Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Ten: I'm doing Ramsey 10k and a few other local races in a league. Should be an interesting summer I hope. Couple of guys here at work have started to take running seriously, they are running 19min 5ks.... But one is a copper and the other the sports officer (spends 4 hours a day in a gym/sports...) hope that will be an insentive to get quicker. I think Bedford should fit into the plan quite nicely though.

    Oscarr: thanks mate. I first started on a 2 miler a couple of weeks ago and it hurt like hell. Being v careful of my back and butt pain, if it hits I start to walk and go again if it stops. The wall is looking good for you and sleepy! Really looking forward to Abingdon now that Brighton is blown off. I'd be surprised if I could get round a half at the moment. Few weeks though.... Be good to see you both.

    Mike: I think 5 to 6, just becuase I've heard that the college girls are a real draw, might want to hang round for a bit there...image see this what happens when you have little human contact for months.

    Oh the upside of being in the house for months was indulging other pastimes that I no longer have time for. But it's so good to be functioning again. Thanks folks and sorry for being away so long.
  • Paired my HRM to watch so we are all go with the technology now.  The data i can get from the watch itself (time/dist/mile splits/HR info etc) is enough for me so haven't done the garmin connect/pc thingy.

  • Oscarr - download the Ant agent software and install it before you put the Ant+ stick into the PC.  Have the watch turned on in the vicinity when you plug the Ant+ stick in too.  It all helps to smooth the process.

    Go here (make sure it's the right one for your operating system).

    Once it's sorted it's brilliant.  I do a manual transfer to garmin connect, but that's just personal preference.

    I set mine up on my notebook PC today, so I can upload it while I'm in Brighton.

  • Welcome back Bo - care to weigh in on Ten's sweep too?


    Mike ...

    Sleepy 3:14:14

    oscarr 3:21:00

    BoDuke 5:30:00 (including kissing stops)



    Choisty : 3:54:37

    reiki : 3:54:59

    Sleepy : 3:56:22

    Oscarr: 3:59:00

  • Mike I am thinking that your throat and gush episode will not affect you unduly on the day, yet will factor it in and go for 3:18:57

    BoDuke that was a good 7 miler, you are back! 

    Ten I'm a nervous wreck on your behalf.  What about the Watford 10K anyone?  Scenic and lovely, I have to do it as it's part of our road race series. 

  • Right: Ten 3:53:59

    RR: Thank you! When is Watford?

    Oscarr: it's easy once set up. It's uploaded before you get to your PC. The analytic functions are really good.
  • I think you're too optimistic on my times, but I'll try my best image  

    Watford 10k is May 6th.  Too early for me to be racing again.  I considered Whipsnade Zoo 10k in June, because I've really enjoyed that one in the past (it was my first ever race).

  • Ten. Go go go you can do it. 4.03 my guess you can beat me I know. Too busy with working for a living on the shop floor these days......all the best Mike a 3.19.55 sounds good have fun.

    Three runs last week for me but not got much life currently will get there.

    Enjoy VLM Ten and Boston mike, very jealous........

    Sleepy and Oscarr enjoy the long training, watch bling too!! Nice, must dash off to work.....
  • All the best choisty too.
  • Ten - one year I had to do the Cranford and Watford 10Ks on consequestive days within a week of VLM, it is doable. Well it is the way I do it!

    Bit of a sore throat here overnight, could feel it in sleep, so hoped it was phantom.  Now on a coldenza ans echinacea bombard.


  • That's all we ask Ten - you'll be fine!  image

    Get well quick reiki!


    Mike ...

    Sleepy: 3:14:14

    reik:i 3:18:57

    mcs: 3.19.55

    oscarr: 3:21:00

    BoDuke:  5:30:00 (including kissing stops)



    Bo  3:53:59

    Choisty : 3:54:37

    reiki : 3:54:59

    Sleepy: 3:56:22

    Oscarr: 3:59:00

    mcs: 4.03:00

  • Ok, will try the pc upload later

    Today is my rest/xt day and just got back from spinning class - really am feeling quite exhausted so looking forward to 30 hrs rest before track session tomorrow night which is another 6x1mile intervals at 10 mile pace.  Need to listen to how the body reacts this week to the heavier mileage of last week before ramping up again this weekend

  • Yeah and don't forget you'll be wearing your dancing shoes at the weekend too image

    Feeling pretty much recovered now from the 10k and 1.5 hours of zone 2ing.  4 hour beastie tomorrow for me - hope this lovely sun stays out!

    Get that HR monitor on oscarr - and have a look at the numbers - need to start getting a feel for what is 'normal for you' especially after the effort sessions... see how long it takes you to recover. 


  • Yep, and they're pretty cute shoes i can tell you  image 

    Great that you have recovered and good luck with the 4 hr tomorrow.  Will start using the HRM more now that i have sorted it out and paired it to the watch


  • Yay I got to run today! 1m w/u, 2m MP, 1m c/d.  Tried not to think about running 13 times as many marathon pace miles! image

    Malt loaf and Lucozade original ready and waiting for my patented carb loading plan.  I've actually lost a little weight during the taper, so I'm ready to add some back again.  I'm not getting much work done, because I can't concentrate!

  • Ten - i can feel the excitement from here - great to see

  • Feel so much better having put an extra meal into the day - must remember that as the mileage goes up so must the calorie intake to get the right balance - great isn't it??

  • SB you will enjoy the 4 hours I love that kind of session with no pressure.

    Oscarr I'm a 4 meal girl already.

    Still figting the throat, did my 4 easy miles after massage though. 

  • Need to retire from work so I can take up wall training! You are doing well guys keep At it.

    Ten all the best nearly race time........
  • So true mcs!
  • Thanks mcs.

    I've managed to get diarrhoea image  Hoping to get it under control quickly, otherwise carb loading is going to be a challenge image


  • Think I'd rather work LOLOLOL

    4 hours coming up - mental challenge is getting out the door...

    Next time I choose something bonkers to do can someone please remind me to do it when I don't have every weekend booked up.

    Get well you poorly peeps

    The sun's out - get out in it when you can - UV is better than domestos.

    Ten - get some immodium down you - no point rebuking modern medicine at this point in time. They work wonders and will help your body get some nutrition out of the food that's speeding through you!

  • Feel more like an athlete than a drugged up zombie of the last 10 days.....

    Had my final MOT from my "massge man" who told me as I laid back on his treatment table that last night he had he had just bench-pressed a PB of 175kg! That's only about two and half times my body weight.....

    He was gentle with me, so raring to go and will check-in online in the next 10 mins....

    So all systems are go - see you on the other side.

    Best of luck for all runners here over the w/e including of course Ten - stay calm, you'll be fine!

  • Cheers SB/Mike

    I've taken a single Imodium this morning.  The reason being that I *think* the problem is less severe than last night, and I don't want to take more than necessary.  Plain rice for lunch...

  • Ten: Trust in modern science. So exciting, why am I tempted to come down at the weekend anyway and walk around image

    Sleepy/oscarr: You and your crazy ultra-training. Tried discussing it with OH, got some reaction training in as a avoided flying pans/plates/scaving looks/child related guilt trips...

    Mike: and you let him near you??? image

    Oh I've got such an emotiticon addiction at the moment. imageimageimage

  • Bo - loving the scene during your "chat" with OH about ultras   image - bit like mcs when he mentioned doing another marathon to his wife with the reply "over my dead body" - I think he was tempted !!!image

  • I'm gonna send an e-mail to her now with a 'The Wall' link...


    What a truly gorgeous day out there.  Loved my plod today - such a pleasant change not to have a raging wind!  Saw my first 2 butterflies of the year and bravely went adventuring down footpaths that looked like they went roughly in the right direction.  Very glad I did!

    Stats: 4 hours - Zone 2 (112-130bpm) - 16.73 miles (0.34 further than last week in same time) - ave pace (just to freak oscarr out) 14:19mi/mi and yes that's the pace/slower that I've done all my longies at since Christmas and since I've just done my 7:30 10k I'm no longer embarrassed by it image

    Feel like I haven't done anything - gotta love it though my left big toe is a little sore again.  My feet have definitely elongated with  the time being spent on them (it's common apparently).  My other shoes that are 0.5 bigger seem better - so I wonder if it's just my toe bashing against the end and being effectively pushed back into it's joint. It's the joint at the ball of my foot that's complaining.  May have to get another pair and save the smaller ones for afterwards when I drop back to normal time frames.

    Mike - Go get em!  Have a brilliant time - will look forward to hearing all about it!

    Ten - glad you're feeling better! 

  • well and truly freaked out !! 14:19 against my very, very slow run on Monday of 10:45 including 10 mins walking - you must have walked the whole way ??

  • I thought this was just Marathon mythology - but no, it's true:

    Collected my US $ this afternoon:

    Cashier: "USD? Is this business or pleasure" said in a friendly sort of way

    MKS "Ha, err.........., pleasure I hope...but I am running the Boston Marathon...."

    Cashier: ", how far's that then?"

    MKS "This one is 26.2 miles"

    Cashier: "Wow, 50, 100, 150, 200............good luck with that then"

    MKS: "Thanks"

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