Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Thanks FH! Just walking to the start.. image
  • Oooooo Rosie - how was it. Hope you are not fried to a crisp!

  • mcs wrote (see)
    Thanks for thoughts. Nightmare day as turned up to holiday house and it was uninhabitable by pigs! Now got one night in the holiday inn but now booked another apartment x two loads of money. Nightmare as no two daughter Very poorly on the way up. And is now in bed with temperature in a darkened hotel room.

    You poor thing! We had a similar thing up in the lakes believe it or not! I hope you get your money back plus some for the inconvenience. Hope daughter no two is feeling much better too.

    Now a stormingly good race to make up for it is in order! Best Wishes!


  • Any news ?

  • I think MCS did it in 4:10 which is bloody great time In The heat, well done! And Rosie who was just enjoying the day 3:42, great time !

  • whoop whoops all round!  That must have been  a hard old day - first MK, now Edi - are marathons becoming weather-jinxed?

    Looking forward to all the gory details now - thanks for the update FH, I was getting itchy to know how they'd got on.  Hope both (and mcs family) are ok and eating well deserved ice creams! 

    My 5k was far enough for me - stupidly I set off with the fast ladies in the hope of a fast start which I certainly got!!! LOL Hopefully good training but couldn't keep up with them for too long and gathered another long 23 for my collection!

    Another 5k on Wednesday for me and then it's time to settle into my Langdale prep!  Just entered Belper on 19 August - anyone else coming out to play that day? image

  • If it was 4:10 then thats a pb by about 26 mins i think which is awesome - well done mcs - report please..

  • I hope I got the right person on the results page, MSC is Mark Smith ??  If I got it wrong really sorry image   !



  • Oh bum, got it wrong and now cant get in to results to get Marks correct time.  Its Mark Street. 

    MCS, how did you get on ?  Sorry for posting the wrong time.



  • Lol FH - even better  - I've just logged in and he ran 4:08:31 so even better - whoopy whoopy!

    Good news for me - I've just achieved my second goal of the year which was to get my runBritain score below 15 and thanks to the 5k yesterday being mixed terrain I'm now at 14.9 (1st goal was a 5k PB, rest = PBs at all/any other distance + completing 2nd mara in any old time - don't care what, just need to do one)

    So you two - how's the prep for the lakes coming along?  Am particularly interested in how you're building your mileage again between maras, given the shortened prep phase - care to share your running-gods-wisdom?


  • oh and if I forgot to say - no news to report on Ben at London - he had to pull out the day before with a stinky cold.  He was depressing himself looking at the results last night - we reckon he'd have certainly been top 10 based on the way he's been running but I applied the collective common sense of our trusty forum and reminded him that he'd only have ruined the rest of the season by making himself worse and probably ending up with a chest infection.  Anyhow - he can only just about jog without turning into a spluttering snot monster - time for a little rest for him me thinks... And we all know that wives are always right... don't we?  ahem - don't we? image

  • Congratulations mcs!  Great way to smash a PB! image

    I appear to be pretty much pain-free this morning.  Good job too, because the lack of exercise is resulting in a return of my migraines and I had an absolute stonker yesterday image

    I walked my son to school with no problems, which was a 1.5 mile round trip.  I'm debating whether to give the treadmill a go later (I can jump off the treadmill at the first sign of any problems).  I'll be happy to get a mile or two jogging done to get the ball rolling.  Erm...bad choice of phrase.

    Congratulations on the handicap SB!  

  • Thanks Sleepy, thats awesome news. Well done on your ranking Sleepy, great work.


  • FH - you were lucky that Mark Smith was slower !! tee hee..

    Sleepy - you seem to have a good, long term strategy there which is commendable - is there a long term goal at the end of it or just good fitness?  Re plans for Lakeland - been busy running to hospitals etc so the running has been slow to get up to mileage so far - after Mar of North mileage for each week has been zero, 13,17 - just been for 10 mile MP run (still sweating !!) and plan to do 30+ miles this week then prob 35 per week up to lakeland (1st July) with a one week taper - will prob do a local 10k race on Sunday 10th june (Wargrave).  Trying to adopt Hal higdon's consistency approach in running at least every 48 hrs.

  • Tentative two miles this evening.  First mile was gradual build-up from walking and averaged just over 12 minute pace, and the second mile was 10:00 pace.  Fingers crossed, seems fine so far.  Hoping for a three mile recovery pace run tomorrow.

  • Ten - i reckon you're nuts...

  • Back home! Slightly disappointed with my silver and no gold but the heat was bad! Ran a very steady half with Greg my sil then the quiet exposed miles out past the power station got hotter n hotter we got to 20 in just three hours and Greg said keep going he had cramp. I pressed on to 22 then passing the Sikh chap and a guy in pink I just went and walked drinking and drinking. About fifty percent of the folk were walking by now and I realised the sun was taking it's toll on me, sunburn everywhere apart from the head as the lotion had gone........managed to keep going past a guy who was being worked on with paramedics and police. My determination kept me going with a sprint down the last half mile, there was a tear of relief, joy disappointment as I went for my bag. Greg came in 4.19 brilliant for the lack of training and in that weather.

    My brilliant oh did 2.14 for the half and eldest did 2.21. Younger daughter was too I'll to run sadly getting a bug on the way up.
  • mcs - in the circumstances i reckon you got Gold, big time - many congrats - enjoy your rest (you can build another shed now ..!!imageimageimage) - pass on my hearty congrats to all your family as well.

  • Absolutely mcs - that heat was nasty - will be interesting to see how runBritain weights it for you - my flat as a pancake 5k (with only about a third on grass) was ranked as 2.0 which I reckon had to be down to the heat.  I'd guessed it'd be about a 1.0!!!  Improved by my handicap by 0.3 but it was only my second fastest 5k.

    Well done to all of you! And hope your daughter is feeling a bit better now.

    Go Ten - just be sensible ya hear!

    oscarr - hope Linda is getting chance to feel the sun on her face. Say hi from us! My only long term goal is to keep training and progressing - I like eating way too much to get away without doing any exercise! Am loving all the age gradings and weightings that seem to be appearing - it makes achieving a meaningful improvement much more attainable I reckon! Lakeland -  Am sure you'll still be carrying the fitness from your last one.  Keeping injury-free and fresh has to be the priority doesn't it?


  • Sleepy - thanks, she is able to get into the gardens most days - not got into the age gradings yet apart from doing my own adjustments to times i get and i've still got the one pb i reckon i can break which of course is the marathon - still feel that the fitness and freshness is there in the legs so for now its a case of keeping the consistency of running going; i'm not going to go mad before Lakeland but do want to up the mileage and one of the adjustments i am making to my weekly shedule is to introduce longer MP and tempo runs (alternating weeks); schedules have you doing quite short MP/tempo runs (4to6 miles) but i want to increase volume a bit and get used to doing regular MP paced runs over a longer distance (up to 10/12 miles)

  • According to the age gradings, I should be 97 years old image

  • Morning team feeling the Tuesday legs this morning!!

    Fantastic race. The weekend was marrred by daughter and her friend getting very ill, a temperature and sicky thing, knocked them sideways a long way to drive to be ill. They are both alot better now.
    Sunday woke very early and had breakie with the girls as they left the house at 6.50 to walk to the start about a mile away now having had to find new housing, alovely place opposite Holyrood Park and near the swimming pool. We went up Arthurs Seat on Friday a fantasic view 360 degrees all round.  It was cool at 7am on Sunday and yet by the time Greg and I had left the house it was hot, hot, hot and being fair I knew I was going to get sunburnt. Sat by the baggage lorries had a energy bar and drink, gave the bags in. Then borrowed more suncream from a lovely Welsh couple and headed up on to Calton Hill to admire the view for 15 minutes, used the trees then down to Gregs pen which was further back than mine but no problem. Slow start intended.  We set off, though a bit low key I thought the start with a poor sound system, but away we went nice and steady just under 9mm which is where we stayed for the first 10 miles and then on to the coast and out of the inhabited areas where there was no support and very exposed to the heat, no shade. Think we went through the half marathon point at 1.58. Need to check the garmin. A mile or two further then we then saw the elites coming back to us, four Africans running across the road together and saw one or two folk from the fast threads including the first lady who we all cheered. After the turn and a piece through a farm land area which was dusty and desert like with heat back on the road to home. Greg got cramp and said,"see you at the end at G meeting point". My heart went a little as I was having a wobble around mile 19-20. Got to water point as was overheating seriously and staggered on. Saw a guy down with the first aiders and then an ambulance and decided either conciously or sub conciously to have a walk. Mad with myself as I was only just over three hours and mile 21, my determination to get a pb then kicked in. I set off quickly but I knew the sub four was slipping when it took me to 3.30 to do 23miles I was going backwards. I stood in someones sprinkler system, rang out my shorts and set off again. Ran past the Sikh guy who is reputed to be 100 who was in the relay. He is never 101 dont believe it. Anyway headed for the home stretch and kept it going but rather slowly. Into the last mile the crowds were there again which was a relief. Sprinted down the straight round the bend on to the rubber mats, commentator gave me a shout as I ran past half a dozen folk, some walking and fell on my face!!! Got up with help and staggerd into the artificial footie pitch area reserved for runners to get water and huge medal that I can barely lift. Walked to the baggage area and the lass there saw me coming and gave me my rucksack. I had an emotional moment of relief, joy, pain, sadness, happiness etc. Think it was the amount of training, time and effort put in to see it gone in just 4.08.31 seconds. How do Olympians cope not getting a medal after years of training. They are amazing! The meeting point poles were two foot high so difficult to find and no shade so put my Ron Hills on and t shirt to cover up and waited for son in law G to arrive which he did. He fell on the floor and said "Never again!!". 4.18.51. My daughter rang to offer to come and get us as they had taken ages to get the train home in the morning from the half, we accepted the offer and staggered up the hill after buying an ice cold coke from a stall set up nearby. So thats done........promised my wife I wont do another one while she is alive.......image

  • Brilliant getting such an improvement in time in such hot conditions.  Well done again mcs!  I like the family outing to a major event where you all take part.  Hope your daughter has recovered well.


  • mcs  (Twinkle ventures out of lurker status)

    Well done on finishing your marathon. I m still following all your posts.  It was stupidly hot on Sunday. But remember one of the quotes which I can t find on the paris thread when I was following Bo's journey to Paris  " to finish is to win"  and Tenjiso  (without eating a Kenyan) 

    All of you posters are inspirational by following both the treads  I have found the courage to enter and pay for Brighton 2013.

    Big Well done


  • Brilliant running mcs and loved the report!  Really tough conditions but still sounds like you enjoyed yourself?!

  • Lol mcs - did you have your fingers crossed behind your back?  Really not doing another one? hmmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure I believe you ... image

    Hi Twinkle - good for you - have to say I was tempted too when everyone started entering - will it be your first one?  Do you have a goal in mind?

    Ten - even 97 year olds have no excuses if the 101 year old chappie is for real! image

    WW - any news on the results?



  • Yes it will be my first one  I have started a programme at the gym  where the first 3 months are geared towards strength training and running (properly as opposed to baby rhino steps.  I know this to be a fact after having a full gait anaylis  it wasn't my best movie) as after losing a lot of weight I am soft in the core glutes and still wobbly in places.  So I've given myself 11 months to do it properly

  • Derby Evening Post: " Marathon runner admits wife murder - his defence is based on his assertion that.. 'well, she said i couldn't run another one while she was still alive, so.....'"

  • Oscarr, just got up off the floor, pmsl !

    MCS , thanks for the report, good running, top bloke, well done!

    Just been and purchased a pair of trail shoes for the lakeland trail marathon, 4 weeks this Sunday.

  • Hey everyone! Hope you're all well and injury free. mcs, just dropped in to see how you got on and say a big well done! I'm afraid I've somewhat lost track - I know you wanted a sub 4 but was your time a PB regardless? I do hope it was - and if so I don't know how you did it in that heat! It's a tough course, edinburgh - once was enough for meimage

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