Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Kettlebells?  Or those medicine balls BoD?  Never used either and can't work most treadies either.  The Alter G is very user friendly you can go up or down in 1 or 10% increments.  

  • Can't get in on my Anniversary Games pre-sale link, surprise surprise, after waiting in til 10 to buy tickets!  

    Off to the sauna now. 

  • RR: Medicine balls, that's it. 5kg one. Doing trunk twists. Enjoy the sauna.

    I'm gonna have some TV action too. Thomas keeps saying 'Danny run..' so hope he enjoys it too. Go kick butt people!

  • RR, I'm having the same problem, doh!


  • Just realised that I'm at the ExCel tomorrow for something else. If anyone is registering, fancy grabbing a coffee?

  • BoD, yep I'm there picking up my number with Jayne and the kids, don't know what time though, would be more than happy to catch-up, I've sent you my number by PM

  • Coolio Lee.

  • Last year I sat watching the finish line cameras when the main coverage had finished (red button on BBC) image

    Oh, how cool is that. I can Red Button stalk people... That and chip stalking is gonna be a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

  • To be honest lee I haven't actually done a tri yet - first planned in May and I haven't even got a road bike! I should image due to your strength and fitness you'll be pretty damned amazing and assuming you've got a sprint planned will only be doing a 5k at the end which of course due to your endurance training will prove to be a doddle.

    With the swimming you need to train enough so that you can do your swim (400 - 750 I assume) and get out not feeling exhausted for the rest. The biggest bulk of a tri is the bike and second is the run - the swim is usually the shortest section so you'll storm it!
  • Yes Craig 2.5 k - it's not all in one go broken up in to warm up, drills and main set just like track training. Did 6 x 600m last night - at about 3:48 so getting there slowly!
  • Good work Emma! The thought of swimming 0.5k scares the living daylights out of me...

  • 9 mile with middle 3 @MP - 8:47 vs target of 9:00.  What was your MP this week Sleepy?  6.75 hrs to do this weekend with last hour at MP (IF and ony IF i feel up to it, the MP bit that is, otherwise its all 6.75 hrs at LSR pace incl walk breaks).

    Best of luck Choisty and "kick ass" Reiki - give it your best - at least you will have the satisfaction of beating Mo to the finish line !!

  • Right there with you Bo - not sure I could do more than a few lengths just now - that's why my ambitions lie down the route of duathlon! LOL

    oscarr - I did 0.75 each of 6.9/7.0/7.1/7.2 mph (8:41/8:34/8:27/8:20).  Looking at your pace I now realise WHY it nearly killed me! 

    I don't know why I'm like a giddy kipper - I'm not even racing this weekend but I am...

  • I'm doing very silly things ahead of kicking ass. 


  • Sleepy - did you do 3m @MP in intervals fashion or in one stretch?  I do the MP run with the middle 3m as one stretch, that's the way i read it?????  Those paces of yours are 3:45 marathon pace and no wonder if felt tough on top of tired legs from all the other training - take it easy girl !!

  • Sick of carbs yet?  I actually enjoyed my pasta this evening, now it doesn't feel like force-feeding any more image

    Ran 4m recovery a tad quicker than Tuesday at the same heart rate.

    Brighton Marathon highlights are on Channel 4 tomorrow at 7:05am if anyone's interested.

  • Awesome!  Cheers Ten, I'll be watching. 

    I had an extra lump of bread at dinner and 6 oatcakes earlier, otherwise just my usual [admittedly buckets of] oats, pasta, etc. 

  • Ten - with the 310xt can you bring up the last lap data on it while on the run and then go back to the normal screen?  In other words, lets say i have it on avge pace/time/dist/HR 4 display screen for the whole of a long run and after 4 miles i want to see what pace i did for the 4th mile then go back to the original 4 screen display - can i do this and how?

  • Oscarr - I don't personally use the last lap data on the run, just current lap and overall average.  However, you could setup another screen with details for:

    • Time - last lap
    • Speed - last lap
    • Pace - last lap
    • Distance - last lap

    Depending on what you want to see.  Then just cycle through the screens you have setup as normal.  I don't think there is heart rate info for the last lap.

    I was pleased with how my garmin setup worked at Brighton, because they had some seriously misplaced mile markers!

  • Emma I used the Hal Higdon plan in the book I have its good and easier than the RW schedules on here which are tougher.  All the best with your training and stay fit!!!!

    As I am busy tomorrow.....all the best to Choisty and RR have a great day.......go get em guys bring home those medals!!!image

  • Your right she is a bit odd...but she is a gymnast
  • Ignore me I'm going mad!

    Thanks for the best wishes
  • Ten - thanks for the garmin info - I am loving the 310xt - its got a reliable battery and great screens which i can read on the run really well - gives good lap data when finished the run - very happy with it

    Choisty and k.a. Reiki - sweaty bum time image - i can feel the excitement for you - weather is going to be great for you - go get 'em !!!!!

  • Thank God they have got both boston bombers now - the search for answers can now start - Boston feels safe again

  • I'm more than happy with the watch too Oscarr.  The vibrating alert is very helpful when running intervals.

    Enjoyed the Brighton Marathon coverage this morning.  Seems like such a long time ago already!  Made me laugh seeing everyone running past the Pavilion, because I didn't even notice it during the race image   

    Have a great day tomorrow Choisty/Reikki.

  • Morning all!

    oscarr - as a stretch - I just start at the lower end and build up as I go!  It's a good job I'm not targeting a mara at that pace just yet, though I will be having a go for next year I think. MF plan predicts a 3:36 based on my 10k. Gives me about 18 months to work up to and adapt. I don't mind dropping the speed if I feel I need to for this year - if the efforts feel too hard and my pulse is over 180 I always give myself  the choice of knocking 0.5 off if I really want to.  I rarely do but I leave that choice til 'on the day'

    Feel fine again today and gonna go out this afternoon for a 2hour easy with 3 hour tomorrow (after my TV mara obviously).  Feels like a short week after recent ones.  LOL.  Will be very odd once we've done the wall and return to 'normal' training... quite enjoying my adventures even if they do take up most of the day image

    24 hours to go...

    How's your recovery coming along Mike?  Ten - decided your next goal yet?

  • SB do you mean you knock of 30 secs per mile from pace?

    I watched the Brighton coverage and yes Ten, astonishingly having done the half every year for many, barely spotted a thing I recognised that wasn't where the start/finish is. 

    Funny how that happens. 

    Might be binning my 20 minute jog today as kneecap feels like I bashed it against something hard, or fell on it, which of course hasn't happened. Difficult to spearate the real from the imagined at this stage though.

  • SB - VLM 2014 image  In the meantime, I want to push for a sub-46 10k (1st Sept) and sub-1:45 HM.  I've got a 10k booked in July and will do some parkruns.  I'm seriously considering upping my mileage to peak at 70m for next year's marathon - though that will depend very much on personal circumstances.  I'd like to get my average weekly mileage above 40m per week this year.  Avoiding injury is also uppermost on my mind.

  • I just tried out the improved marathon time calculation on Fetch and I'm stunned by the results!  Check this out:

    This year I ran 1:50:04 at Silverstone, which has predicted marathon time of 4:09:16 while other calculators all predicted somewhere around 3:57:00. I finished Brighton Marathon last week in 4:09:29.

    Last year my half time was 2:01:34, from which was predicted a 4:39:04 marathon. I finished in 4:38:54.

    Could be a very useful resource!  It's on fetch here


    Would love to know how well it works for you guys.

  • SB - my recovery has just got going today. I have done no running at all until a jog round at Newbury parkrun this morning.

    I wore my Boston gear and was invited to say a few words by Rachael (race director) and then we all reflected on last week during a minute's silence.

    Some nice appreciative comments from random people during and after the run, so I think everyone felt a little better for that quiet moment.........

    Now to ease my still sore calves off - maybe I'll mow the lawn this afternoon, now that I am back on "civvie street"! 

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