Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Oscarr - re max HR.

    Your biological age may have nothing to do with your "running age" as you are no doubt considerably fitter than your "standard" 60 yr old!

    That said, the pundits all seem to agree that the only thing you can do with a max HR is watch it decline as you age!

    FWIW my fitness test (on the treddie back in Jan 13) was stopped after 24 mins when I was running at a pace of 6:02 min/m in other words flat out.

    My HR at that time during the test was 160 so if that was 95% effort then max is 168; if 90% effort then max is 178. I happen to think my max is 182 after a series of hill tests (and I was tired going into the treadmill test).

    Conclusion: for you.....168/180 would be a fair spread if I was a betting man, and could be a fraction higher as you are younger than me.

  • Oscarr - wear your heart rate monitor and go bash out a parkrun.  That should give you a better idea than age-based formulae.  That's what I'm planning to do next week as a sanity check.

    I ran 11m MLR earlier.  I was running easy and nearly forgot to turn around at halfway.  When I turned around I realised why.....   the fierce headwind made the remaining miles feel like running through treacle!  I still stuck to planned paces (actually went a bit faster), which might not have been completely wise with the 20m run in a couple of days image  It's all character building image

    The serious snow hasn't arrived here so far.....  

  • Thanks Mike and Ten - i will start to test my max HR on Tuesday when i do my next spinning class - thereafter, i will plan in a hill test (not on the same day!) - until then i will play around with it and assume 170-180 until the tests are done

    Sleepy - you can come out of the corner now image

    Is Ben doing the Walk for All with you on 28th April ?

  • Hello again, had a splendid morning at Pilates and around the village where I nearly bought a ball with a floating eyeball inside it

    I was welcomed and invited back to the social club, then given the door code so I can let myself in for a treadie session in the morning [they have this gym with one of everything in the equivalent of a small bedroom, it looked like one of those manual jobbies but didn't get a good look]. 

    So will go there. 

    Can see Old Man again, but they say it will abate and then worsen. 

    I'm thinking I'll probably do a long run Fri or Saturday to just edge the 3 weeks out.

    Speaking of HR, when I was playing with my Garmin to take alerts off, I noticed that it thinks my max is 176.  Does it know?  What I mean is that I may have input data early on when I didn't really know [!],  or does it base this on it's own observations?! which would surprise me as it has seen higher readings. 

    It works on 5 Zones, based on whoch my average for any session is in Zone 4. 

    From what I have been hearing from SB this is not ideal. 

    Mind you I have been wearing the trail shoes you recommended all day and they are ace in snow! 

  • Oscar - Just to complicate matters, the max heart rate is not the same for different activities.  So your max for cycling can be different to your max for running.

    Reikki - the garmin doesn't know your true max.  

  • I'm happy in my corner thanks - I have a giant Easter egg to eat to cheer my race free weekend up.   image

    reiki - as I understand it you should aim to spend some time in each of your zones (I do my zone 1 when I'm out with the dogs I reckon so I never worry about that one so much).  Ideally at the end of the week/month your training data should look like a staircase - with more time spent in the lower zones and least in the top.  My steps never look particularly diagonal (if you know what I mean - I might spend most time in z2 but then very similar in zone 3 and 4 with less in 5) but the pattern is getting there.


    xxx   Z5

    xxxxx  Z4

    xxxxxxx  Z3

    xxxxxxxxxx  Z2

    vs mine:





    Your watch will only know what it's programmed to know (if you don't input it will give you an auto figure)


  • Oh and a bit more reading (well glance) - this is the training pattern polar recommend for a mara - there's loads if you scrummage around on the website... this might make the concept a bit clearer reiki: oriented runner training with GPS_en.pdf

    Catch ya later guys - it's going awfully dark outside so I'm gonna whisk the dogs out before any blizzards appear!

    Stay safe, stay warm image

  • Hi chaps, back again after a few days roaming at work...had an excellent run whilst in Milan started at 8pm 24miles along the Navigilio Grande all done in 2:32.  The annoying thing was there was no where to anything to eat afterwards doh!

    Shame about conniston, RR I would be tempted to run it anyway just to prove it was possible.  I've been at a fell race where that happened, race called off but around 80 out of the 100 entered ran it anyway!

    Had an odd run yesterday went out for an easy 5-8 miler, but was enjoying myself so much that I came back 17 miles later...then went to the club for reps in the evening, must be marathon training.

    I'm off to Eastliegh this weekend see you there Mike

    I'm off to Eastliegh too this weekend, may see Mike there.

  • Deep snow here in Derbyshire and took me an hour or more to get home due to nutters going into stone walls over the tops............happy weekend all hope you enjoy the village of Coniston RR and your gym session in the am. Dont think anyone will be able to run round the lake road in the morning with all this snow.....still coming down here............Oh to be in Italy sounds like a nice spot to run. Awesome training Choisty you are the speed man!!

  • Slow down and enjoy the views Choisty!  Oh wait.... that probably was slow for you image

    The snow has arrived here this morning image  Looks like today will be spent monitoring the forecasts, road reports and the Oakley 20 updates image

    I've only got a four mile recovery later this morning, which I'll do on the treadie to keep me really slow.

  • Waiting for the sleet to stop then a 2 hr run in the rain - whooopeee!!!


  • Oh, forgot to tell you guys that i'm doing a Ballroom and Latin dancing course on Tuesday evenings - done 5 sessions so far and loving it - wonder if i could book it as a recovery run image  - off to town this afternoon to buy some dancing shoes; i kid you not!!

  • image I sense a forum name change coming on, "twinkletoes" image

  • Nah - the new name for Oscarr has to be "Bruce"

    Who else do we know who is talll, light on his feet......cracks jokes, bad jokes?

    Oh - its snowing!

    I'll look out for you Choisty, but I suspect I'll just be eating the powdered snow that kicks up off your shoes!

  • LOL guys!  Beat me to all the jokes! 

    oscarr - that's awesome - bet that's great fun!  We keep saying we'd love to go to classes but just haven't got time to take up another activity right now.  M&F in law do lindy hop and swing (not like that Ten!!!!!!!!!!!) - they go all over the country socialising and to workshops and it keeps them pretty fit!  B's mum keeps telling me that B's pretty good but I've not seen him in action yet!

    Right must stop procrastinating and get out in the blizzard! About to test kit options while I empty the dogs and may then be adding extra layers LOL (not much settling here but it's falling pretty fast)

    Hope your races are still on guys!


  • WEATHER UPDATE : Saturday 23rd March

    The Oakley 20 management team have reluctantly decided to Cancel the Oakley 20 race because of the bad weather and dangerous conditions of the roads.
    Further information will be given today


    Luton Marathon, Watford Half Marathon, and now this.  image  

    At least I know I can go out for my 20m run early tomorrow.


  • Ten - gutted for you but do remind me not to enter any races that you do..image

  • Boooo Ten!  Sorry mate!

    Cheated a bit this morning - was a bit too cold to think about walking so did my bestest slow jogging for my 2 hours (HR stayed at bottom end of zone 3 so not tooo naughty).  New waterproofs are awesome beyond awesome!

    Will wear even more clothes tomorrow if needs be - zone 2 here I come!

  • Just back from my 2 hr LSR - 12.43 miles in 2:10 @ 10:28 pace - good steady pace all the way.  Tried my HRM but got lots of spurious readings ranging from 178 (200 yards into it), zero then 90 - think the transmitter thingy got vaseline on it which i don't think it likes.  Will try again tomorrow.

    Although it was freezing cold, snow blizzard then rain it was strangely enjoyable.

    Been thinking about my training and have concluded that the change i'm making (with the significant help of Sleepy at al) is a good one - i came into marathons on the back of a long period of doing quick 5k/10K and halfs and upped the mileage but kept doing things at a high pace.  The result was a lot of wall hitting.  the change is to come at it from the other end and boost my basic endurance first - this is where The Wall comes in and the plan to do lots of endurance work up to summer then bring in the pacey stuff for Abingdon.  "be fit at the bottom of the hill first" as Sleepy puts it.

    Really want to thank Sleepy and you all for getting me to do my LSRs at a true slow pace.  Today's run was so easy and strangely enjoyable.  the prospect of never struggling is quite liberating.  i never thought i could run this slow and enjoy it. I could have gone on and on, which i will do tomorrow as i've got 3.5 hrs to do @11:00.

  • Ten you can, but how's about Hyde Park?  There's a hastily organised 20 [well 18-24, you decide] tomorrow that I'd have done had I escaped back to town. 

    They say it is going ahead, at least that was the latest at 13:00.

    SB you have given me lots to look into this afternoon.  

    Just did 15 on the only treadie in the village [Ten!!] 

    A very slow first mile [11:50!] as I find tredaies very hard work, then 13.5 @ 8:27, 0.25 @ 8:20, 0.25 @ 8:13 just to replicate the faster finish. 

    Thanks for explaining about the Garmin and HR.

    mcs is correct - I have participated in let's do it anyway elsewhere, but this is not one of those, unless.... 

    Something wierd happened - When I walked round the corner to the Sports Club at 9, the road was solid impacted snow and ice with slush puddles at the corners, but when I returned the pavements were still like that [and with deeper drifts], but the roads were clear, and just to prove it, a very runnery bloke appeared and ran straight through the middle of the village. 

    How did they do that?!

    It's not like there's anybody about apart from those stalwart families you get.

    One good thing about the weather is that my windowsill is an excellent fridge. 

  • Oscarr I'm paying much attention to your progress, and it makes complete sense given your history that this is the way to go with long stuff.

    I meant to say earlier that I quite fancy learning some kind of dancing.  I wet to ballet school for 15 years but the closest I have got to any kind of organised outcome otherwise was a thing called le Roc in Belgium in the mid 70s - think deathwish jitterbug.

    Was anyone else a child of punk?  That was excellent timing and really simplified matters. 

  • oscarr - your open mindedness is awesome - it's just all about finding the training system that works for you!  I do think we're all guilty of overtraining to some extent and therefore don't improve as quickly as we should.  Gotta be worth a shot!

    reiki - good god woman - 15m - you are my heroine of the year!  Now that's what you call commitment!  Wowsers! imageimageimage

    Looks like the Home Countries XC is still on - the boys are just walking the course as I type! 

  • Oh good! So Ben gets a run?

  • Thanks Reikki, but I really don't have the heart to chance another when I can just head out of the door and run for free, guaranteed.

    They've confirmed that there will be no refunds or transfers.  So I get yet another item of clothing emblazoned with a race that never happened image  I know it's not the organisers fault, but it's really beginning to grate now with the amount of money chucked away on races that I don't get to run.

  • Oscarr - welcome the slow-burn methodolgy for running long, and fast!

  • Anyone else done a run with a GPS watch on one wrist and separate HRM watch on the other wrist?  Just want to know if there really is interference on the HRM readings created  by the GPS. 

  • Not me!  


  • Turn off the GPS watch for a bit and see image

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