Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Classy BoD

    No suggestions from me yet, I do like the sound of the Wall though.

  • Hi all.  I'm in the hotel resting today.  Walked way too far yesterday when going to Expo and the pier with the kids, so I've canned my planned short run today to save my legs!

    It's going to be reasonably warm and dry, but pretty windy (18mph, gusting 32mph!).  Who'd have thought it could be so windy on the coast! image  As Craig said, it won't be as bad as MK last year, so at least it should be a step in the right direction image

    Sleep wasn't great last night, and I don't suppose it will improve tonight.  Just get it going already!

  • Take shelter behind a big un Ten, but until then, park yourself! 

  • Thinking similar Reikki, though it's a cross wind*, so I might have to sereptitiously run alongside a group.

    *not half as cross as I'll be.  Boom!

    Really looking forward to pasta this evening image

  • Good luck Ten! Go eat pasta and be merry. Is it cheating to strap a kite to yourself and use the wind to your advantage???!?!!!

    Just got results for my 1st parkrun 28:01. Well, that 3 months off hasn't done my pace any good. But did met a couple of nice people and hope to go every couple of weeks.
  • BoD this is temporary and you'll enjoy the improvements all the more.  I was out a good 6 months when I pulled my posterior tib tendon in 09, had my half and mara PBs on the way back though. 

    Ten I've done the Brighton half every year, it can be done, and others will cluster as well, at least you won't have the sideways hailstones to contend with.

    It's going to be awesome, wish I was down there.  

  • Ten - thinking of you and wishing you all the best, have a great day

  • Ten have a good one and I hope the wind is at your back
  • Thanks all!

    Final plate of tagliatelle consumed.  The wife had a mixed grill image

    I've been pretty diligent about carb loading this year.  Something I haven't bothered with in the past image

    Off to bed early doors.  Who knows, I might even get some sleep.

  • Ten I will be asking you about your carb load strategy in a couple of days, but for now, I'm going to leave the house at the same time you start, and will be with you for the first 7 miles!

    Then I'll be a spectator.  

    You have come so far and you are ready!



  • anyone doing the london marathon here
  • Yes fishface2 I am. 


  • Did my B2B today -3.5hrs - with the next a 3hr tomorrow.  Today's run was 19 miles in 3:34 @11:15 pace with avge HR 68%.  Included 6x5 min walk breaks doing a 25/5 run/walk.  Running pace/HR was 10:50/70% and walk pace was 15:00 pace.  Tough mentally at the start but OK after about a third of it and legs can feel the accumulated tiredness of the last few weeks build-up.  Tomorrow will be interesting!!

    Most important thing is that i got back and watched Sunderland beat Newcastle 3 nil - get in son!!!

    Come on Ten - how did you do?

    Welcome to our little thread fishface2

  • Ten, ten, ten!!! Come in mate, get on here and tell us all how you did. It's on the results page...

    Oscarr: sounds like a good run mate. Wondering what B2Bs are like.

    Hi fishface2. Great mockier, loving that.

    No run for me today, gonna leave my LR till tomorrow morning legs feel a bit tired after yesterday's effort, that and having to look after the small one. Early morning for me.
  • Hi all, sorry it's taken so long to get online today. 

    I'm guessing most of you already know my result, but for those who dont......I finished in 4:09:29.  I'll do a proper write up when I get back home, so it'll probably be sometime on Tuesday. 

    Sub four was the dream, and it was game on at halfway in 1:59:47.  Sadly it wasn't to be, but I smashed my PB by almost thirty minutes and I never walked a single step throughout the race, which is another first (first time I haven't needed a piss


    ).  I had a bad patch at 17m... unfortunately it lasted to the end

    Highlight of the race was seeing the leaders heading home just after I passed halfway.  Seriously graceful and awesome!

  • Ten - a 30 min PB is awesome - bask in that glory as you recover - very well done

  • Congratulations ten awesome effort, your training worked whoop hoo!

    MCS you win the Ten sweepstake as you were closed to the pin

    I forgot the mike version so I will add mine to the list

    Sleepy: 3:14:14

    Choisty 3:17:34

    reik:i 3:18:57

    mcs: 3.19.55

    oscarr: 3:21:00

    BoDuke: 5:30:00 (including kissing stops)
  • 30 minute PB dude! Congratulations!
  • Ten - yeah focus on the achievment. 30 min PB is unbelievable (except you have just done it!)

    Well done indeed.....

    Now just off for my final pasta infusion at the pre-race dinner and then I'm up at about 5:30 am to get on a bus for the start line.....

    Weather is looking ideal oh, and during a warm up run yesterday in the park I ran part of a lap with the Kenyan team who appeared out of nowhere. What a thrill that and women running together. They are tiny...

    I don't think I've been offered honorary membership yet, but they still have a few hours to call me!

  • Ten Mile 17 is always my turning point, and I really feel for you, but you kept running and there is simply no arguing with a half hour PB!

    Can't wait to hear the full story.

    Did an easy7 yesterday followed by 45 mins floating around the pool. Knee ws sore but was it phantom?!  Yep it's my week to freak. 

    Go Mike!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ten - you are a god - 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice work that man! imageimageimage

    oscarr - B2B wise - I reckon as long as you head out the door and do the time... some days there will be no point worrying about the pace.  The training on fatigued legs will be the key but hopefully over the next weeks you'll find a pace you can sustain for the whole week's worth of training - walking becomes a godsend and as long as you're moving forward you'll be training something - even if it's just something you ca't feel (e.g strengthening your knee ligaments).  Let us know how you get on - the sun is out here - beautiful day for a plod.  I have an hour easy on the cards...

    mcs - enjoy your day of treats - what you gonna have? 

    Go Mike - I have a box of jaffa cakes here waiting on your result - no pressure image - just tuck in behind one of your new friends and go for it!

    reiki - you are fine, you are fine, repeat after me image

    We could start reiki's sweepstake while we wait for mike????  reiki - gold, silver, bronze goals please.... oh and oscarr'll want your recent 10k, ½ times... you know he will...

  • can i bodybuild with light weights and plenty of reps 4 a marathon please anybody
  • Hi all

    Good article here:

    Hi Fishface 2 - there's a para about strength training in it too!  I would say deffo yes - strength work is good for for those later miles and for preventing injury!  image


  • Mike - have a blast !!!

  • Good luck Mike!  Hope you have a great experience.

    I'm back at home.  Spent this morning wandering around the Brighton Lanes, so my legs are gradually loosening up.  Very tired now after the drive back.  

    I've now officially withdrawn from the VLM, so I'll be taking up my place in 2014.  I'm becoming accustomed to this planning-a-race-a-year-in-advance lark image

  • Fishface - light weights and high reps will help build muscular endurance.  If you want to build strength, I'd say you should go with heavy weights and low reps.  For specific running leg strength, get out in them there hills! image  

  • Well, these B2B thingies are strange things!  After a toughy yesterday (3.5hrs) i did my 3 hr today and it was good.  I actually looked forward to "only" doing 3 hrs so no problem getting going mentally and the legs surprised me as they felt fine the whole way.  Did exactly the same format with 25/5 run/walk and marginally quicker pace.  Stats are - 3:00hrs 16.14 miles @11:09 pace with HRav=67% (running pace 10:43 and HRav 68%).

    Getting used to running by HR now.  Sleepy, this weekend replicated about half the Wall distance (35) so we are rocking as its only week 6 of 16.

    Next week is the same volume as this last one but with the final hour of the second B2B run at MP - should be fun!!  Got to do my runs in 6 days this week to finish on Sunday which should be fun. Then its a cutback week which i will need.  64 miles done this last week, 15 more than my max during marathon training !!!

  • LOL - glad you felt good! Rocking and rolling image

    How come you're doing an hour at MP?  Where is that on the plan?  Am I being blind? Not sure of the benefit of it given LSRs should ideally be +1minute or more slower?  Am getting concerned that you're going to break yourself if you keep ramping up at this rate - didn't you say that you'd "only" done 50 miles the previous week?  An extra 14 miles is like a 28% increase... What was your actual heart rate (number not %)?  My beady eye is on you image

    I've got a rest week this week: 6 x 1 at 10 mile pace, Thursday 3 @ MP,  B2B only 2hours+3hours which fits in nicely with watching London on tv. Did an easy hour today and will do a bike sesh on Wednesday...

    Wonder if Mike's finished yet ...

  • Sleepy - last week was 58 miles so plus 10% is 64 and i won't go above this for at least another 2 weeks.  (weekly miles since the start have been 42/43/51(oops)/32/58/64).  Weeks include at least 6 miles of xt such as 40 min spinning which i log as 4 miles and a round of golf logged as 2 miles running (5mile walk).

    One hour at MP at end of 3 hr B2B run is at the end of week 7 on our schedule - RW Ultimate Ultramarathon Training Plan.  The B2Bs this week are 3.5hrs + 3hrs.  See if you can spot it and let me know cos we need to be doing the same schedule.

  • Sleepy - all my HR are based on 170 max - today av was 67% so actual 114 - HR av while running was 68%/116

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