Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Oscarr - I won't come up the hill to see you guys tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, my throat worsened overnight and I have not run today - barely crawled out of bed in fact. So the last thing you would want is me spluttering all over you!

    If the weather is anything like today, you will have a cracker and the ground is hard and fast, if a little chopped up in places particularly within a mile of the A34 where the 4x4 idiots have churned it up....

    Enjoy it....

  • Cheers Oscarr.  Though it's practically impossible to think about anything other than race prep at the moment!  I'm going out in proposed race day kit tomorrow, including fully loaded gel belt for a comfort test.

  • Ten - great idea to try everything this weekend then forget about it for a week!

    Mike - hope the bug goes soon and we'll miss you tomorrow.

    Choisty - get that beer chilling!!
  • It might be a cuppa as the bar may be closed!
  • Choisty - making excuses already - tut, tut!!!

  • Now at Dorney Lake!

    More later.
  • Good luck everyone.

    Beautiful morning for running today.  Lots of fair weather runners and riders out on the road this morning image  - had a definate air of spring about it.  Hopefully it's not another false alarm image

    I ran a nice easy ten miles and tested out race day clothes and loaded gel belt.  The latter was not as tight as I needed on the smallest width, so I tied a couple of knots in it to make it a bit smaller.  It held up okay with eight large gels, but I'm going to add an extra knot or two to try out again during the week.  At least the gels were all held securely and in reasonable comfort.

    My plan is to take one SiS Go gel at the start of the race, then take four more during the race, plus two ZipVit gels.  I'll take them roughly every four miles.  This is just over 200g carbs, which should suffice for a four hour race.  I'll have an extra SiS gel available on the belt as insurance.

    I've been having a sneaky read of Matt Fitzgeralds tips in his latest book.  Just enough was available in the preview on amazon for me to get the information I wanted.  I'll most likely buy the book later, but for now I've found what I wanted.

  • Happy Happy - 2nd ever fastest 10k for me today!  Only 16 seconds off my pb and jumped 3 rows in my pace chart!!!! Yikes

    MP now 8.15 m/mi (from 8.46)

    ½ - 7.57 (from 8.27)

    10mi - 7.51 (from 8.20)

    Not overly confident but will give these new breakneck speeds a try before I decide I can't do it!


  • Congratulations Sleepy! Great to see the training is paying off - good luck with the new paces.  3:36 marathon is an awesome target time!

  • Well done SB - who dares wins for you I reckon!

    Ten - agree with a fab day for running. Despite feeling off yesterday I did up my mansuit and went out for an early morning recce of the Coombe Gibbet race route which is on my patch.

    Meandered up on the trails to the top of the ridge which is 450 ft above our village and then ran 6-7 miles of the race route. It was beautiful up there, dry and fast with a bit of a breeze and for the first time in what must be 9 months, dust flew out of my socks when I got home rather than slush or mud....

    Easy pace most of the way, keeping HR low but did manage the final 3m at MP so feel good with that result. Overall time was 1:50:xx for 12+m soo nothing too taxing.

    Oscarr will have a sun tan I reckon.....

  • Sleepy - you forgot one piece of essential info - what was your 10K time today??  Great running whatever it was and those new paces are speedy - speedy sleepy eh!!!!!

    Ten - used my 310xt for the first time today - awesome - had it on 3 screens and i could read all 3 which is brilliant - didn't wear HR belt, that will come a little later, mind you it kept telling me at the start that it was reading lots of other HR tramsmitters!!

    Mike - good news that you are back fit and well

    So, to today's race - great to see Choisty there at the start and finish looking well and really up for a good VLM - thanks for looking after my bag at the start - mind you, still haven't had that beer yet !!!  image

    The Combe Gibbet is a real gem of an event and well and truly on my race calendar -  good parking and the buses left bang on time to take us the one hour drive to the start with a police escort (cute, plus the driver is the Overton local bobby who donned running gear at the start and ran it!!!) - saw beautiful part of Berkshire - start on the top of a chalk hill Combe Gibbet

    The route had stunning views and was really a trail run rather than xc so mainly on farm tracks and woodland trails with some long hills.  Great profile cos the hard work is done between 8 and 12 miles then its downhill 4 miles to the finish in the village

    Set out to do an easy paced 9mpm (MP) and see how i felt.  At 8 avge pace 9:00 - top of the hill at 12 it was 9:13 - at the finish it was 8:53.  16.23 miles in 2:24:30.

    I had an absolute blast - felt really steady and controlled for 12 miles then let the afterburners go for the last 4 miles (done at 8mpm) hurtling past those folk who blasted past me at the start - great fun and feeling.  No food or gel intake just 3 cups of water.  Felt fresh at the finish and ready for tomorrow's 3 hr LSR.

    Mike - i did leave my cap off so will have after-sun lotion tonight !!!

    What a great day out   imageimageimageimageimage

  • Mike - glad to see you're recovered.  SOOOO close now! 

    Oscarr - brilliant running!  Nice to finish with a burst too.  It sounds like you need to get your heart rate strap paired with the watch, which will stop it hunting for straps to pair with.  It's a bit of a lonely hearts watch.

  • Ten are you using the caffeinated Zipvits?  And if so when?  I am not sure if I will in the marathon as I can only have one [it's my daily max caffeine safe limit right there], still pondering my strategy, meanwhile it sounds like you have rehearsed several key aspects of yours. 

    SB that's a woopidoo!!  

    Mike you are in good shape and raring to go, I did something similar today, great fun. 

    Oscarr this sounds like an awesome race and a great day out.

    Speaking of days out I got talked into doing the Dorney Lake 20K today.  Was meant to do a progression 10 miler like I said, 2 miles easy then 3 @ 8:50, 3 @ 8:40, 1 @ 8:10, 1 easy, so I incorporated all that into a surge at the end despite strong winds on one side of the lake.  It was indeed quite hard work for 12.45 in 1:55:10. Got into a little race that I should have risen above really, but enjoyed coming through the pack from last to lapping a couple of people!   

    Not overlooking my very own 5 mile PB of yesterday afternoon - 39:53 at LAST under 40 mins for 5.  Mind you I've only done Perivale 5 before, and that ony twice.  

    Knee niggled during the race today, and left hip hrt a little afterwards, but job is done and let the taper begin.

    I am feeling nervous and excited about going to the expo and picking up my number which will almost certainly be for Blue Pen 5. 

    Good running by us this weekend. 

  • Ten - love the way you make a pun out of a HRM...!!!

  • Reiki - I'm just taking the ordinary zipvits.  I don't want to mess about with caffeine levels and get whopping headaches if I get it wrong.  The SiS gels are the easiest to take, and I'll be taking them instead of water (if it's hot, then I will drink some water too).

    Oscarr - thanks, though it needs a bit of polish before Milton Jones will use it. 

  • Oscarr - thought you would enjoy that today. It is a fabulous part of the world- to think you ran 16m with hardly a house in sight, just a natural setting.

    Magic moments......

  • Gotcha Ten!  Phew.

  • ooops - I ran 47.10 oscarr - Ben reckons the course is about 30seconds slow so I'll take that.  Not a very pretty route though I have to say - definitely not a showcase of the city! Yours sound much nicer - will have to add it to the list!

    reiki - know what you mean - one of the local club runners tried to come past me at about 9.75km - amazing what you can pull out of yourself on some random whim eh! image

    mike/Ten - exciting times!  Mike are we allowed to sweepstake you too?  Would you care to start us off with your gold/silver/bronze goals.... please, thankyou

    Recap on Ten...

    Choisty : 3:54:37

    reiki : 3:54:59

    Sleepy : 3:56:22

    Oscarr: 3:59:00

      oooh and a 0.3 handicap improvement - yippppppeeee



  • Sleepy - that's a great time - it's about my 10K time so you have certainly improved your speed - you've always had good endurance so getting a speedy time on the back of mainly endurance type training is giving a message out isn't it??  I've always had speed in the legs over the shorter distances but lacked the endurance which is about to/is changing....

    Limiting my final run of this week (today) to 3 hrs instead of 4 - have already done 41 miles this week and want to keep to a 10% increase over last weeks 51 miles - todays run will take it to 57.  Definately in a completely different zone now as most i have ever, ever done in a week is about 49/50.  And, this is still week 5 out of 16..!!!!

  • Thanks oscarr - I'd like a sub 45 one day but I'm more than happy with being that close to my pb without training for it.  Average pace was 7:30 mi/miling and I went through 5k in 23:41. Didn't wear my chest strap!

    Gonna do my 9.5 hours all in zone 2 this week so as to let myself adapt from yesterday and get my long miles in without overdoing it since I need to cram 7 days into 5 (if I feel sprightly on Friday still I might go to zone 3 but we'll see). No idea what my mileage will be - guestimate 40ish.

    Your mileage is just pure rock n roll!  Enjoy the sunshine and remember that you're allowed to walk bits if your pulse says so!

  • Thanks Sleepy - just getting ready to go out - will be using the chest strap for the first time wiht my new toy so will be interesting to see how it goes after yesterday - aim to do it in zone 2 all the way today with a few walk breaks - have got my bakewell slices and mini mars already in the bum bag !!!

    9.5 hrs is well over 50 miles as well so think we are jiving together image

  • Not in my zone 2! LOL!  Happy choc munching!  oooh bakewell slices - like that idea image

  • SB - re sweepstake: fire away!

    I'll give you some background: previous mara PB 3:24:12 Abingdon Oct 12 flat track.

    Since then PB'd in 5k 20:09, 10k 40:44, 10m 69:xx and HM (1:30:14).

    Going well in training, no injury but had raging sore throat last week and now nose running like a tap! Did do 12m yesterday up on the ridge where Oscarr ran 1:50:xx (easy pace).

    Boston is net downhill but with a series of 4 hills at 19-21m then fast downhill to the finish. Current weather forecast for race day (Monday 15th) is 18 degrees and sunny.

    So you tell me!

    In my current state I'd do well to PB (bronze), but pre-taper illness I was working on 3:15:xx to 3:20:xx (silver); gold sub 3:15:xx

    Can only dream......

  • Good to see you Oscarr, you looked relaxed at the top and so very strong at the end with a huge smile...great to see

    It really is my favourite race, reminds me of simple times, run from A to B in great countryside followed by cake and a brew.  I shall be back next year as I take a break from marathons again

  • Coolio Mike - have to dream to believe and believe to achieve! Drippy nose will be gone by then I'm sure...

    Ok let's start the ball rolling -  I'll go with 3:14:14


    Recap on Ten... (to keep it on each page so I don't have to go back too far to c+p)

    Choisty : 3:54:37

    reiki : 3:54:59

    Sleepy : 3:56:22

    Oscarr: 3:59:00

  • Hello all... Remember me? image

    Well, my back is no longer broken (just slightly sore and weak). Been on Facebook and all that, but reading about people's running was making me really depressed... Been a poo few months, with hardcore drugs, lack of work and putting on loads of weight from inactivity. I was really worried that it was going to be a permanent thing at one point.

    But, but (touch wood, salt over shoulder, wink three time and spin) I think I'm nearly 100% now. Managed a 7 miler yesterday in 1:04 after being scared to build up too quickly. It's taken some real effort to get myself motivated to get up and out of the door to the point I thought this was all over.

  • Hi BoD m8y!  I left you a pm about the restaurant a while back.  I'm assuming you've cancelled, but let me know.  Glad to see you're back training - are you planning to run at Abingdon?

    I'm climbing up the walls at the moment.  I just can't concentrate on anything without yet another minute race planning detail popping into my head that demand immediate attention.image  I'll have no shortage of things to do next week as I attempt to catch up!


  • Ten: yes mate I cancelled. Sorry, I though I'd replyed... I've got myself a plan printed out for Abingdon but starting back with some parkruns and a couple of 10k over the summer. Arh, pre-race nerves, got to love it.
  • No problem, just wanted to make sure image  What 10k's are you planning?  I've booked the Luton AC 10k on 21st July, and am planning to book the Bedford 10k on 1st September.  The latter being my main target.  I'll also do some parkruns as part of the training.

    After that I'll do at least one half marathon before the end of the year, then build up to the VLM. image  Sorted.

  • Bodude - great to hear from you and good to see you out running again - you have to get over the initial hurt phase of previous unfitness then you will really start to enjoy it again when it starts to feel easier again.  Look forward to the build up to Abingdon later this year - I'm doing it and so is Funny hat.

    Mike - this is a difficult one - with your progression and the fact that i reckon you will get over the cold before the event you should do well but Boston by all accounts is a toughy and you will want to stop in the wall of screams by the girls college at 20 miles for a kiss so, i'll go for a PB of 3:21.

    Sleepy - did 3hrs2mins today 17.0 miles at overall avge of 10:43 including 10 min walks so running pace just under 10:30.  HRM didn't work so no data on that yet but felt a really slow run.  Hard to get going in first few miles - mental, not physical but OK once i got going.  Am liking the run one hour-walk 5 mins format as it gives longer to refuel and prefer to run for an hour at a time on a long run.  Bakewell slices a bit messy so prefer Kiplings country slices - they come in a nice plastic container which fits in the bum bag well.  Feel tired now after the last 2 days and at end of high activity week - early night i think.

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