those will suit me for the return leg.   Let's hope he doesn't moonlight as a bus driver at the weekends eh?   I have managed the ultimate recovery run - just under 4 miles in 45 minutes!   I'm at Lakeland House, bang opposite the Tourist Information and public loos - I think I passed both your places, but my sense of direction is atrocious, will be lucky to find the pilates class in the morning.   My sis isn't coming til the morning of the race now.   Left knee is playing up a touch, brought the Grid along fortunately.     
  • What did this email say reference parking not seen it? Weather looking ropey such a shame travelling up Sat am should be fun......
  • Buried in snow here in peak district!!
  • Boooo - Coniston postponed until October:

    Regretfully the race has been postponed Conditions do not allow safe running Will be rescheduled at a date in October.  Refunds will be offered to people not wanting to run in October. Please email from web site if this is required. New date soon

    Abort abort Boooo - poor reiki - she's already there - hope you have a lovely weekend regardless - extra cake for you!

    Ten - HR wise - I go as low in the zone as poss for recovery and high as poss for intervals - I'm standing my ground on this - I concede that the more accurate you can be the better but as long as you're training at different intensities you'll get the all round benefits image

  • Off to Pilates people....gving it 25 minutes to walk round the corner! 

  • OMG I feel gutted for you all, particularly Reikki image  They are being generous with the refunds, though.  All of my cancelled races have taken the money and run.  Apart from light flurries, the bulk of the snow hasn't yet arrived here.

    SB - I have been erring on the side of caution for recovery runs too image  I guess it's more the threshold run that could be "wrong" if you have calculated the threshold level from an incorrect max (because it's either at threshold intensity, or it isn't).  How much of a problem it is, I'm not sure.  Maybe one day I'll "treat" myself to a test like Mike had (I'm not sure "treat" is the right word).

  • Shame about the cancellation especially for those already there.....was out at 6:30am myself in the cold wind for 10m, but now it is sunny!

    Eastleigh 10k on Sunday, forecast is dry, windy and 2 degrees.image....

  • Ten - I know what you mean - I'm tempted to "treat" myself too - just not sure how much I want to image.  Ben has a lactate testing kit but I think I'd give in early on the grounds of familiarity so I think an outside tester would be more accurate.

    Fingers crossed for not too many cancellations - poor organisers - it's always such a shame when they've done the bulk of the hard work getting it all lined up!

    So - the racing batons are firmly in the hands of Ten and Mike then - go get em boys!

    We're currently investigating other options for Ben - I'm happy to wrap up warm and do my runs locally.  Reckon we must be due a good summer this year image


  • Bit of gardening to do before the rain comes - oh the fun things to do!!

    Sleet and rain forecast for tomorrow here so will try and get out early for a 12 miler.  Sunday's 3.5 hr run will be a challenge in minus one degrees but at least its forecast dry.

    Happy days.

    Just remembered, i have to download the Polar HRM guide and work out my max heart rate - Sleepy, what would you calculate it for a man aged 60?

  • Gardening!  LOL - It's sleeting here!  Just did some intervals on the field with the dogs just to keep warm!

    I'm gonna put my guestimate in at 165 - 167 for you based on the knowledge of mine being about 6 beats higher than the 220 - age thingy (plus that particular formula was originally based on swedish swimmers so not completely accurate as they're non-weight bearing! allegedly)

    When you come up here for the April walk thingy we could get Ben to do your lactate if you want so you get a more accurate picture.  I might even let you have a go on Tommy (the treadmill) instead of making you run up and down the lane!

    You'll soon get a feel for if your max is higher - just keep an eye on it at the end of races/fast efforts. But don't be tempted to change it just cos you feel the bands are too slow!

    12 miler???? What happened to the other 1.8 you were willing to do image

  • Thanks.  I may have to cancel the April Walk as i may be in Wales - will let you know later.

    12 miler - i went back to our plan which has 2 hrs Sat and 3.5 hrs Sun - so 2 hrs is about 12 miles image , unless you want me to go quicker than 10mpm to get 14 miles done image.

  • Corner... image


    No worries - these things happen!


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