Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Looking on the Boston website Mike passed Halfway in 1:40:03.  It is logging him at 30km with no loss of pace! Go Mike GO!!!

  • If you want to keep tabs:

    and search Sheridan in surname

  • Thanks Choisty - found him - bib no 11043 - 1:40 at half way

  • 2:46 at 35k - on target for 3:20 if he can keep going at this pace for last 7k - GO MIKE!!

  • Found Rosie as well - 2:56 at 35K - on for 3:32 if she can keep at that pace (rosie allister)

  • Go Mike - well on target for a PB at 40K - only 2.195 to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brilliant, brilliant run Mike - did you get that PB ?????????????????

  • Just found him too, but in the process lost the reply that I was constructing using verifiable stats - now losing the will to rehash such detail!

    Potentially of interest is the fact that I only ran 333.08 miles during my [17 week] campaign of 2010 when sub 4 was just achieved. 

    This year I am on 574.79 with this last week's runs, including the marathon itself all set to take me to beyond 600 no doubt. 

    We shall study that volume correlation further I am sure, or at least I will be heading for months of Aqua Jogging if it doesn't come off this time.

    Sweep away people, I have truly entered the freakout zone where niggles and lurgies beckon at every turn.  Today I have felt truly rough, with a thumping headache and everything, exhaustion, you name the symptom and it has surfaced however briefly.  

    OK so targets :

    GFA is 4:15, so that's bronze. 

    Silver is sub 4.

    Gold is a PB, so just 16 seconds better than silver!

    I have only raced 3 races in this build up, and achieved 1:51:31 for a hilly half, 39:53 for the 5 miler last week, and 24:11 for a ParkRun.

    Look out Oscarr you will be found out with your MP insertions. 

    FF2 I have done a bit of strength training for this marathon, mostly pilates based, or specifics for areas of particular weakness aka glutes.



  • Awesome running Ten,  mile 18 to 20 is my undoing, but I have only done three 20 plus races including two marathons so plenty to learn I guess, need to grow younger. Well done like me a 30 minute PB for the marathon. CONGRATS. How has the MIghty Mike done then??? A pb I reckon. Managed another 10K yesterday and though alittle slow at 52 minutes it was windy. The week is proving difficult to fit it in, I have fettled the bikes and hope to cycle if we get some fine weather this week. Its only 18 miles and a nice ride through Chatsworth Park up hill through Beeley.
    All the best to the VLMers and boy SB and Oscarr medals for all that training how do you fit it in!!image

  • Look at the news not a good day for so sad
  • Listening to it at the moment - aweful - they are diffusing other packages right now - looks to have happened well after both Mike and Rosie will have gone through the finish, about 3 hrs after the winners finished - lets hope and pray they are OK - feel for those injured

  • Tragic just seen it hope most are okay......
  • We're ok folks and were well out of the way when the bomb went off.

    TV saying 2 dead, 23 injured 6 critical

    Looks like a lock down now....

    FWIW I finished in 3:21:09 for a new PB, 31/501 in my age group but all somewhat tarnished now.

    Shame - had a blast but haven't the heart to say more right now......

  • Awesome time Mike congrats safe travelling.
  • Thank goodness Mike!  Awesome run - can't find any more words right now sorry

  • So pleased to hear you are OK Mike.  Rosie posted on FB that she is OK.

  • Thanks for checking glad you're safe. Congratulations on the PB.

    I can confirm Rosie is safe
  • Totally shocked by what I've seen, and just came on here to check.  Thank god you didn't hang around after finishing Mike and Rosie.  Stay safe.

    Seeing the time of the blasts sent a real shiver down my spine!

  • Ok, this is a shock to wake up to.

    You and Rosie be safe.

    Thoughts for the victims.
  • Deeply shocked here too, it sure puts my niggles into perspective.  

    London preparations have gone tense.

    Thanks for checking in Mike, from the news the clock was at 4:09 when the recorded blast happened, I wonder how many runners didn't finish after getting right to the end.  


  • They start the Boston race in 3 waves with 20 min gaps i think - looking at when Mike and Rosie finished i think 4:09 was for the third wave but not sure

    Still in shock over what has happened

  • Don't let the bastards win!  Terrorists do not dictate how and when we run!  I hope they get all they deserve and more!

    reiki - I'm thinking pb for you - in tribute to those in Boston.  I'd certainly find a little something extra under the circumstances.  Give it your all girl...

    Sleepy 3:58:00



  • oscarr - wins the chocolate rights!  Good guess on mike - was bribery involved image

  • SB: I'll second that. And to who ever set it off (please excuse the expletives forum friends): fuck you.
  • SB I am feeling teary just seeing that.

    And BoD quite so.

    Off or my run now before work.

  • Morning all - feeling very emotional about Boston. Through running I have met the most lovely people - kind, supportive, empathetic, humble ... the list goes on.As I have said on other forums and FB quite why runners and supporters of people who are trying to better the world would be targeted is beyond me.

    I was watching the Brighton marathon on Sunday with my 5 and 8 year old boys and I can't stop thinking about the 8 year old boy who lost his life and his poor family. Horrendous.

    Those of you who were in Boston I am so so glad you are safe and you have achived something wonderful. The terrorists mustn't take that from you. Those running London good luck and let it be the wonderful spectacle that a marathon should be.

    I have had terrible marathon envy this last 4 months (hence being quiet on the forums - sorry) but I will enter Brighton in 37 mins when the site opens as I am determined to run a marathon because those awful people must not be allowed to win. x

  • Nice one Emma.
  • Thanks Reiki - I don't want to be over the top but something so wonderful mustn't be taken away.

    I can't imagine not being able to run and the injuries sustained seem so cruel. So I will run for as long and as far as I can.

  • Great sentiments everyone - BoD, no apologies needed, it's how we all feel - Emma, great to hear from you and remember your running friendships are timeless

    Been musing over how i feel about yesterday - horror at the injuries and deaths followed by a high level of anger at whoever did it but at the same time knowing that in the world we live these things are happening and the best we can all do is "not let the bastards get you down" - tears well up but then a determination comes to the fore to run and run and run and race and race and race cos they will not stop the good we do for others and ourselves - i raised lots of cash for cancer which is very personal to me and i will never stop doing races

    Reiki - go out there on sunday and have a ball - run with a smile and a steely determination - go girl, go girl -  3:57 for me

  • Sleepy - enjoying my chocolate - mind you, i was 9 seconds out !!!  - if you are able, what do you think about my answers to your queries about my mileages, HRs and the one hour MP part of the B2B?

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