Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Tried but failed to instal the Garmin software as it kept giving me instal error - no probs cos i can get info info from the watch.

  • oscarr - LOL - no there was definite jogging! I've locked into my mind that zone 2 jogging equates to the kind of jog-back-to-the-car-after-a-race type speed. Since the Wall cut off is 20 min/miling anything quicker is fine by me!  Got a nice compliment on my training t'other day - a guy commented on it being nice to see someone actually sticking to their HR and that people don't usually go slow enough to get the benefit!  Didn't tell him I was saving my energy for the 6 x 1s next week.  3 hours in the rain tomorrow first tho image Yakky rain!  Can't help with the garmin sorry!

    Mike - hahahaha - your very own Mo moment! image

  • When I told my physio the other week that this would be my third marathon, she asked "will this be your longest one so far?".  Erm... 

  • Awww bless - isn't it funny what people think!

    It's dark and grey here bleurgh - but I feel raring to go!

    Discovered a lovely, easy way to use a grid roller last night (we got a core workout dvd and this was snook in) : Just sit with the roller under your mid calf then circle your ankles.  There's also lie on your front with the roller above your knee and rest on forearms then alternately bend each knee to 90 degrees.  Rollering without rolling yippee!

  • Last night's session was to plan and was the 9 miler including 6x1mile reps @ 10 mile pace.  Did it at avge rep pace of 7:46 compared to last week of 7:45 - slowing downimageimage !!  Horrible cold night in pouring rain.

    This was by far my toughest training session ever.  Legs were fine but the mental test was significant.  Still don't know how i finished the whole session.  Exhausted at the end and had to recuperate with couple pints of Morlands hand pumped ale in the pub!!  Will come back with HR data when i get it out of the watch.

    Thank goodness it's only a 4 mile recovery run today.


  • Before I forget: #16180 (Red Corral)

    Tummy's back under control (butterflies excluded) and starting to carb load.  Time to pack and get the car ready.  I'm off to get my race pack tomorrow. OMG!

  • Ten - brilliant how excited you are, just wonderful - try and enjoy every moment of it.

    HR data from my tempo sessions - max at end of 1mile reps was 82% and min during recovery lap was about 64 to 68% - all based on 175bpm max set in watch.  These look a little low - 82% during the final bit of the 6th mile at 10 mile pace should have been futher up the lactate zone 4 so i think i will set the watch max at 170 bpm.  For my age it should be 220-60=160 plus 10 cos i'm a fit sixty year old.  Any comments??

  • Keep your heart rate records Oscarr.  They become more useful when you have a decent set for comparing performances.  I have some set runs I do on a treadmill as benchmark runs, so I can see how much my fitness has improved over time.  It's a great motivator.

    3m easy with some strides this morning.  My next run will probably be a couple of miles in Brighton on Saturday, though I'm not too fussed whether I do it or not.  Depends how pent-up I feel image

  • Found out why the garmin will not run on my pc - the windows system pack is an earlier one - never mind, too much hastle to upgrade - going for a run!!

  • Yayyy Ten - so jealous - hope you have a great time!  Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Ditto to oscarr - keep an eye on your HR at the end of hard efforts and you'll get a picture over time.  Also do what your doing - ie monitor your perception of how hard the efforts seem.  82% could be about right if you put it into context - the efforts were at 10 mile pace right?  So if you're running at a pace that you should be able to sustain for 10 whole miles it's unlikely to be much over that.  90% is about 10k pace in my opinion but again it's probably very individual.

    Just had a lovely adventure.  I set off on my 3 hour plod with map in pocket and new route in mind... only to get to 4 miles and discover the lane I wanted to follow was closed due to water works!! So I took oscarr's 'have an adevnture' approach and tootled off down a right of way which turned out to be truly lovely and then continueed just looping around here and there until I knew I was about the right time from the end to head home.  Aside from 3 swans glaring at me I had a fantastic time - slower than last weeks 3hr marginally but then did loads of off road today so more than happy!

    Big toe is much happier in bigger shoes so I've ordered a second pair and will see if that solves the problem (much cheaper than a trip to a podiatrist LOL)



  • Thanks Sleepy - so pleased you had a good adventure.  Just got back from my 4 mile recovery run - planned to go at "jog-to-the-car-after-a-race" pace. Result was 11:06 avge pace and HR on the flat of around 66% (with max set at 170).  Couldn't run any slower. My LSR running pace at moment is 10:30 ish so all looks OK.

  • That's perfect oscarr - as long as it's below 75% you'll get the endurance effect.  The closer it is to 60% the more you're using fat but 66% is fine.  You'll find over time that that will drop anyway and soon you'll be running comfortably at higher speeds but at the same HR.  Our friend has just had a breakthrough - 6 weeks ago he was running 7:50 mi/miles at 70% and now he's doing 7:15s.  It'll come - just be patient ...

    I had a real flash of excitement when I was out running across one of my fields - it was like "oooh this will be what it's like running along the wall".  I'm feeling confident about the 25/5 run walk strategy on day 1 - me thinks we should get to half way feeling pretty fresh at this rate!

    Going do 2moro's sesh at zone 3 as I feel so unaffected and I have 2 days off over the weekend (course) anyway!


  • Sounds like a great run mentally which is important.  I tried 60/5 run/walk in my 3 hr run on Monday and that worked well.  I don't mind changing it - do you want to stay at 25/5?

  • oscarr: Deffo keep those HR times. I've been looking at mine. Was doing 8:15mm @70%max in December. Now 9 mm at around 80%. OK, so my stats show a deteriation, but should improve with base training.

    Ten: So excited for you! Weather looks good and not like MK last year... image Strangem but the bookcases in my spareroom make me think of you getting around that course last year. Your gonna have a blast!

    I attempted a tempo last night. Tried to go at around 8mm for a bit, but my body is not having it at all. image I'm gonna leave any type of pace/speedwork for a few more weeks. Squezzed out another 4 this morning which was also hard. Rest day tomorrow and then PR on Saturday and hoping for an 8LSR on Sunday.

  • Hey oscarr - the general advice seems to be 25/5 for novice ultras so I think we should try it on the first day - if we feel good we can change it for the 2nd day but I think it'd be sensible to hold back and play it conservatively at least early on.  Wanna finish with a smile and all that???  U got those shiny shoes polished?

    hey Bo - you'll be back and stronger before you know it!  Just keep it easy and let your body tell you when it's ready!





  • OKi Koki coachy - 25/5 it is  image   Wearing them in as we speak!!

  • Yayyy dancing shoes!

    More stats which bias my take it easy approach:  Belper (similar terrain me thinks...) : 18.75 miles - 209mins 56 = 11 minute miling and I was pretty tired at the end of that day (and thinnk you were similar) so we need to be possibly averaging around 12 minute miling to keep something in reserve for day 2???  25 mins @ UPTO 10 min miling + 5 minutes @ 15/16 min miling should keep us straight.  If we can 12 minute mile that = a finishing time around 14 hours which would be stunning as far as I'm concerned.  Last year it was won in 9 hours and last person was 23 hours.  If we're slower then so be it but need to be mentally prepared to accept the pace/time it's gonna take me thinks. image

  • Cheers BoD.  You'll be back up to speed in no time, I'm sure.  Sorry to hear about your flooded bookcases image image

    I've just remembered that carb loading is actually nowhere near as much fun as it sounds.  Feel so bloated.  I'm just about to have some lean minced beef, because I'm rebelling against bloody carbs already image  I'm up to about 600g and had to resort to chocolate candy bars as a top up to get that far.  It'll get worse tomorrow when I'm away from home.

  • Sleepy - other stats - GG was 21 miles @11:54 which is a far more arduous terrain with lots of walking, styles, walls to cimb over etc, The Wall is easier terrain - Combe Gibbet was 16 miles @9:00 and prob similar terrain to The Wall but much, much shorter of course - I was very fresh at the end of both as did not push the pace - what i take from these 2 recent races (think we are and will be a lot fitter than we were at belper last year) is that an overall average pace of 12mpm for an ultra is doable.  Experience with the longer LSRs over the next few weeks will give a better guide I think. I really enjoy the "take it easy" at the start approach and for The Wall this means take it easy for the whole of day 1 then evaluate and set plan for day2 over a pint.  Format of 25 mins @11mpm + 5 mins @20mpm = 5mph which is 12mpm.  We will do some sections quicker i'm sure but stay a bit longer in the aid stations so overall 12mpm is a good target me thinks.  Agree that we need to get our heads around this sort of pace and get used to it in training which i am happy to do.  This is a very, very long winded way of saying "Sleepy - I agree"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • All I could focus on during my read of that... was oooh a pint at halfway - that's a nice idea!

    I guess we can only plan - I'm sure it'll all change once we get going LOL

    Ten - You'll be fine - just eat whatever your body wants - it's very wise you know!


  • I do go on a bit at times image

  • Good luck Ten if we don't hear from you again!  Go get em tiger - keep calm, stick to your pacing plan and kick ass imageimageimage

  • My sentiments precisely Ten - enjoy your day!

    Oscarr I'm still wondering if your max HR isn't a bit higher you know.  I thought mine was 176 at first, then set it at 185 in the face of evidence from the Garmin HRM, and now I'm seeing 192 too often for it not to be a real reading.  It's OK to be higher though, right? 

    Wednesday I just did a not too great Pilates class, then yesterday a track session of 3 x 6 mins @ LT pace [around 7:50] with a couple of easy miles warm up and a mileish jog home.  That was fun, I was sad to see the last track session of the campaign.

    Today my early Pilates class was cancelled [by text sent at 23:08 last night ho hum], but I took advantage and did my 5 mile steady before going for Tui Na and a fish nibble at Camden market.

    Tomorrow sees a HIT session on the bike, and on Sunday just an easy 7.

    I'm soooooo excited for Brighton, Boston, Rotterdam, and throat has receded as a concern, leaving a bit of a wheeze which I can only hope will clear.  Tui NA was mainly on lungs and neck, not legs!  


  • Reiki - i am no HR expert so will let others comment on your query - if anything i think my max of 170 is about right based on what i am seeing and certainly don't think it would be any higher than 175 and could even be lower than 170 - happy to leave it at 170 for the time being until i do more faster paced tests.

  • hey guys!

    It's fine to have a higher max if it's real - if it's not you could be over-reaching/training constantly.  192 could easily be real - if that's you when you're flat out then I would say go with it! The beauty of HRMs is that you can change it - I check/edit mine probably once every 3-6 months at best guess and then only if I've deliberately been keeping an eye on my max.  There's no point changing it too frequently as your body won't adapt to the training if you keep chopping and changing.

    Your pilates teacher is a bit hit and miss eh!  Not good - I think I'd be looking for another...

    Hey oscarr - go and have a peek at the Wall website and see how little we would have been doing had we chosen that training plan!  Am feeling a little smug now image  How was the MP sesh?


  • Yea - when i looked at the 2 schedules last year the Wall web site was ridiculously low and i thought the RW one way too high - now we are doing the RW one and keeping to it i feel really good cos i doubted my ability to go that far each week but so far so good - yes, it does breed a touch of smugness !!!!

    MP session was good - 10 miles with mid 3 @ 8:52 and the rest at high 10s



  • Rock and roll that boy - me'd say that that tis perfect execution of the plan! Feet up - what ya doing  this weekend - are you on a 4 + 3? Weather's looking stunning for Sunday... I shall be stuck in a classroom image


  • Rest day tomorrow (golf in the morning) then 3.5hr Sunday and 3hr Monday for my B2Bs.  Will give me 64 miles in the week (week 6 of 16)

  • SB you are not wrong about the Pilates classes, but I already ditched one lot for constant cancellations of early morning classesthat weren't fully subscribed.  I need to go to a place that has multiple options because of my shifts, I can't commit to the same time each week or anything. 

    I have had words with these providers, I mean I have offered constructive feedback.

    This afternoon I have been cooking away but have felt rough enough, even a bit nauseous and like brain has expanded in a pressury sort of way.

    Definitely taking it easy now.



  • Managed to get a deferral for the Dirty Weekend event. Ratrace seem to be really good. Told them what had happened and their response was: right, we'll offer you a transfer for next year or the same amount on any other event. Nice work people!!!

    Any suggestions? Wall, coast to coast or something else?
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